IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2011-04-01

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aelkneryvl, hey16:10
yvlpong, aelkner16:12
aelknerwhat do you think about changing the names chooser for schoolyear16:13
aelknerto not allow groups, courses, etc as i suggested?16:13
aelkneradding -n and all16:13
aelknersorry, didn't see your email16:15
aelkneryvl,, is there already a branch coded b ut not merged that solves the traverser problem?16:17
aelknerbecause you said 'as soon as it makes it into core'16:18
yvlthere is a branch that refactors traversal16:21
yvlbut explicitly does not solve this problem16:21
yvlI did it when working on timetables16:22
yvlbut fixing traversal correctly required that extra effort and fell out of scope16:23
yvlso anway, a fix should be built "on top" of that refactoring16:23
yvlaelkner, is this bug critical for you?16:25
yvlif it's not, I really would like to fix that later16:26
yvl^ just F/YI16:29
aelkneryvl, not critical, just wanted to know16:39
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replaceafillth1a, this one was already fixed:
th1aSince you're busy with all this Cambodia stuff we're moving most of your gradebook bugs to aelkner.20:25
replaceafillth1a right, but that one was already fixed :)20:25
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