IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2010-10-12

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aksreplaceafill: I've already done it ;)08:19
replaceafillno need to mess anymore ;)08:20
aksreplaceafill: i'll further improve the --daemon options and rebuild today08:38
replaceafillgreat, so you're sending output to paste.log?08:39
aksreplaceafill: I'll test the daemonizing features on my test machine today, and optionally (if possible) would write to a log file08:40
replaceafillthe log helps when you get an error on initialization or in some part of the code08:41
replaceafillhelps the programmer of course ;)08:41
aksreplaceafill: how to write to a log btw?08:50
replaceafillthe start-schooltool-instance does it by default08:50
replaceafillreading options in schooltool.conf08:50
aksreplaceafill: and if I use --daemon option, does it write to a log?08:50
replaceafill/opt/instance/log/paste.log in fedora's case08:51
aksreplaceafill: oh ok, so I needn't care about writing to log08:52
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replaceafillaks, nope08:52
replaceafilli tested it in my fedora and it worked08:52
replaceafillusing your current approach the paste.log file was not created08:52
aksreplaceafill: great, so I'm now adding the --daemon option in my service script, and will rebuild the RPM08:53
replaceafillwhen i changed to use the --start-daemon option it did08:53
replaceafillcool, i'll give it a try too ;)08:53
replaceafillsorry, --daemon :)08:54
replaceafillaks, this is a dumb script i created for one of my instances:
replaceafillnot the best though :)08:57
aksyvl: can you please update the repo, I've made some changes09:15
aksreplaceafill: the daemon changes have been made, so after yvl updates the repo, you can test them09:15
replaceafillcool, will report back09:15
aksreplaceafill: thanks09:15
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