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fsufitchaelkner_: ping18:54
th1afsufitch:  aelkner_ might not be up yet.18:55
th1aYou could wake him up: 856-433-8185.18:55
fsufitchi don't think i'm that evil...18:55
th1aHow's T.R.I.A.D.?18:56
fsufitchpretty good, though there are much fewer experienced people there than in MSCS, or in U'K in general18:56
fsufitchit's beginning to be a bit frustrating actually18:56
th1aU'K is pretty thin right now.18:57
th1aBut that's ok.18:57
fsufitchwell if i had some good way to make money in GW, i would return18:57
fsufitchbut alas, im currently on a gaming hiatus, i just need to get some things in my life in order first18:57
fsufitchfor now, ive got Propulsion Jamming V training (yay interdictors!)18:57
th1aYes... gaming hiatus good.18:58
th1aBut... what do you think of the new character creator?18:58
fsufitchi like it :)18:58
fsufitchit's unfortunate it forced many Brutor characters to completely change their look (because the old skin tones weren't available anymore) but other than that it's pretty sweet18:59
fsufitchive seen great portraits18:59
fsufitchso what's U'K been up to lately?19:00
th1aIt is funny because most of the complaints seem to come from people not understanding iterative development.19:00
th1aAnd where CCP is going.19:00
th1aSo... yes, you'll get your tattoos... later.19:01
th1aNo, it doesn't matter that your boots look stupid.19:01
fsufitchim a bit pissed about everyone getting sweet aviator shades though...19:03
th1aYou'll be able to get them in a year for $9.95.19:05
th1aActually, that's the funniest part to me.19:05
th1aIt should be perfectly obvious that micropayments will give everyone all the little decorations they could possibly want soon enough.19:05
fsufitchwait.... what?19:05
th1aOf course!19:05
th1aWhat else would they do?19:06
fsufitchwait, but we have sweet shades now!19:07
fsufitchi do hope they're not taking them away to then sell them to us19:08
th1aWell, there will probably be a lot more shades.19:08
th1aI mean, this stuff isn't going to be glued to you in Incarna.19:08
fsufitchoh that, of course19:08
th1aYou'll be able to move around, take off your sunglasses, buy new ones...19:09
th1aEach expansion will have new styles, etc.19:09
th1aHalf the people walking in stations will only be there for the clothes and chat.19:09
fsufitchthat makes sense19:11
fsufitchi hope that doesnt mean there will be fewer noobs to blow up in space19:11
fsufitchoh btw, i now have good ECM skills, and i can fly a kitsune with EAF IV19:11
fsufitchi can actually be useful! \o/19:12
th1aI was just thinking today about working on Falcon.19:12
fsufitchi would go into recons or hacs, but it's just so much skill training19:12
th1aI need some kind of specialty roaming ship to concentrate on.19:12
fsufitchfalcon would be good19:13
fsufitchim a bit partial to the Curse though19:13
fsufitchor Pilgrim19:13
fsufitchthose would be my recons of choice19:13
th1aFalcon sounds easy, which is good.19:13
fsufitchit is, as far as ive heard19:13
fsufitchyou could practice with blackbird at first19:14
fsufitchjust avoid trigger-happy Catalysts like mine, apparently they can chew through a blackbird in only a few seconds19:14
th1aWell, I'll need Recon first, so I'll be able to fly a Minnie or Amarr recon before I train up Caldari cruiser.19:15
fsufitchmeh, i sort of want to fly recon, but the crusier V and the medium projectile and laser V skills take so long that i don't even know if it's worth it19:16
fsufitchi could just train stealth bombers instead...19:16
th1aI guess Pilgrim could be a good fit aside from relatively low laser skills for me.19:17
th1aLast night Hadder referred to himself as a "high-skillpoint noob," which is what I still feel like.19:18
fsufitchyeah, pilgrim/curse don't need lasers19:18
fsufitchhow are your drone skills though?19:18
th1aIt is funny that I'm so much more "skilled" than you.19:18
th1aRelatively weak.19:18
fsufitchcan you use t2 medium neuts?19:18
th1aRapier makes most sense skill wise.19:18
fsufitchrapier is good19:19
fsufitchAzn's been having fun with his rapier19:19
fsufitchhe's in Noir. now19:19
th1aI'm doing Drone Interfacing V now.  I can fly Warrior II's.19:19
fsufitchwell that means you should have Valkyrie IIs too, which is nice19:19
fsufitchdo you have Hobgoblins/Hammerheads though?19:19
th1aDon't have Gallente specialization yet.19:20
fsufitchyou should get that asap, gallente drones are awesome19:20
fsufitchi have a comparison table between light drones in my latest eve blog post
th1alol, I have over twice as many skillpoints as ISK right now.19:20
th1aYes, I saw that.19:21
fsufitchheh that's either a lot of skillpoints, or very little isk19:21
th1aI'm poor...19:22
th1aI had a pretty long break from playing.19:22
th1aNothing like snow and a new expansion to get you back into it.19:22
fsufitchheh indeed19:23
th1aOK, going to get lunch.19:23
fsufitchnow i need to be off19:23
th1aWake up, aelkner_!19:23
fsufitchyeah, same19:23
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