IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2011-02-21

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aelkneryvl: ping16:23
yvlhey Alan16:24
aelknerdid you get my note?16:24
yvlyes, I'm a bit late with response16:24
yvlit's along the lines "can you please share your code somehow"16:24
aelkneri pushed my branches16:25
yvlapologies, I did not notice :/16:25
aelkneri assumed you would look there first, my bad16:25
aelknerbtw, i pushed my gradebook branch, too, but launchpad doesn't want to reflect it16:26
aelknerthe message on my end was "branch ppushed"16:26
aelknermenesis, do you know what might have happened?16:26
menesiswhat branch?16:27
aelknermy report_package branch of schooltool.gradebook16:27
aelknerit still says 'updating branch' at the bottom16:28
menesisI see..16:29
yvlAlan, I won't leave work today without looking closely at your branches :)16:29
menesiscould be a problem with branch formats16:29
aelkneryvl, thanks16:29
aelknermenesis, boo hoo16:29
aelkneris there anything you can do?16:30
menesiswhat 'bzr info' says in your local branch?16:30
th1aHi menesis, aelkner, yvl...16:31
aelknerStandalone tree (format: unnamed)16:31
aelkner  branch root: .16:31
aelknerRelated branches:16:31
aelkner    push branch: bzr+ssh://
aelkner  parent branch: bzr+ssh://
yvlmorning Tom16:31
aelknermorning th1a16:31
menesistry 'bzr upgrade --2a' and then 'bzr push'16:31
th1amenesis:  How is the release coming?16:33
aelknerit ain't fast16:33
menesisth1a: nearing completion16:35
menesisI have made schooltool-2009 not need schooltool-common16:35
menesisnow am working on moving this into schooltool source package16:36
th1aWill we be rid of '-2009' ?16:37
menesisyes that's what I am working on today16:37
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th1ahi replaceafill.16:38
replaceafillgood morning everybody, sorry im late16:38
yvlhey Douglas :)16:38
replaceafillnetwork problems :(16:38
aelknerhey replaceafill16:38
aelknermenesis, upgrade complete, no new revisions to push, do i need to create a fake change and push it?16:38
menesisafter that, have to tag a new schooltool release16:38
menesisand make the package use system libjs-jquery instead of our included copy of jquery16:39
menesisthen it is ready to be uploaded16:39
th1aSounds good.16:39
menesisthe plan is to complete this today16:39
th1aLet's push this over the hump.16:39
menesisalga is tracking my progress each morning and evening16:40
th1aI told him to sit on you.16:40
menesishe does16:40
menesisthat's good16:40
th1aSuper.  Anything else for now, menesis?16:41
menesisI think I will postpone the change to free fonts.16:41
menesisto next week16:41
menesisbecause time is running out16:41
menesisI have uploaded journal and intervention to PPA16:42
th1aIt seems like we could get away with changing the fonts later.16:42
menesisbut gradebook still needs work16:42
menesisto merge replaceafill's branch16:43
aelknermenesis, any thoughts on my push situation?16:43
menesisaelkner: bzr push --overwrite16:44
aelknerth1a, if menesis is still to merge replaceafill's branch, is there reason that he can't merge my report branches, too?16:45
th1aAt this point, the first priority is just getting the packages before the Ubuntu deadline.16:45
th1aSo we'll see how it goes.16:45
aelknermenesis, still 'No new revisions to push.'16:46
aelknerlaunchpad still says updating...16:46
aelknerare you able to peak at the progress of that?16:47
menesisaelkner: push to a different branch16:47
menesisa new branch16:47
th1aThanks menesis.16:49
th1aaelkner:  So were you able to re-implement the report registration?16:49
menesisth1a, aelkner: don't want any new features right now, it's not a final release anyway, just something to upload.16:49
aelkneryes, it worked out great, now only one report:reportLink directive is needed16:50
aelknerand the report link shows up in both places, /reports (for the context) and the report reference16:50
th1aAh, good.16:51
