IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2010-12-17

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aelknerdadeng, are you there?08:26
dadengaelkner, yes09:25
aelknerdadeng, still there?09:59
aelknerwe seem to be having trouble spotting each other's ping10:14
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dadengwell... i'm here now10:20
dadengwhat about you aelkner?10:20
aelkneri'm here10:24
dadengi've been busy with arrangements for the meeting10:24
aelkneri've been working on the census report that i will deliver to you this weekend10:24
aelknerit occurred to me that the census asked about previous year info10:25
dadengcan we get that done tonight?10:25
aelknerget what done10:25
dadengwell... we don't have any previous year's info in the system10:26
aelknerso i would say that we don't worry about it for now10:26
dadengso we have to have just baseline year10:26
aelkneri'm going to only reprt the current year's data10:26
aelknerthe report will be requestable by clicking on a link from the school year view10:26
aelknerand it will compile data for that year10:27
aelknerit's not going to have everything on the form that you sent us10:27
aelknerbecause we haven't had the chance to go over every field10:27
aelkneri just created demo fields for the students, teachers, and classrooms10:27
aelknerand that is what i will report in the census report10:27
aelkneryou are setting up classrooms and filling in the demo fields?10:28
aelkneri think you said that you are filling in demos for students and teachers10:28
dadengwe've some but we'll update them tomorrow with a10:29
dadengteacher from the school10:29
dadengi'm travelling down tomorrow10:29
aelknerthat's fine, as long as you understand what you need to do10:29
dadengi can always catch you online10:30
aelknerhopefully i see you ping :)10:30
dadengthis weekend is very important10:30
aelknerremember to put my id in the message which helps me see it10:30
dadengmonday is the meeting10:30
aelknerso that's conformed?10:31
dadengyes, all invitation letters are out and there has been10:31
dadengconfirmation of attendance10:32
dadenginvitees have confirmed attendance10:32
aelknerit will be exciting to see how it turns out10:33
dadengyes, we want stakeholders commitment and sustenance for the project10:34
aelkneroh, i almost forgot to ask, should i add 'School Code' to the top of the 'School Info' page?10:35
aelknerit's on the census form you sent us10:36
aelknerso i figured you'd want it on the report10:36
aelknerit would be easy to add the fields10:36
aelknerok, will do10:36
dadengand pls remember to include fields for geo cordinate10:36
dadengit is for mapping10:37
aelknerthat isn't on the census form you sent us10:37
dadengyes, it was not10:37
dadengbut it is an essential data of a school10:38
aelknerso you're not asking me to put it on my census report, just to add the data to school info?10:38
aelknerthen again, it could go near the address10:38
aelknerit is similar data10:38
dadengyes, the report will be used at higher levels10:39
dadengso if it possible just add it10:39
aelknerok, will do10:39
aelknerwhat exactly is the title of the field, 'Geographic Coordinates'?10:40
dadengmay be it make more meaning to say "Location Coordinate"10:40
aelknerCoordinate, singular?  isn't that a plural?10:42
aelknerlatitude, longitude?10:42
aelknerbtw, i'll make it free-form text so you can put anything there10:43
dadengno sorry Coordinates10:43
dadengsee u later, i must go to UN premises now11:00
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replaceafillth1a, you there?17:12
th1areplaceafill:  Yes.17:12
th1aWhat's up?17:12
replaceafilljust saw dwelsh last email17:12
replaceafilli could write some instructions on how to integrate it all17:13
replaceafillwould that help?17:13
th1aAre we talking about debs?17:13
replaceafillno, jelkner's instance uses eggs17:14
replaceafillit's like a development sandbox17:14
th1aAll the actual code changes have been made though?17:14
replaceafillyou mean to cando?17:15
th1aWhich email are we even talking about?17:15
replaceafillthe one he sent today17:15
th1aI got two... but I guess you got one.17:16
replaceafillah! yes, i got only one17:16
th1aThis is the Matt and Jeff one.17:16
replaceafillyes, about alexandria wanting to use attendance gradebook etc17:17
th1aLet's start over.17:17
replaceafillsorry, i assumed you only had one :)17:17
th1aSo, right now code exists to make CanDo and all the parts of SchoolTool play nicely?17:17
th1ajelkner is using it?17:17
replaceafillyes, but again, it's like setting a dev sandbox: i checked out cando trunk and enabled the gradebook, journal, and interventions in buildout17:18
th1aSo also, right now, the CanDo deb doesn't include the journal, etc.17:20
th1aDoesn't install them.17:20
replaceafilllike yvl said once it's a different application17:20
replaceafilldifferent configuration file, database, etcv17:21
th1aDo all the relevant debs include the code changes to play nicely?17:21
th1aCSS fixes, etc.17:21
replaceafillno, the css fixes are not in debs17:22
replaceafillthey're not even in trunk, but in a cando branch17:22
replaceafillthey haven't had been applied to trunk because until now nobody wanted to use cando + other things17:23
th1aAre they changes just to CanDo?17:23
replaceafillchanging cando css was a quick patch, in the long run, we would want core + plugins css organized17:24
