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th1areplaceafill:  ayt?16:10
replaceafillth1a, yes16:13
th1aI'm not sure I understand the issue with the database exporter.16:14
replaceafillit's just that i was expecting demographics fields like: gender, ethnicity, etc16:15
replaceafillfrom the 0.11.x database16:15
th1aBut you can do custom ones in 0.11 too?16:16
* replaceafill fires up edubuntu516:17
* th1a doesn't know how old 0.11 is.16:17
th1aI was assuming the whole issue was about custom demographics.16:18
replaceafilli havent seen the word demographics anywhere in 0.11.x code16:18
replaceafilldo you know if used to have a different name?16:19
th1aOh, wait.16:20
th1aAre these just person attributes?16:21
replaceafillwell, annotations, but yes16:21
th1aOK.  What's the problem then?16:21
replaceafilli think Trevor is looking at a recent schooltool16:23
replaceafillwhich he refers to "live system"16:23
replaceafill"on the live system I see additionally fields"16:23
th1aWhy do we think we know what version he's running?16:24
replaceafilland i guess he thinks those fields are also in 0.11.x16:24
th1aHow did 0.11.x enter the conversation?16:24
replaceafill1. the database exporter says: "Currently the tool reads SchoolTool 0.11.3 and 0.11.4 databases and16:25
replaceafilloutputs the XLS compatible with SchoolTool 1.4 (Ubuntu Lucid) release."16:25
replaceafill2. (let me look for it)16:25
th1aJust because he found and was trying to use that exporter doesn't mean he's actually got that version of SchoolTool.16:26
th1aYou need to ask him exactly what he's trying to do.16:26
th1aI should have said something earlier -- I assumed you had some reason to think he had that version of SchoolTool.16:28
th1aBut beyond that -- doesn't 0.11 store birthdays somewhere?16:29
replaceafilldamn, it took me a while :D
th1aOK.  Good.16:29
th1aYeah, I couldn't find that either.16:30
replaceafillTrevor: "Through the help of your colleague Justas, we realise that the current16:30
replaceafillversion of schooltool is Schooltool v0.11.3"16:30
replaceafillthen he also mentions edubuntu 6 in a VM16:30
th1aI'm pretty sure we've got birthdays in there somewhere.16:30
replaceafillthe references to birthday i could find was in the calendar16:31
replaceafillgrep -r -i birth src/16:31
replaceafilltests, calendar, etc16:31
replaceafilland the person interfaces are really simple16:32
replaceafillIPerson, IPersonDetails and IPersonPreferences16:32
* replaceafill still doesnt believe he's read schoolbell code :D16:32
replaceafillreplaceafill@system76:~/Escritorio/schooltool-0.11.4/src$ grep -r -i gender .16:33
replaceafill./schooltool/rest/tests/        ...                       description="Gender Aware History"/>''')16:33
replaceafill./schooltool/rest/tests/        u'Gender Aware History'16:33
th1aWhat does "Edit Info" show you for a person?16:34
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th1aOH!  Shit.16:41
th1aI see.16:41
th1aI think.16:41
th1aHe thought that because those fields were on the exported spreadsheet they were supposed to be in his database?16:42
th1aI see.16:42
th1aSo he simply doesn't have that data.16:43
th1aNever did.16:43
th1aProblem solved.  :-D16:43
replaceafillinvalid bug?16:43
replaceafillwont fix?16:44
th1aI'll close it.16:44
replaceafilloh ok16:44
replaceafillgoing back to the gradebook then16:44
replaceafillbtw its great javier replied16:44
th1aYes, I need to reply to him.16:44
replaceafilli was really worried...16:44
th1aYesterday was kind of a lost sick day for me.16:45
replaceafilli noticed :)16:45
replaceafillif youre not here, something happens ;)16:45
th1areplaceafill:  Also, food poll - "The city ranked No. 1 for local specialties, which includes pizza and burgers, and No. 3 for ethnic restaurants, and neighborhood joints and cafes. Only New Orleans and San Francisco came in higher than Providence's No. 3 for culinary scene."16:49
replaceafillNo. 3!! wow16:50
replaceafillpizza is not the same for me anymore :(16:50