aelkneronly thing left is the url generation for the report reference that yvl will look at today16:51
aelknerit should be a simple fix, i already did the grunt work16:51
aelknerit's probably jsut the wrong adapter query, should be an hour or so today16:51
aelkner\but i am ready to move on to my next bonus target16:52
aelknerdo you have anything in mind?16:52
th1aI guess we can look at the map.16:52
th1aIntervention test coverage.16:53
aelknerwhat does .mm stand for, 'mind meld'?16:53
aelknerjelkner was wondering, and i could tell him16:54
th1amind map16:54
aelknerah, a map of your mind, now that's a scary thought16:54
th1aIt is in bzr now.16:55
aelknerbtw, ne thing that has changed is that the sorting will be alphabetical group, sub sort on title16:55
th1aSo yes, intervention test coverage.16:57
aelkneryvl, the gradebook branch is new, called new_report_pacjkage16:57
th1aWe can discuss the details later; figure out what your plan is.16:57
yvlaelkner,  do the same for schooltool reports_package please16:57
aelknerit's called fat-fingering, you may have heard of it16:58
aelkneryvl, wait, do what?16:58
aelknerupgrade follwed by push to new location?16:58
yvlumm, wait16:59
aelknerthe push of that package went without a hitch16:59
yvlI probably didn't upgrade my local also17:00
yvlnevermind for now17:00
aelknerok, so i'm done, we can discuss my plan after the meeting17:01
th1aOK, yvl?17:01
aelkneryvl, you have menesis right next to you, so...17:02
yvlit was a short week17:02
yvlso mainly I helped Alan with the report links17:02
yvlalso tying up loose ends after the sprint17:03
yvlon Sat, compared what I remember from UI discussion, mockups from Vitor and the Ubuntu style guide17:03
yvlI'll put that topic off until timetables are finished17:04
yvlbut if possible, I'd like to contribute at some point ;)17:04
yvlbasically, Ubuntu style guide fits us quite well17:04
th1aYes, we need to compare the two.17:05
yvlapart from footer navigation17:05
yvland third-level navigation will need a little bit of thought17:05
yvlalso, we need to put little more guidelines on content layout on ST side17:06
yvl6 column grid is fine for us, when we use it like they at some examples:17:06
th1aWe'd have to see if CL would be ok with the Ubuntu style; we wouldn't want them to be maintaining a slight fork.17:06
yvl1 filter column, 3.5 main content, 1.5 detail column17:07
aelknermay i make a quick comment?17:07
aelknerthe spacing and font size stuff should be fine, but the colors, OMG17:07
aelkneri know CL will hate them17:07
yvlyou mean - "a colour"17:07
aelknert's that gray/orange thing again that scares users according to Vitor17:08
th1aThe colors are not the issue.17:08
th1aThey can use whatever color they want.17:08
aelknerwithout forking?17:08
th1aIt is one line.17:08
yvlthey're ok with that17:08
yvlI have a verbal confirmation on this topic ;)17:09
th1aOK with?17:09
yvlabout CSS styling, not the UI layout thing17:09
th1aBut regarding what?17:09
yvlI guess it will also be ok, because17:09
yvl1) it basically comes from mockups by Vitor17:10
yvl2) it looks somewhat similar to Moodle17:10
th1aYeah, I don't suspect it would be an issue.17:10
yvloh, and a nice old article:
yvljust to keep something in mind,17:11
yvlwhen we start setting paddings and such for our tables17:11
yvlI noticed some Ubuntu wiki pages, probably community17:11
th1aI'd say the main thing we need now is a reference for some of the more complex interactions we have.17:12
th1aLike adding people to sections.17:12
yvlI'd really like to draw those :)17:12
yvl(from memory)17:12
yvlbut it can wait, right?17:13
th1aFrom your discussion with Vitor?17:13
th1aYes, it can wait.17:13
th1aOK, just don't forget them.  ;-)17:13
yvldeal ;)17:13
yvlright, what else...17:13
yvlah, I took a peak at the corrupted DB17:13
yvl~half a day17:13
yvlI'm a bit sensitive on the corruption topic17:14
th1aHey... could someone have opened it in Windows?17:14
