IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2011-04-07

aelknerfsufitch, what time do you knock off today?00:28
fsufitcharound 7 probably00:28
fsufitchmaking good progress, but im taking it in little steps to make sure i don't break anything00:29
aelknercould you send me your diff?00:29
fsufitchi'm in the middle of writing ISchoolYearContainer and its adapter, i'll send it to you once i do that00:30
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fsufitchaelkner: ping01:13
fsufitchthe diff is here
aelknerdid you ever get the free laptop shaky box when visiting that site?01:14
aelknerit took me to something that looks like a phishing site01:15
fsufitchi have adblock01:16
fsufitchi dont see that stuff01:16
aelknerdid you bzr add
aelknerbecause i don't see it in the diff01:17
aelkneryou can justbzr diff > foo and email me the conents of foo01:18
aelknerand would be included in that01:18
fsufitchthat's what i did01:19
fsufitchanyway there's the adapters.py01:19
fsufitchoh i didnt bzr add it properly01:19
aelknerroot = getCourseInfoRoot(ISchoolToolApplication(None))01:20
aelkneryou could still use the adapter even thought the method is right there01:21
fsufitchhang on i broke tests, i just realized01:22
fsufitchi needed to clear the Data.fs first01:22
aelkneryou don't need to use DAta.fs01:23
aelknerremember you're doing bin/test -u01:23
fsufitchnono i mean i hadn't run bin/test at first :)01:23
fsufitchi just checked it in the browser01:23
fsufitchi ran bin/test as you were readin gthe code01:23
aelknerok, so you know what01:24
aelkneryou cold make it even cleaner, smaller methods, if you create ICourseInfoSchoolYearContaner(root)01:24
aelknerlet it do the logic in the first half01:25
fsufitchhmm ok01:25
fsufitchi only have 30 minutes left though01:25
aelknerok, do you have passing tests?01:26
fsufitchno, the tests are testing that the subscriber thing works01:26
fsufitchwhich of course doesnt as there is no more subscriber01:26
aelkneryeah, get rid of those tests then01:27
fsufitchugh, none of the unit tests use the adapter structure01:28
aelkneryou should be changing README.txt to work with the changes to the implementation01:28
fsufitchthey need to be rewritten01:28
aelknerthat's right01:28
aelknercommits will almost always have changes to tests01:28
aelknerunless you just re-implement something to work exactly the same with existing tests01:29
aelknerbut here you are changing the data model, adapters available, etc.01:30
aelknerso yes, tests will have to change01:30
fsufitchim just changing the tests now01:31
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fsufitchaelkner: tests pass01:38
aelknergreat, could you sne dme the diff via email rather than paste?01:39
aelknerok, before you commit, we have time for small canges01:42
aelknerschoolyear = app['schooltool.schoolyear']['2009-2010']01:42
aelkneryou can use ISchoolYearContainer(app), in fact we should always avoid using app['something']01:43
aelknerexcept app['person'] until we have IPersonContainer(app)01:43
aelkneralso, you could move from schooltool.courseinfo.adapters import getCourseInfoRoot01:44
aelknerand provideAdapter(getCourseInfoSchoolYear)01:44
aelknerto in setup()01:45
fsufitchyeah, i have yet to do that01:45
aelknerit's looking nice, though01:45
aelknerand i agree that you can add more adapters next week01:45
aelknerliking them?01:48
fsufitchheh yeah01:48
fsufitchbut for the ISchoolYearContainer(app), how do i define/register the adapter?01:48
aelknergood question01:48
aelknerlook at intervetnion tests, i thnk01:49
fsufitchoh... it just works? huh.01:50
aelkneryou found it?01:51
fsufitchoh there it is01:51
aelknerbut yes, that adapter just works01:51
aelknerand it uses the descriptors, too, so it's that easy to register/provide01:52
aelknerso setup() is the place to register any adpater like that that you find you need01:52
aelknerjust provide them as you need them01:53
aelknerso, are you down to zero provideAdapter calls in README.txt?01:55
fsufitchyup, now i am01:56
fsufitchand tests still pass01:56
fsufitchalso no more app[]01:56
aelkneryou can commit and push now01:57
fsufitchcommitted and pushed01:57
aelknerwe can pick up where we left off next week01:57
aelknergood job01:58
aelknerfsufitch, so that's five hours02:01
aelknerare you doing another five hours before next wed?02:01
fsufitchill try, but no guarantees, i only have wednesdays as the schooltool-allocated time02:03
fsufitchanyway, i have to go02:04
fsufitchsee you around!02:04
aelknercya next week02:05
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replaceafillyvl u around?09:33
yvlhey replaceafill09:33
replaceafilli have a question09:33
replaceafilli just realized that i'm making cambodia depend a lot on custom demographics09:33
replaceafillbut custom demographics are global for the user09:33
replaceafilli mean, they have no info about the schoolyear09:34
replaceafillfor instance i wont be able to say "yvl's salary scale in 2011 was A.I"09:35
yvlyou're right09:35
replaceafilldo you think i should better create custom objects for these related to the schoolyear?09:35
replaceafilllike im doing with shifts (based on levels) etc09:36
yvlit is your choice in the end,09:36
yvlbut if you need per-schoolyear data, then custom objects it is09:36
yvlsorry, but we don't have decent API for that yet09:37
yvlso it's gonna be a lot of copy-paste09:37
replaceafillwell, i'll talk to th1a about it09:38
replaceafillthanks yvl09:39
yvlthis is actually a data model issue09:39
yvlso you need to speak with the customers about this09:39
yvland I promise I'll improve API in a month or two09:39
yvlsomething along the lines of multi-object annotations09:40
replaceafillright, that's another thought of mine, "we can fix it later" :(09:40
yvlthat's life :/09:41
yvlanyway, at least teh code will be consistent09:41
yvlcreate a per-year container on app startup, separate items per-int-id.... gah.09:42
replaceafilllike courses, levels, groups, etc etc etc :P09:42
yvl... :)09:47
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