IRC log of #schooltool for Saturday, 2011-04-09

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replaceafillfsufitch pong01:36
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fsufitchreplaceafill: ping19:30
fsufitch(again) :)19:30
replaceafillfsufitch pong19:30
replaceafill(early this time) ;)19:30
fsufitchso, im doing an independent coding project, and i sort of wanted to use Pyramid for it, so is it a good idea to replicate pybookbuilder's buildout for it?19:31
replaceafillah! sure19:31
replaceafillyou can checkout pybookbuilder trunk and then19:31
replaceafillcopy some files to a new dir19:31
fsufitchyeah that's what i did19:32
replaceafillah cool, does it work?19:32
fsufitchand then do a find-replace for wherever pybookbuilder is mentioned and use the new project's name19:32
fsufitchwell, it gives 404s now!19:32
fsufitchand the buildout runs19:32
replaceafillah great19:32
replaceafillwell, i'd get rid of the pybookbuilder foler19:32
fsufitchso i gotta get actually coding19:32
replaceafilland yes, change the references to your new projecct's name19:32
replaceafillin, buildout.cfg, etc19:33
fsufitchalso README.txt, CHANGES.txt, etc19:33
replaceafilland the ini files19:33
replaceafilldev and prod19:33
replaceafilland Makefile too19:34
fsufitchthe makefile just worked19:34
fsufitchand i changed dev, gotta change prod19:34
replaceafillwell, the makefile has a rule to clean your buildout19:34
replaceafilland it's making reference to pybookbuilders name19:34
fsufitchyeah i see19:34
replaceafillno biggie though19:34
replaceafillwhat's your proejct about?19:35
replaceafillschool project?19:35
fsufitchan online reconnaisance tool for eve online :)19:36
replaceafill:| !!!19:36
fsufitchwhich is a pretext for me to mess around with XHTML+SVG19:36
replaceafillnice pretext ;)19:36
fsufitchhey if this works i learn a lot, and then i also make something that i can try to sell for in-game currency to various player organizations19:38
replaceafill:| !!!19:38
fsufitchand since i can pay for my subscription with ingame money, i might save real money :)19:38
fsufitchoh good th1a isnt here to hear my DEVIOUS PLANS19:39
replaceafillanyway, from pybookbuilder you only need and the top of resources.py19:39 the appmaker19:39
fsufitchi saw19:41
fsufitchwell, thanks :)19:42
replaceafillnp man, let me know if i can help you19:43
replaceafilli mean, with buildout issues and stuff :P19:43
replaceafillnot ingame money of eve online ;)19:44
replaceafilli've heard th1a, ignas and you talk about it and i still dont understand it...19:44
fsufitchit's internet spaceships, and they go pew pew19:45
replaceafillnow i understan!!! ¬¬19:45
replaceafillill better go back to my web2pyramid reading ÑD19:45
fsufitchyou do that19:46
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