replaceafillyvl, how did you debug it?17:14
th1aWould that change the line endings?17:14
replaceafilli mean, what tools did u use?17:14
yvlpatching by hand17:14
yvlit's not that hard ;)))17:14
aelkneryvl, btw, i steered you wrong, it's peek not peak :)17:15
yvlmaybe we can make a simple tool for the future17:15
aelknerhad to look it up, i'm embarrassed to say17:15
yvl(sorry, typo)17:15
replaceafillyvl, could that be caused by a wrong ftp transfer?17:15
replaceafilltext vs binary17:15
yvlfrankly, don't know17:15
replaceafillah ok17:16
yvlthere are many ways to screw it up like this17:16
yvlbut seriously17:16
yvlhandle your data with care, people!17:16
replaceafillth1a, i'll fwd yvl's email to dwelsh and matt17:16
yvlat least like you handle your photos :)17:16
yvlwell, the good part is that was caused by faulty sysadmining17:17
yvlST is still stable ;)17:17
replaceafilltrue :)17:17
th1aI bet is was caused by some interaction with Windows.17:17
yvlit looks like \r\n was replaced with \n, not the other way around17:18
yvlso it's not necessarily Windows17:18
yvljust for future reference17:19
yvlwe can restore such corruptions, with a certain amount of pain17:19
th1aOK... so it is not completely fixed at this point?17:19
th1aYou can't just find/replace?17:19
yvlif something was added, that would be one case17:20
yvlbut now it is removed at some semi-random places17:20
yvlif we really really need to fish out the data, I can try to recover it17:21
yvlsay, 3-4 hours or so to see if it can be done the easiest way17:21
th1aApparently it isn't a crisis because dwelsh isn't screaming.17:22
yvlright :)17:22
yvlso I'll do nothing for now ;)17:22
yvlwell, that's my report17:23
th1areplaceafill is in charge of talking to the CanDo people.17:23
yvland I'll update with Albertas on tts this Wed17:23
th1a(in this case)17:23
yvlas in - set deadlines17:23
th1aThanks, yvl.17:26
aelknerth1a, what is tts?17:26
replaceafilllast week i reported one remaining bug17:27
replaceafillalso, spent some time on the DB issue17:27
replaceafill(gave up after 2 hours) :(17:27
replaceafilli also, set up a testing instance with the CL patches17:27
replaceafillalso read some things about design, the ubuntu guidelines, etc17:28
replaceafilli have one related question there:17:28
replaceafillcould we have just one css file for schooltool core?17:28
replaceafillright now, we have like 5 different files17:29
th1aIs there any reason not to have one?17:29
th1aYou mean one for core and separate ones for plug-ins?17:29
replaceafillno, one just for core, right now we have one for calendar, one for layout, one for div forms17:29
replaceafilli was thinking of merging all of those17:30
replaceafillin a single file17:30
yvlI'd prefer calendar-specific css to be put in calendar17:30
replaceafilli think that would make easier changing the look and feel, right?17:30
yvlbut that's a matter of taste, I guess17:30
replaceafillyvl, i was thinking of easiness of customizations?17:30
aelkneryvl made a point of talking aout separating zcml files at the sprint17:31
aelknerbut css may be a different matter?17:31
replaceafillaelkner, yes i think they're different cases17:31
replaceafillapp configuration vs app visual look17:31
aelkneri prefer the idea of one css file, but that's ust me17:32
th1aI would keep calendar separate.17:32
th1aIt is just a question of how huge it gets.17:32
yvlwe should merge most of skin's css to a single as step one17:32
aelknerif we have consistency, it shouldn't be that big, right?17:32
replaceafillat the end i think it's just a matter of documenting instead of merging :)17:32
replaceafillif we tell people what to touch, i mean which styles etc17:33
th1aAnd just clarity of organization.17:33
yvlagain, for my taste - generic stuff should be generic17:34
th1aEither system can be done poorly.  ;-)17:34
yvlspecific stuff should be specific17:34
replaceafillanother comment i have about the ubuntu guidelines:17:34
