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aksyvl: ping12:30
yvlpong, aks12:50
aksyvl: I'm unable to compile RestrictedPython 3.6.0 because one of the file in tests directory fail with Syntax error12:50
aksyvl: Have you guys fully tested the 3.6.0 release?12:51
yvlyes, but on python 2.612:52
yvlok, no matter12:53
yvlThis release of RestrictedPython is compatible with Python 2.3, 2.4, 2.5, 2.6, and 2.7.12:54
yvlcan you paste the error?12:55
aksyvl: wait, i'm recompiling it again to obtain the error13:03
aksyvl: check
yvlit looks like it fails testing python 2.7 syntax13:15
yvlyour system python is 2.5, right?13:15
yvl(and no python 2.6 available)13:16
yvlI assume it's safe to ignore that failing test... but it's only an assumption13:16
aksyvl: i've python2.6, and python 3 installed too13:18
aksyvl: but ignoring it would not render packaging of that dependency13:18
yvldefault being 2.6?13:18
yvlas it looks like it's run on python 3.x13:19
yvl        if sys.version_info >= (2, 7):13:19
yvl            self._checkSyntaxSecurity('')13:19
yvl(and it is not compatible with python 3.x)13:19
aksyvl: yes mine is13:19
aksyvl: yes mine is 2.613:19
yvlin that case the test should not run13:20
yvlcan you try this:13:20
yvl$ python13:20
yvl>>> import sys13:20
yvl>>> sys.version_info13:20
yvland then also check this:13:21
yvl$ less ...../RestrictedPython-3.6.0/bin/python13:21
yvl(the first line should say which python it is tested against)13:22
yvl(should be #!/usr/bin/python)13:22
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aksyvl: sys.version_info says "(2, 6, 4, 'final', 0)"13:32
yvlthen this check should have failed if sys.version_info >= (2, 7)13:34
yvland the test should've never been executed13:34
aksyvl: but while building rpm, and when the rpm builder tries to bytecompile the py source file, I get that error13:35
yvlI see13:35
yvlyou'll have to tell it to exclude that file somehow13:36
aksyvl: ok, shall I delete the file?13:37
yvlit's python 2.7 source, so it can't be compiled...13:37
yvlyou can... though it would be best to just omit compiling of said file13:38
yvlanyway - it's just a test13:38
aksyvl: the way to stop compiling the said file (till I know) is to delete it, but I would look for conditionals if they permit such a feature13:39
yvlsounds good13:39
yvlif you have to eventually delete it, it would be good to mention it somewhere13:40
yvlso that when you're (or somebody else) use your scripts to package for python2.7 - they could keep that file13:40
aksyvl: ok, i'm going for the deletion approach and comment in the spec file about that13:44
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th1ahi Lalloso.16:24
Lallosomy wife is a teacher, I was looking for programs available to build the school time table16:25
Lallosois schooltool the right tool for this?16:25
th1aTo schedule classes?16:25
Lallososorry for my english16:26
th1aYour English is fine!16:26
th1aYou want something like FET:
Lallosoah yes thanks16:27
Lallosoi was just looking at it16:27
Lallosoit seems interesting16:27
Lallosodoes it use the divine art of recursion? :-)16:27
th1aI would imagine you try to avoid that in timetabling.16:29
th1aWell, at least you don't want a recursive timetable.  ;-)16:30
Lallosoreally? i was almost to right such a program myself16:30
Lallosowell at least in theory and I was thinking about using a backtracking technique16:30
Lallosobut probably i will just have a look at this fet16:30
Lallosoand what about schooltool? from the website i've not understood if it's already ready for prime time16:30
th1aYes, I guess you might use recursion in finding the solution.16:30
Lallosoare there school which use that in "production" ?16:31
th1aFET, yes.16:31
th1aFET has been around a while and is a very active project.16:31
th1aThere is also Tablix.16:31
th1aThe FET maintainer is very responsive, which is important.16:32
th1aLalloso:  We have our weekly developer meeting in this channel at this time.16:32
Lallosoand schooltool?16:32
Lallosoah so you are all busy now?16:32
th1aWell, we're going to start having the meeting here now.16:33
Lallososchooltool seems far more complex than FET16:33
Lallosoah i see16:33
Lallososo should I leave?16:33
th1aYou don't have to leave... we're just going to start the meeting.16:33
th1aJust warning you.  ;-)16:33
th1aHi aelkner, yvl, menesis, replaceafill.16:34
yvlhi :)16:34
th1aLalloso:  Actually, one thing I have to do now is try to find out how many schools are using SchoolTool.16:35
th1aThere are a bunch in Virginia (USA) using it specifically for competency tracking using a module they developed.16:36
LallosoI see16:36
th1aA handful of schools we're doing pilots with in Nigeria, Zambia, Nepal, El Salvador.16:37
th1aAnd I'd guess a couple dozen schools that are just randomly using it.16:37
LallosoI guess they are all using it in English language.16:37
th1aaelkner?  replaceafill?16:37
Lallosois it available in Italian also?16:37
replaceafillgood morning/afternoon16:38
th1aTranslations are done through here:
th1aI don't know offhand about Italian, but I don't think there is a complete translation.16:38
th1aI'd be surprised.16:39
th1areplaceafill:  Would you like to start us off?16:39
replaceafillthis week i worked in the average and annual grades for cambodia16:39
replaceafillinserting two new columns in the gradebook was a little harder than i expected16:40
replaceafillso, after discussing it with yvl i took the decision of doing the calculations in the view16:40
replaceafillalso, after finishing this work i found a rounding error in the way the gradebook calculates the average16:41
