IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2011-02-02

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replaceafillyvl, u gone?16:30
* yvl here16:30
yvlhi, replaceafill16:30
replaceafillhey yvl, i have a quick question for you16:30
replaceafilljust let me paste my screenshots :)16:30
replaceafillok, the student form for cambodia:
replaceafillit's ugly, i know :D16:31
replaceafillbut my question is related to the Grade data fieldset16:32
replaceafillthe way it works it that you select a Level and automatically filters the possible Class options for that level16:32
replaceafillit's javascript and it works16:32
replaceafilli want to do something similar for adding teachers16:32
yvlumm, one small question16:33
replaceafilli mean, to be able to assign the teacher to one or more classes at creation time16:33
yvldo they have mixed classes?16:33
yvli.e. class with both "science" and "social" students?16:33
replaceafillyou mean if a student can be enrolled in two classes?16:33
replaceafillyvl, i'll have to look in my emails, but i remember someone said something about '1 student in 1 class only'16:34
replaceafillok, now:
replaceafillit's just a test16:35
replaceafilland it works, but it's ugly, messy, et16:35
replaceafilli wanted to do something like 3 dropdown thing16:36
replaceafillsomething like:
* replaceafill loves deform btw :)16:36
replaceafillany advice on that? or on everything? :)16:38
replaceafillor maybe i'm way off trying to assign the teacher at creation time....16:40
yvlI would probably put the selection in a different view16:41
yvlsimply because there's a lot of subjects16:41
yvlteachers probably teach one or more "types" of subjects16:42
yvllike Geography + History16:42
yvlor something16:42
replaceafillfrom 1-6 grades, one teacher teaches all subjects in a class16:42
replaceafillfrom 7-12, a teacher teaches one or two subjects16:43
replaceafillmaybe i'll put my effort to improve the 'class' view, where you can add members to the class (the regular group view)16:44
replaceafilli'm going to add the subjects there so, they can assing instructors directly from that view16:44
yvlcan you give a screenshot of the class view please?16:45
replaceafillit's the regular group view:
replaceafillsorry it's in khmer16:49
replaceafillwith the 'edit members' link at the bottom16:49
replaceafilland here's part of the 'levels' view:
replaceafilli want to insert a table like the one in the right into the 'class' (or group) view16:50
replaceafilli want to make the 'levels' view obsolete16:50
replaceafilland also the regular section view (which they use right now to assign instructors to a subject)16:50
yvlit all looks awesome :)16:50
yvl[thinking out loud] it'ss the administration who is going to handle instructor assignment16:52
yvlso for grades 1-6 they care who teaches which class16:53
yvland that is what they will expect to see16:53
yvl3F - John Johnson16:53
yvl4A - Fred Black16:53
replaceafillwell, at least here in El Salvador, levels like 11 or 12 also has a 'responsible' teacher16:54
replaceafilleven though other teachers teach in the same class16:54
replaceafillsorry i meant class not level16:54
yvlsame in Lithuania ;)16:55
yvlfor levels 5-1216:55
replaceafillone thing that i was thinking about was permissions, like if you put it everything in a view, and they come up with: only admins can assign teachers but teachers should be able to add members to the class (group)16:56
replaceafillbut i guess we can filter parts of the view16:56
replaceafill(like we do with admin links in some of  them)16:56
yvlyes, that16:56
yvlit should work that way even in ST itself, IMHO16:57
yvlteachers assigning/removing teachers is... odd16:57
replaceafill"i'll remove myself from teaching this class" :)16:58
yvlit's like suicide16:58
yvlyou can't add yourself back16:58
yvlby the way, do you think that it would be reasonable to add instructor assigment views per grade?16:59
yvlas in, Grade 11 (science) view16:59
yvlthat lists all sections and has dropdowns for their instructors16:59
yvl11F - math      [v  John]16:59
yvl11G - math        [v Pete]17:00
yvl11F - history            [v  Ben]17:00
yvland so on17:00
replaceafillhhmmm... nice17:00
replaceafilllike a 'teachers per class' view17:00
yvlyeah, something along the lines17:00
replaceafillgood idea! you can sweep the whole school teacher assignment from there17:01
yvlthen again - it might be not that convenient for teachers that teach, say17:01
yvl6A, 7B, 8B, 9B, 10B, 11B and 12F - math17:01
yvlhmm, you know what :)17:02
yvlyou can add a non-editable overview view :)17:02
yvl<h1> Grade 10 <h1>17:03
yvl10A - math    :   John17:03
yvl10F - histroy   : Pete17:03
yvl<h1> Grade 11 </h1>17:03
yvland maybe add "edit" links for each grade17:03
replaceafillwhy not using input and display widgets in the same view?17:04
replaceafillinput (select) if you have permission17:04
replaceafilldisplay if you dont17:04
replaceafilltoo complicated?17:04
yvltoo high chance of accidents for my taste17:04
replaceafillah ok17:04
yvlbut that's just my taste :)17:05
replaceafillok, i'll work on those views17:07
replaceafillthanks for the ideas yvl17:07
yvlthank you! ;)17:08
yvlok... I'm going home now :)17:21
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