replaceafilli like they use the 960 grid system17:34
replaceafilli think we should do something like that17:34
replaceafillit's the "css framework" that allows them to split the layout in columns17:35
replaceafillit's an easy way of get things aligned and neat i think17:36
th1aWell, basically I want to pick some system that we can follow without having to create a lot of our own documentation.17:36
replaceafill960 is not the only one, but it's an easy one17:36
yvlas it happens I do have an opinion on that :D17:36
replaceafillyvl, yes?17:36
yvlwe should use something similar to 96017:37
yvlbut not use any "css framework"17:37
yvlthey are by far over-rated17:37
yvlbut the principle is good17:37
th1aYeah, I just mean adopt someone's style guide.17:37
yvlstill, seeing "grid_7 prefix_1"  and "grid_2 omega" in css17:38
yvlmakes me... uneasy17:38
replaceafillyvl, +1 on grid_... prefixes to "style=.." attributes in tempaltes :)17:38
yvlstyle= should be eradicated17:39
yvlwhere possible17:39
replaceafillbut yes, just make sure the style guide we select has something for handling horizontal layout17:39
yvland keep in mind vertical layout17:39
replaceafillubuntu's has it, that's all17:39
replaceafillon vertical layout i have a comment17:39
replaceafillcan you be my friends in facebook?17:40
replaceafillno, seriously17:40
replaceafillcheck the registration form in facebook17:40
th1aI've retired from Facebook.17:40
replaceafilllook at those really high fields17:41
replaceafillwhat do you think of those?17:41
replaceafillthey handle japanese, chinese, and KHMER really well :)17:41
replaceafilli mean, fonts17:41
yvloh :)17:41
yvlright :)17:41
replaceafillbut they do look weird...17:42
th1aWhat, are they tall?17:42
replaceafillyes, they're tall enough to adjust to a really tall font17:42
replaceafilllike khmer's17:42
replaceafillbut again, they look weird17:42
replaceafillweird vs "really functional"17:42
yvlI'd even use a word "ugly"17:43
th1aWell, if we need them we need them.17:43
replaceafilli was playing with the student form to look like that and... ugh17:43
th1aHopefully our Khmer-using friends can tell us.17:43
replaceafillbut the field with content looks great :D17:43
th1aPresumably it only matters if you can type in Khmer.17:43
th1aHave you figured that out, replaceafill?17:43
replaceafillth1a, no, i havent showed them yet17:44
replaceafillok, leaving the visual stuff, and my last point of the meeting17:44
replaceafilland most important :)17:44
replaceafillyvl, i just sent you an email17:45
yvlgood point :P17:45
replaceafillcambodia sent some sample reports17:45
replaceafillthey seem like scanned reports17:45
replaceafillth1a, they seem like "census" forms?17:45
replaceafillth1a, have you seen them?17:45
th1aI guess I haven't caught up with the email from the weekend... but I don't think I got the reports.17:46
th1aI need to read Javier's email more carefully.17:47
replaceafillso, my question most than "are we going to handle all those census fields" is "how are we going to handle this kind of reports"?17:47
replaceafillusing ignas approach17:47
replaceafill(and branch) :)17:47
th1aI guess I need to see the reports.17:48
th1aWhat's the email title?17:48
replaceafillth1a, please17:48
replaceafillSome Reports for school tool17:48
replaceafillSunday, February 20, 2011 9:54 PM17:48
aelkneri didn't get any email17:48
replaceafillaelkner, it's from cambodia17:48
replaceafillaelkner, let me fwd it to you17:49
th1aYeah, I wasn't cc:ed.  Can you forward it to aelkner and I?17:49
replaceafillth1a, you were17:49
replaceafillbut i'm sending it anyway17:49
replaceafillaelkner, let me know if they look like the census you had to handle for nigeria17:50
th1aHow do you open that .rar file?17:51
yvlsudo apt-get install unrar17:51
yvlunrar -x ....17:51
yvlunrar x ...17:51
replaceafillFile roller?17:51
replaceafillbut yes, you need the non-free version of unrar :(17:51