replaceafillpizza hut (the fancier here) seems like a "circle od crap"... after timmy & roberts16:51
th1aPizza in Vilnius is pretty good, actually.16:53
th1aYeah, good thin crust pizza.16:53
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th1areplaceafill:  ayt?18:35
replaceafillyes, just saw it18:35
replaceafillI am18:35
replaceafill   able to view all of the above plus the following additional fields18:35
replaceafill      - Data of birth18:35
replaceafill      - Identification Number18:35
th1aI think that data was from an even older version of SchoolTool.18:35
th1ae.g. very early on we had photos.18:35
replaceafillshould i ask him  to run: dpkg -l schooltool in his edubuntu?18:36
replaceafillso we know the exact version?18:36
replaceafillthis is the one i've been working on:
th1aI wonder if you can search through the repository.18:40
replaceafilldamn, i cannot post comments in launchpad :(18:58
replaceafillThe following errors were encountered:18:59
replaceafill    * Timeout error, please try again in a few minutes.18:59
th1aWhat'd you find?18:59
replaceafilli'm not sure if looking at trunk history could lead us somewhere19:00
replaceafillrevno: 159619:00
replaceafillcommitter: faassen19:00
replaceafillbranch nick: trunk/schooltool19:00
replaceafilltimestamp: Fri 2006-04-28 16:42:08 +000019:00
replaceafill  Beginnings of demographics integration.19:00
replaceafillbut i saw the diff and nothing useful there19:01
th1aDid you search for that?19:01
th1aLook for the photos.19:01
replaceafillrevno: 132419:02
replaceafill  I notice that there is a lot of duplication in page templates (a person's photo19:02
replaceafill  in three places; calendar widget icons in five places).  :-/19:02
replaceafillrevno: 167219:03
replaceafillWe still need to replace the photo upload19:03
replaceafill  functionality but it doesn't work anyway. :)19:03
* replaceafill wonders why schoolbell is not in trunk's history...19:07
th1aThat may be the problem.19:07
replaceafilltrunk's history goes back to 2005-04-12 17:37:18 +000019:07!!!19:08
replaceafilli thought old code could still be hosted there19:11
replaceafillbut i guess not :(19:11
replaceafillwow, schooltool-0.8!19:12
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th1areplaceafill:  Any luck?20:58
replaceafillth1a, i'm downloading edubuntu 6.06.1 lts20:59
replaceafillthere's a birthdate attribute in the old schoolbell code20:59
th1aAnd that's the only place you can find the code?20:59
replaceafilli've been looking at
th1aI was wondering if the svn was still up.21:01
replaceafillth1a, i wonder if Trevor would be willing to share his database :D21:07
th1aIt is fairly likely, I'd say.21:07
th1aOr you could probably write a little script that would give you some info about the object structure.21:07
replaceafillnow that you mention it... i remember the exporter does something like that...21:08
replaceafillclass IPersonInfoFacet(IFacet):21:15
* th1a wandered off.21:28
* replaceafill is installing edubuntu 621:28
th1areplaceafill:  aks is our main contact at this point in Nepal, right?21:39
th1aDo you know if they got the fedora 9 rpm's done?21:40
th1aI couldn't find them the last time I checked.21:40
replaceafillno, last time he told me he was working on those and once ready he would let us know to put it in the ftp server21:40
replaceafillbut after that i havent seen him21:41
replaceafillth1a, from Trevors comments: "There is also a history link which provides some additional demographic information."22:05
replaceafillfrom schoolbell's code:22:06
replaceafill    def OnBack(self, event=None):22:06
replaceafill        """Go back in history."""22:06
replaceafill        self.htmlwin.HistoryBack()22:06
replaceafill    def OnForward(self, event=None):22:06
replaceafill        """Go forward in history."""22:06
replaceafill        self.htmlwin.HistoryForward()22:06
th1aI don't remember that at all.22:09
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