IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2010-11-19

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aksth1a, replaceafill: hello05:23
th1aaks:  Hi!05:24
replaceafillhello aks05:24
aksreplaceafill: redirecting in the vhost configuration does not work well, krishnagiri had been testing it05:25
akskrishnagiri: ^^^, can you please explain about the problem?05:25
krishnagirithe rewrite rule works for schooltool but it effect other site hosted on the same server. it opens schooltool while browsing other sites as well05:31
replaceafillif you turn off the rewrite rule for schooltool you can access the other sites correctly?05:32
krishnagirihere's the rule we r using:  RewriteRule ^/(.*) http://localhost:7080/++vh++http:schooltool:80/++/$1 [P,L]05:32
replaceafilland the ServerName is schooltool, right?05:33
replaceafillhave you tried Proxy instead of Rewrite05:34
replaceafilli mean the proxy module instead of the rewrite module05:34
replaceafillusing ProxyPass directives?05:34
replaceafilljust the rule seems fine to me05:35
replaceafillcan you share the whole config file?05:35
krishnagirischooltool.conf ::
th1aaks:  How's the Fedora 9 packaging coming?05:38
aksth1a: we're trying to fix a problem with the schooltool virtualhost configuration, after that I'll repackage and test it05:38
aksth1a: then I'll release them, ETA 2 days05:38
th1aOK.  Thanks.05:39
* replaceafill is comparing krishnagiri's file with one of his instances05:43
replaceafillunfortunately my apaches have only one config file :(05:43
replaceafillkrishnagiri, do you have schooltool as an alias in your server's /etc/hosts file?05:48
replaceafillcan you share that file?05:49
krishnagiri27.0.0.1      localhost.localdomain localhost05:49
krishnagiri::1                     localhost6.localdomain6 localhost605:49
replaceafillServerName fully-qualified-domain-name[:port]05:52
replaceafillthe fully-qualified-domain-name is the one that makes me wonder in this case05:52
krishnagiriwhat should i try then?06:00
replaceafilli'm trying to set up apache like you have it, with no domains06:01
krishnagirioh ok06:02
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replaceafillkrishnagiri, hhmm interesting:06:11
replaceafillRestarting web server: apache2apache2: Could not reliably determine the server's fully qualified domain name, using for ServerName06:11
replaceafill ... waiting apache2: Could not reliably determine the server's fully qualified domain name, using for ServerName06:11
aksreplaceafill: that warning msg is okay06:12
replaceafilli think it's not a problem with the rewrite rule06:14
replaceafillobviously :P06:14
replaceafillif you set: RewriteRule /(.*)
replaceafillyou should be redirected to google for any of your sites, right?06:15
replaceafillif so, it's a problem with the virtual host configuration06:15
krishnagirilet me check06:16
replaceafilland i suspect of the ServerName directive06:16
replaceafillor something related06:16
replaceafillthat doesnt allow apache differentiate between sites06:17
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krishnagiriyes it redirects all our site to google06:18
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replaceafillkrishnagiri, can you paste:06:37
replaceafillls -altr /etc/apache/sites-enabled06:37
replaceafilli have to vhosts06:38
replaceafilldefault and other06:38
aksreplaceafill: fedora does not has a sites-enabled and sites-available files06:38
replaceafilleverything is on by default?06:38
aksreplaceafill: fedora based apaches parses every *.conf file in /etc/httpd/conf.d/ directory06:38
replaceafillaks, does it sort them?06:39
aksreplaceafill: I'm not sure abt that06:39
replaceafillthe thing is that i have a similar behaviour to yours, when i change the order of my vhosts06:40
aksreplaceafill: i see06:40
replaceafillbut setting servername in every virtualhost fixes it...06:43
replaceafillServerName localhost06:43
replaceafillServerName teacher06:43
replaceafillServerName student06:43
replaceafilllocalhost -> default apache config06:44
replaceafillteacher and student -> with redirects to google and schooltool.org06:44
replaceafilland with " student teacher" in my /etc/hosts file06:44
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th1aGood night and good luck gentlemen!06:53
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krishnagirireplaceafill, still not working06:57