aelknerreplaceafill, 'could not create the archive.  Archive type not supported.'17:52
replaceafillok, let me send the pdfs....17:52
yvlaelkner: sudo apt-get install unrar17:52
yvland try again17:52
th1aOK, I'll take a look.17:52
th1aI think we're done with the formal meeting here...17:53
replaceafilli'll ask Chandara not to send rar files...17:53
aelknergot it17:53
th1aWe've adapted now.  ;-)17:53
* yvl had to install unrar also, btw17:53
replaceafill:| <- ahh?!??!17:53
yvlsome how I don't use rar anymore :))))17:53
th1aI am going to ask Mark if he wants us to adopt the Ubuntu orange for branding, but I suspect the answer will be "no."17:54
th1aOtherwise, I think that's it.17:54
th1aHave a great week gentlemen.  Good luck, menesis!17:54
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.17:55
aelknerthanks, th1a, you, too17:55
aelknergreat week for everyone17:55
replaceafillyvl, opinion on the form handling approach? :)17:55
menesisth1a: thanks17:56
yvlI'm leaning towards writing rml17:56
yvlas opposed to overlay scanned reports17:56
replaceafillto recreate the same layout, right?17:57
replaceafillsounds like a bit***17:57
yvlthen again - cleaning them up, implementing overlay, alligning the data17:57
replaceafillalso a bit***17:58
replaceafillcool, i'll go with the rml approach then17:58
replaceafillif th1a decides we should store all those fields, what do you recommend?17:58
replaceafillannotations on the app?17:58
replaceafillsubclass preferences?17:59
yvlby all those, you mean... ?17:59
replaceafillarea of location of the school? city or town? countryside? in isolation?17:59
replaceafillnumber of shifts?17:59
yvlis this data per-school or per-schoolyear?18:00
replaceafillper school i guess18:00
yvlpeople fix walls and roofs you know18:00
th1areplaceafill:  Have you looked at what aelkner did for niepa?18:00
replaceafillth1a, a little18:00
replaceafillthat's why i was asking him if it was similar18:01
th1ayvl:  You're right, it should be by year.18:01
th1aIt is similar.18:02
th1aPerhaps more complex.18:02
yvlthen in:  app['schooltool.cambodia.some_additional_data'][school_year_int_id]18:02
aelknerresources are not by schoolyear18:02
aelknerand if a room's condition changes, the user just changes the resource, right?18:03
th1aWell, it will do.18:03
replaceafillaelkner, is this in your niepa branch?18:03
replaceafilli mean, your work for their census form18:03
th1aIn a perfect world it is by year.18:03
aelkneryvl, any luck pulling my report branches?18:03
yvlyes, aelkner18:04
yvlforgot to upgrade my shared repo18:04
aelknerso, you see that the only thing that isn't working is the url thing18:05
th1aThe frustrating thing here is that Cambodia isn't looking so simple anymore.18:05
aelkneryvl, i think you continue to confuse the report reference with requesting reports18:05
replaceafillth1a, :(18:05
yvlaelkner, no18:06
aelknerhence, i commented out your code to add '/reports' to the link18:06
aelkneryvl, yes18:06
yvlit is intentional18:06
replaceafillth1a, should i jump into implement these immediately?18:06
aelknerintentionally non-functional?18:06
yvlaelkner - the idea is that you do not implement that NOW18:06
yvlbut we most definitely should do that soon18:07
replaceafillth1a, or should i wait for the whole batch, it seems like there's more coming18:07
aelknerwell, we need what we do NOW to work, so...18:07
yvlyes :)18:07
yvlgimme a moment ;)18:07
yvlI'll check and comment... reasonably :)18:07
yvlbut now... 10 min break :)18:08
yvl[tune in commercials]18:08
th1areplaceafill, We should start analyzing these.18:08
aelknerpuff away18:08
th1aIf there is more it doesn't really change this.18:08
th1aSo part of this is essentially "demographics" for the whole school.18:09
th1aBut we want to minimize that.18:09
th1aWe'd like as much of this to be tracked as resources as is sane.18:10
th1aAnd as groups.18:10
th1aThis has tricky ones though.18:11
th1aNumber of monks?18:11
th1aShould they be entered in the system as people?18:11
