IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2010-10-19

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aelkneryvl: ayt?09:50
aelknerhey there09:50
aelkneri have a question09:50
aelkneryou know you got me to thinking a different way about page templates during one of our sprints09:51
aelknerin that we don't want to have logic and python: stuff in the page templates09:51
aelknerbut rather have them call into the view class09:51
aelknerand you may have noticed in your merges that09:52
aelkneri've been creating def some_heading(self)09:52
aelknerand return _('some heading')09:52
aelknerrather than putting the heading in the page template09:53
yvlyes, that looked a bit odd to me09:53
aelknerand using the i18n:translate=""09:53
aelknershould i stop doing that09:53
aelkneri never liked the looks of i18n:translate=""09:53
aelknerin a page template09:54
yvlwell, that you have to get used to :)09:54
aelknerso ineligant and repeated all over09:54
yvlI agree, it looks quirky09:55
aelkneri can get used it if i have to09:55
yvlbut it's really reasonable09:55
aelknerand it did seem like a lot of effort to write python for the headings09:55
aelknerbut you understand why the point about removing content from the page template09:56
aelknerlead me to frown away from having headings there09:56
yvlyes, I do09:56
yvlstill, it's the syntax to do that09:56
aelknerit's really this scenario that lead me there09:56
aelkneri put a heading somewhere09:56
aelknerthen the idea that the heading is conditional comes up09:57
aelknerso i want to put python: there09:57
aelknerit's practical, right?09:57
yvlfor those cases I'd prefer to avoid putting python09:57
yvlif possible09:57
aelkneri understand that09:58
yvlthere's no rule of the thumb I'm afraid09:58
aelkneri guess i just took it further in my mind than i had to09:58
yvlI'd put python checks in the views09:58
yvland use tal:condition="view/something"09:58
yvland keep in mind that bool(something) usually is sufficient09:59
yvlsay, @property  def schoolyear(self):  return ISchoolYear(self.context, None)10:00
yvland then tal:condition="view/schoolyear"10:00
yvlwait, that's a bad example10:00
yvlscholyears are containers10:00
yvland empty containers evaluate to false :)10:00
aelkner:), that's ok10:00
aelkneri get the point10:01
aelknerview methods (or properties if one prefers)10:01
aelknerare best used for conditional content10:01
aelknerbut headings that are certain should us i18n:translate=""10:01
aelkneras replacing that with conditional view method is straightforward10:02
aelkneryeah, thanks, i have to adjust my habits10:02
aelknerand i'm sick of writing the python for all these headings10:02
aelkneroh, btw, good news10:03
yvlit worked? :)10:03
aelkneryou knew10:03
yvlumm, more like - I hoped ;)10:04
aelkneryou didn't even give me a chance to say it :)10:04
aelkneri had a lot of playing around to do with alignments and blockTable styles10:04
aelknerbut I'm able to get the pdf that i want10:04
aelknerso that's the great news10:05
yvlcool :)10:05
aelkneri can get the pdf for the Niepa project10:05
yvltable styling is a bit... ackward in rml10:05
yvlbut doing that in python, like we used to do is much worse :)10:06
aelknerand my Jeff will be hapy that the gradebook will eventually have it, too10:06
aelkneryeah, rml is labor intensive10:06
aelkneri agree, python is worse10:06
aelknerjust being able to hit F-5 n the browser because all i changed is the template is gold in itself10:06
aelkneri'm getting greedy now, but wouldn't it be great it F-5 returned a html equivalent of the pdf10:08
aelknerinstead of the dialog box asking you to open the pdf?10:08
aelknerthen you have to hit F-4 to close that10:08
yvlchromium is a bit friendlier in that matter10:09
aelknerhow so?10:10
yvldownloads it automatically without asking and puts a box below the page :)10:10
yvlalso, at least on Windows machines, there are integrated pdf viewers10:11
yvlinto browsers I mean10:11
aelknerooh, that's reason enough to use chromium10:11
aelkneri don't use windows, but in ubuntu ti still sounds really useful10:11
aelknerthing is, usually i would want firebug10:12
aelkneri suppose, for pdf projects, i could use chromium, and for html ones, firefox10:12
yvlChromium's blog announced that the latest Google Chrome dev build for Windows and Mac includes a plug-in for viewing PDF files.10:14
yvl(2010 June)10:15
aelknerboo, neither a windows nor a mac user10:19
yvlwe'll have to wait until built-in pdf viewer becomes available10:19
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