IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2010-10-07

*** replaceafill has joined #schooltool04:17
replaceafillLumiere, ping05:55
replaceafillhey Lumiere05:57
replaceafillquick question05:57
replaceafillyour the security contact for cando, correct?05:57
replaceafilli was wondering if it would be convenient to make the cando developers team the security contact05:58
replaceafilllike in schooltool05:58
replaceafilldwelsh reported a security bug today and i wanted to see it05:58
replaceafillor maybe there's a way you can subscribe me?05:58
replaceafilloh, correction: schooltool doesn't have a security contact!06:00
Lumierelet me subscribe you06:22
LumiereI don't want them to become instantly public06:23
replaceafillLumiere, thanks06:23
*** aks has joined #schooltool06:27
aksreplaceafill: good morning06:27
replaceafillLumiere, thanks06:28
replaceafillhey aks! good evening ;)06:28
aksreplaceafill: is Justas on holidays?06:28
replaceafillaks, not that i know06:29
aksreplaceafill: ok06:31
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*** yvl has joined #schooltool09:43
aksyvl: hello09:45
yvlhi aks09:46
aksyvl: if you have time, please update the repo files09:46
aksyvl: I have made some changes09:46
aksyvl: thanks09:46
*** alga has joined #schooltool09:56
yvlaks, done10:03
aksyvl: thanks10:07
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