th1aOr just tracked as an attribute on the school?18:11
th1aI'd say we need to ask a general design question.18:12
th1aRather than 50 little questions.18:12
th1aWell, maybe it answers itself.18:13
th1aDo you want the simple solution or the complex one?18:13
th1aSo let's assume things like monks aren't going to be handled as persons.18:15
replaceafillth1a, in which file is the monks reference?18:16
th1aannual school census18:16
yvlthis kind of asks for a per-school SchoolCensus object :)18:17
yvlper-schoolyear, sorry18:17
th1aThis one is more complicated than Nigeria's I think.18:17
th1aSo yes, I agree that we need to give into that somewhat.18:18
th1aThe fields need to be categorized.18:18
replaceafillyvl, like an SchoolCensus object with lots of custom fields?18:18
replaceafillgot it18:18
th1aYes, but trying to minimize the use of it.18:19
yvlof course18:19
th1aThe things relating to staff qualifications, for example, should be derived from person demographics.18:19
th1aProbably classrooms should be treated as resources.18:19
yvlfor resources, it may make sense just store "totals" in the census - or maybe not18:20
th1aBut each textbook probably shouldn't be counted separately in this case.18:20
th1aThe promotion data *should* be derived from student levels, but it probably needs work for that to happen.18:20
th1aAs a whole, this is NOT an edge case document, however.18:21
th1aThis is exactly the kind of thing SchoolTool needs to do.18:21
yvltrue :)18:21
th1aSo we should be moving towards doing this the right way.18:21
th1aYou need to categorize these fields.18:22
th1aSomething like:18:22
th1a1) Can be handled by SchoolTool objects w/no changes.18:23
th1a2) Requires some improvement to SchoolTool objects.18:23
th1a3) Just add to Cambodia Census object.18:23
yvlI am also thinking a bit like this:18:24
yvlsay, we have resource custom demos18:25
yvlcustom fields18:25
th1aIn some cases we may just want to add groups to Cambodia to manage some values (number of people of some type).18:25
yvlit makes sense for ST to have tables aggregated by those field values at some points18:25
replaceafillyvl, could we use catalogs for that?18:26
yvlas in - locations may have "roof condition" enum, "wall condition" enum, etc18:26
yvlbut in Cambodia, people will definitely want a very simple UI18:26
yvlso it might be easier to just have those 5-7 fields or whatever18:26
*** ignas has quit IRC18:26
th1aWell... we just have to pick where to draw the line.18:27
yvlespecially if they don't want to track each room separately in the system18:27
th1aThere aren't a lot of rooms in these schools.18:27
th1aI guess it comes down to how much additional data you're hanging off an object.18:28
th1aYou want to have additional data about each room.18:28
th1aAnd also, you do want to know what rooms sections are meeting in (eventually).18:28
th1aSo I don't want to just reduce classrooms to a number.18:28
th1aIt isn't buying you much.18:29
yvla very good example :)18:29
th1aYou could, I guess, also just create room objects with a form that asks how many rooms you have.18:29
th1aSo you wouldn't have to click 20 times to create 20 rooms.18:29
th1aYou'd create 20 rooms and then fill them out as necessary.18:30
replaceafillhow about editing?18:30
replaceafill"it's 18 not 20"18:30
th1aWell, at that point you then are editing the room objects.18:31
replaceafillcould we handle textbooks and teaching guides as new types of resources?18:33
th1aThat's a toss-up.18:33
aelknerwe have sub-types18:33
replaceafilland add custom fields like "usable" to them?18:34
th1aWe could.18:34
aelknerwouldn't books we type resource, sub-type book18:34
th1aI suspect that's a bridge too far.18:34
th1aOne thing is just how many of each thing we're talking about.18:34
th1aPerhaps that's something we can ask.18:34
th1aWe just have to do some analysis here so we ask the most concrete questions we can.18:35