replaceafillkrishnagiri, how many vhosts do you have in your server?06:58
krishnagiriits the only virtual host07:00
replaceafillyou mean apache only serves this vhost?07:01
aksreplaceafill: our configurations has one dedicated vhost entry for servername "schooltool" and others are normal alias and <Directory> directives07:02
* replaceafill is reading
replaceafillto get familiar with fedora :)07:08
aksreplaceafill: :)07:08
replaceafillaks, your aliases and <Directory> directives live in /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf?07:10
replaceafillor is there any other file for that?07:10
aksreplaceafill: no, they are in separate *.conf files in /etc/httpd/conf.d/ directory07:10
replaceafillkrishnagiri, can you paste:07:10
replaceafillls -altr /etc/httpd/conf.d/07:10
replaceafillbtw is this fedora 13?07:11
replaceafilli have a VM for that! :D07:11
krishnagiriits fedora 907:13
replaceafillevery example i find involves a virtualhost :(07:30
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yvlaelkner, hi09:54
yvlThe latest rev. in your branch is09:55
yvl2745. By Alan Elkner <aelkner@ubuntu> on 2010-11-1509:55
yvl    added view classes for BoolFieldDescription objects09:55
yvlI didn't notice any resource "demographics" work there...09:55
aelkneryvl: hey10:16
aelknersorry, i assumed the push worked, but it had a network failure10:16
aelknerthe changes are there now10:17
yvlthanks :)10:18
yvlit happens ;)10:18
krishnagirihi yvl10:28
yvlhi krishnagiri10:28
krishnagirineed some help on redirecting schooltool with apache10:29
* yvl is not good with that voodoo10:30
yvlbut I'll try to help :)10:30
krishnagirithe rewrite rule works for schooltool but it effect other site hosted on the same server. it opens schooltool while browsing other sites as well10:31
yvlwhat does your rewrite rule look like?10:32
yvlFIY, I test with: RewriteRule ^/schooltool(/?.*) http://localhost:7080/++vh++http:localhost:80/schooltool/++$1 [P,L]10:32
krishnagiriNameVirtualHost *10:32
krishnagiri<VirtualHost *>10:32
krishnagiriServerName schooltool10:32
krishnagiriRewriteEngine On10:32
krishnagiriCustomLog /tmp/custom.log common10:32
krishnagiriErrorLog /tmp/error.log10:32
krishnagiriRewriteLog /tmp/httpd_rewrite.log10:33
krishnagiri#RewriteRule /(.*)
krishnagiriRewriteRule ^/(.*) http://localhost:7080/++vh++http:schooltool:80/++/$1 [P,L]10:33
krishnagiriProxyVia On10:33
krishnagirithats the schooltool.conf looks like10:33
yvlwell it does seem like it should rewrite all URLs to point to  http://localhost:7080/...10:45
yvli.e. to schooltool10:46
yvlbecause of this part: ^/(.*)10:46 what do i need to change10:47
yvlwhat is the configuration of other site?10:47
yvland how do you want to your URLs to look from outside?10:47
krishnagiriour configurations has one dedicated vhost entry for servername "schooltool" and others are normal alias and <Directory> directives10:47
krishnagirithat's what i want:: http://schooltool10:48
yvlI don't think you can configure that in *apache*10:50
yvl(though I may be wrong)10:50
yvllemme test ;)10:50
yvlno idea if it's possible to do with apache10:56
yvlI'm very weak at sysadmin stuff :)10:56
yvlIf it's ok to use http://localhost/schooltool10:56
yvlthen you can use the rule I pasted above10:57
yvlok, it is possible:
krishnagirithe rule above doesn't seems to work for me11:01
yvlthis one? RewriteRule ^/schooltool(/?.*) http://localhost:7080/++vh++http:localhost:80/schooltool/++$1 [P,L]11:04
yvland it doesn't give you schooltool in http://localhost/schooltool ?11:05
yvl(and you restarted apache of course)11:05
krishnagiriit worked in the server itself..but not on the other pc11:09
aelkneryvl: i see you're busy with something right now, and i need to go to sleep11:09
aelknercould you meet here in eight hours?11:09
yvlcan't promise it aelkner :)11:10
yvlit'll be 7PM and Friday, so... :)11:10
yvlbut I'll definitely respond to your mail11:11
krishnagiriyvl, seems its working now with this rule:: RewriteRule ^/schooltool(/?.*) http://localhost:7080/++vh++http:schoolserver:80/schooltool/++/$1 [P,L]11:13
aelkneryvl: ok, thanks11:13
yvlthat makes sens, krishnagiri  :)11:14
krishnagirithank you very much yvl11:14
yvlapologies I couldn't be more of a help11:15
yvlreally, really not my strong spot :)11:16
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