IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2011-03-16

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yvlhey aelkner10:14
yvlI was just reading your mail10:14
aelknerhey yvl10:20
aelknerthe third one cancels the second one :)10:20
yvlyes :)10:21
yvlyou can safely make evolve5.evolve() do nothing10:21
aelknerthe test, too?10:21
yvlbut it would be nice to modify to show that catalog is created10:21
aelknereven though evolve is not called?10:22
aelkneri'm going to be writing an evolve8 that can show the catalog was created10:22
yvlevolve should be called10:23
yvlevolve 5 that is10:23
yvljust do nothing10:23
aelknerso should remain as a file, but the whole of it should be replaced by:10:24
aelknerdef evolve(contaxt):10:24
aelkner    pass10:24
replaceafillempty evolve!??!10:24
aelknerand the test can call it, even though it does nothing10:24
yvlYou can also add a comment there explaining why it's empty10:24
aelknerand the test can just test for the existence of the catalog10:24
* replaceafill will wait for aelkner's comment in the code :)10:25
aelknerhaha, replaceafill, go to sleep!10:25
yvlevolution is a tricky business10:25
replaceafillaelkner, i cant, i'm afraid i'll miss my flight :P10:25
aelknerdon't say that to the monkeys10:26
aelknerthey may have decided not to evolve10:26
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aelknerreplaceafill, pulling an all-nighter to catch a flight, what a joy10:27
yvlevery script evolves the database from X (that was created with code Y) to X+1 (created with code Y+1) using code Y+Z10:27
replaceafillaelkner, :D10:27
aelkneryvl, yeah, it's not obvious to the observer what code goes with what data10:27
aelknerat least i know that the new catalog works10:28
aelknerit's a nice design, the new style catalogs10:29
yvlthank you :)10:29
aelknerso much less extra work setting it up10:29
aelkneran no more evolution every time something changes, brilliant!10:29
aelkneranyway, done for the evening10:30
aelknerprobably will have a push for you to look at tomorrow with new evolution script10:31
yvlumm you know what10:31
yvlyou can also remove the test_evolve5.py10:31
yvlthe comment should sound something like...10:31
aelknercan't remove test_evolve5 without removing evolve510:31
yvlby remove I mean make it obsolete10:32
yvldef evolve(...)10:32
yvllike you said before10:33
aelkneroh, keep evolve5 with pass10:33
aelknerand remove test_evolve5 completely10:33
yvl# This evolution script was registering and updating catalogs as utilities10:33
aelkneras in bzr remove, right?10:33
yvlthere is nothing to test.. so yes10:33
aelknergot it, glad we straightened that out10:34
yvl# Now catalog creation and index updating is managed after evolution, during app startup10:34
yvland you can replace Now with "at the time of writing"10:36
yvlgood night, aelkner :)10:37
aelknerthanks yvl, good day for you10:43
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