aelkneryvl, it's getting late for you, and you promised to look at the report branches today...18:35
yvlrunning make :)18:35
yvland yes, I'd like to go away soon :)18:36
aelknerah, so multi-tasking :)18:36
th1aThese are small schools, so there might be a dozen classrooms.18:37
th1aBut... 250 kids times 2 books is 500 books.18:38
th1aSo tracking those individually might not happen.18:38
th1aObviously it could, and eventually SchoolTool should be better at that use case, but it is kind of a whole customized sub-system.18:38
replaceafillrivers and lakes? :)18:39
th1a(e.g., teacher forms for reporting book condition/status through the web)18:39
th1aNot resources.  ;-)18:39
th1areplaceafill:  This should keep you occupied.18:48
replaceafillwhat's a lower-secondary class? and an upper-secondary class?...18:50
replaceafillhhmm... we need to track "repeating" students the first year18:52
replaceafillnew attribute for the form?18:53
replaceafills/form/student form/18:53
th1aWell... that should be derived from our levels/promotion system.18:53
th1ato be written.18:53
replaceafillwe don't report it the "first year" then?18:54
replaceafillfirst year they use schooltool18:54
th1aGood point.18:54
replaceafilli was thinking they could set it up in the student form18:54
replaceafilland somehow disable it the second year18:54
th1aThat gives us a year to implement it correctly.  ;-)18:54
* th1a goes to take a shower.18:55
yvlaelkner, I won't give you much, sorry18:59
yvlto make it work...18:59
yvl  <view19:00
yvl      for="*"19:00
yvl      name="Student"19:00
yvl      factory=""19:00
yvl      type="zope.publisher.interfaces.browser.IBrowserView"19:00
yvl      permission="zope.Public"19:00
yvl      provides=""19:00
yvl      />19:00
yvluse type="zope.publisher.interfaces.http.IHTTPRequest"19:00
yvlfor all such report link urls, that have names19:01
yvlor maybe for all IReportLinksURL views19:01
yvlI won't give you full feedback today19:04
yvltoo much nitpicking on my side :))))19:04
yvlbut I'd consider your goal reached19:05
yvlwill definitely look a bit deeper tomorrow19:06
yvland if th1a and aelkner don't mind, well spend some time cleaning up before finally merging19:06
yvlI just rather postpone that :)19:06
yvlthe reason is simple19:08
yvlI'd rather work on timetables than do a detailed review + polish19:08
yvlbut the core of it seems to work19:08
yvlso - I'll check a bit tomorrow - but as far as I'm concerned you reached your bonus target ;)))19:09
yvlok, I see you're away ;)19:10
* yvl goes to hunt some food19:10
yvlhappy coding, guys!19:10
*** yvl has quit IRC19:10
*** menesis has quit IRC20:46
*** alga has quit IRC21:27
replaceafillaelkner, u around?21:50
replaceafillcreate_demo_fields_again :D21:50
replaceafillthat's the name of a function in niepa :)21:54
replaceafilli liked the again part21:55
replaceafillth1a, crazy idea:21:56
replaceafillwe create a 'Principals' group21:56
replaceafilland use the custom fields feature based on groups to extend information on the principal of the school?21:56
replaceafillis that what you were refering this morning?21:57
replaceafillwhen you were saying we should use 'groups'?21:57
th1aWell... for some of the things.21:57
th1aWe probably should handle principals as a special case.21:58
th1aAlthough maybe you're right that just making it a group is easiest.21:58
th1aSince you immediately get into "what if there are co-principals" etc.21:58
th1aBut again, this is really a general use case.21:59
th1aWhatever we do should go into core.21:59
th1a(well, ideally)21:59
th1aI'm just saying, it isn't an oddball issue.21:59
replaceafillgot it22:00
th1aotoh, we don't like more and more built-in groups.22:00
th1aBut we're kinda stuck with them...22:00
replaceafill"The  admin confirmed to me that he transferred the files through FTP22:13
replaceafillin ASCII mode, which would explain this issue."22:13
*** menesis has joined #schooltool22:34
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