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replaceafilli mean, moving everything to core, removing style information from pt templates, etc17:24
th1aDon't overly complicate it right now.  ;-)17:25
replaceafillah ok, cando css fix is a quick patch then17:25
th1aBasically, I don't want people running eggs.17:25
th1aSo if we push that change,17:25
replaceafillbut that would mean we find a way to integrate cando as a plugin?17:26
replaceafillkind of like what aelkner is doing with niepa?17:26
th1aWell, I was just thinking about the other direction.17:26
th1aIn the short term at least.17:26
replaceafillyou're thinking of making possible to enable the other debs from cando deb?17:26
th1aHere's all I want, which should be easyish.17:27
th1a1) apt-get canto17:27
th1a2) apt-get journal etc.17:27
th1a3) edit a configuration file to turn on journal, etc. in CanDo.17:27
th1aMaybe it makes more sense to do the same thing by installing schooltool, installing cando and jiggering SchoolTool's configuration.17:29
replaceafilli'll test if that can be done in lucid, i remember menesis said once they use the same underlying libraries17:29
menesisapt-get install schooltool-2009 python-cando17:30
menesisand add <include package="cando" /> to /etc/schooltool/schooltool-2009/plugins/cando.zcml17:32
replaceafillkind of what aelkner is doing in niepa17:32
menesisdon't know how well that works, maybe you need overrides or additional configure directives to disable certain parts, like schooltool gradebook17:33
th1aI guess you just have to decide if you want everything plus cando or cando plus a couple things.17:33
menesisor, better, don't use schooltool-2009 at all, but copy and include only the needed plugins in a custom instance package17:33
menesisthe best example is schooltool.zambia source package I think17:34
replaceafillmenesis, ah17:34
menesis(for a custom instance .deb)17:34
menesisor niepa17:34
menesishm, I haven't created a package for niepa17:35
menesisshould I?17:35
th1aI don't think we need to make a custom .deb for every combination.17:35
th1aIt is ok to make people edit a config file if they want something special.17:36
menesiswe need some way of customisation, there is no documentation of how to customise a school with code17:36
menesisbut zambia or cambodia or niepa are code examples17:37
th1aAll the more reason to do it a few times.17:37
replaceafillmenesis, with our current debs is not possible to install schooltool-cando and schooltool.gradebook, and then change cando's configuration files to enable the gradebook?17:37
menesiswill do something about this when I will get to rewriting the schooltool-2009 into a "schooltool" binary package17:37
menesisreplaceafill: cando depends on schooltool.gradebook so it is installed. but you need to include gradebook explicitly in a school.zcml or plugins/whatever.zcml17:38
menesisbut then you'll have two gradebook tabs I would guess17:39
menesisyeah. you can put whatever zcml overrides you need in files at /etc/schooltool/*/plugins/*.zcml17:39
menesisthey are included after the installed configuration17:40
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replaceafillmenesis, schooltool-cando is not available for lucid 64 bits?21:26
menesisreplaceafill: all packages are architecture all21:28
menesisno separate packages for x6421:28
replaceafillhhmm weird, i cannot find it in my luicd21:28
replaceafillroberto@cerna-desktop:~$ apt-cache search schooltool cando21:29
replaceafillpython-cando - A competency tracking system built on SchoolTool21:29
menesisreplaceafill: not available for maverick. but should be available for lucid21:56
replaceafillmenesis, cant find it here
menesissome ppa bug22:04
menesissome packages disappear from index22:04
menesisdon't know what to do now. leaving.22:04
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dadengaelkner hey22:28
aelknerdadeng, yes?22:39
dadenghey, sorry22:44
dadengi was busy on something else22:45
dadengi'm here22:45
aelkneryou have a question?22:47
dadengnot really22:52
dadengbut how far with your work?22:52
dadengit would be good to do it before i travel22:53
dadengso if you it ready we can get it done now22:53
dadengi have a slightly better internet at home22:53
aelkneri'm not ready now, but when will you be reachable this weekend?22:58
aelkner'ok' doesn't sound like an answer, a date and time would be more informative :)23:07
dadengi'm travelling down south west tomorrow and i'm thinking that if it is possible for us to do it tonight it would be ok23:13
dadengbut of course if it is not ready, no problem23:14
dadengit is just that i don't know the Internet access situation in Ondo23:14
dadengbut we should be able to find a way out somehow whenever you're ready23:15
dadengso when should we look forward to?23:15
aelknersome time tomorrow, i'll email you to update your instance23:21
aelkneryou can then look for me here if you have any questions23:22
th1aa date and time would be more informative, aelkner.  ;-)23:22
aelknerbut i will explain to you what your update will have23:22
aelknerth1a, haha23:22
aelknerso if you're traveling tomorrow, i guess it won't be until sunday that we could meet here, right?23:23
dadengno we may still meet tomorrow, Ondo is 440km away23:42
dadengand i'll be driving down23:42
dadengso we can meet tomorrow evening if everything goes as planned23:43
aelknerok, sounds good23:49
dadengi send an update report as of today just now23:55

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