replaceafillon thursday yvl came up with a better solution to integrate columns with calculations to the gradebook16:42
replaceafillim going to move cambodia to that16:42
th1aCan we make sure the rounding issue is in the Maverick release?16:43
replaceafillah yes, i'm going to fix that one this week too16:43
replaceafillalso i talked to aelkner about using reportsheets16:43
replaceafillalthough cambodia uses a monthly and semiannually layout16:44
replaceafilli'm going to use a reportsheet by level16:44
replaceafillbecause of the way we use course credits for the score systems16:44
th1aSo will the deployment form have you select the level?16:45
replaceafillth1a, it's still done through subscribers16:45
replaceafilli mean, in code16:45
replaceafilli also updated the testing instance16:46
replaceafillbut i was expecting to fix the rounding issue before notifying them16:46
th1aThis is not a "we don't want to bother them with lots of emails" situation.16:47
replaceafillactually, i dont want them to see the rounding error16:47
th1aThis is a "We want them to be very conscious of the fact that you're doing lots of work." situation.16:47
th1aDon't worry about that.16:47
th1a(in this context)16:47
replaceafillah ok16:48
th1aRate of updates is very important here.16:48
th1aThey need to be thinking "Oh... we really need to catch up with SchoolTool..."16:48
replaceafillcool, ill send the update email today16:48
th1aAs long as your updates don't crash...16:48
replaceafillgot it :(16:48
replaceafilli improved coverage in cambodia :)16:49
th1aWhat's next in the queue?16:49
replaceafilli want to do what yvl did with the persons forms16:49
replaceafillinsert multiple person at once16:49
replaceafilli mean, one after the other16:50
replaceafilland convert all this to report sheets too16:50
replaceafillso we can have report cards generation16:50
th1aSounds like you've got a plan.16:51
replaceafilli guess thats it16:51
th1aIs aelkner asleep?16:51
th1aOK, yvl?16:52
yvlI'm twiddling with security in section views at the moment16:52
th1aHow's that looking?16:52
th1aRecursively deep rabbit hole?16:53
yvlstrangely, no :)16:53
yvlI'll finish small fixes and merge them tomorrow16:53
yvl(like - teachers should be able to edit the members list)16:53
yvlso the main question is - when to stop doing fixes for the next release16:54
* yvl is getting into feature creep mode16:54
yvlcurrent status:
th1aI would say finish the pending bug, get the rounding bug in, and that's it.16:55
yvlI was thinking of also doing those two:16:55
yvljust adding few simple links16:55
th1aThat'd be ok with me.16:55
th1aCan we get these done by the end of the day Wednesday?16:56
yvland merged16:56
* aelkner awaakes16:56
yvlwhat should I do next?16:56
yvlgive CanDo some love, maybe?16:57
yvlyes, from Wed :)16:57
* th1a rolls his eyes.16:57
* yvl obviously forgot something :|16:57
th1aFinish timetables?16:57
yvlthose are not getting into Maverick release, or ?16:58
yvl(I mean - as a late addition)16:58
th1aIt isn't done is it?16:58
yvljust checking16:58
th1aWe need to put that behind us though.16:59
yvlI was thinking of continuing on them somewhat later, though16:59
th1aWhat did you have in mind for CanDo?16:59
yvlcheck if it works with ST 1.5.2, if it doesn't - port it17:00
yvlshould be small amount of work17:00
th1aFrankly, not finishing big projects off is turning into a real problem, so let's just finish the timetabling.17:01
yvlI see your point17:01
* yvl is quite worried about that too17:01
yvlso, timetabling it is17:01
th1aPut it behind us.17:01
th1aOK good.17:01
th1amenesis: Any issues, problems, blocks?17:02
menesisslow progress on various issues17:03
menesishaven't done anything notable last week17:03
th1aHow's Thursday for a release candidate?17:04
aelknercan we get lp:~aelkner/schooltool.intervention/csv_views merged by then?17:04
th1aI've got both my computers running SchoolTool on Maverick, btw.17:04
yvlyes, aelkner17:05
menesisI don't see any criteria that the release candidate has to meet, so any day is fine by me17:05
th1aWell, let's merge the bugs mentioned above -- that's the criteria.17:06
menesisI mean, some bugs targeted for schooltool 1.5.2 are not going to be fixed17:06
th1aOf course.17:06
menesisso how do I know that everything that's planned has been done?17:07
th1ayvl:  Can you communicate with menesis and me about that this week?17:08
th1aYou're the hub, yvl.17:09
menesisyes I have talked to yvl and he will tell me when he thinks he is done with bugfixes17:09
th1aAnd get in replaceafill's rounding bug and aelkner's branch, yvl.17:09
menesisother than that, I know there is grades rounding bug, I have to merge aelkner's intervention branch17:10
aelknerwhat rounding bug is that?17:10
aelkneri thought i was the one who solved that one17:10
menesisand I have to update package descriptions that you sent me17:10
replaceafillaelkner, it's in the average calculation17:10
replaceafillit returns an integer17:10
aelkneroh, that one17:11
menesisaelkner has fixed average mismatch17:11
aelkneri understand, two different rounding bugs17:11
aelknerwell, sort of17:12
replaceafillyvl, this is wrong right?
yvloh, I didn't answer that, did I :(17:14
yvlwell, untranslated strings (like SUMMARY_TITLE) are compared as plain (original) unicode17:15
yvland yes - that is dangerous17:15
yvlI'd use plain unicode there17:16
yvlSUMMARY_TITLE = u'Summary'17:16
yvleverybody would get only english version, but at least that would work17:16
yvlbut I don't know a good solution for that17:17
th1aWhat inspired this problem?17:18
th1aOh, the summary thing.17:18
replaceafillth1a, yes17:18
replaceafillthe summary form says it will create a worksheet with a spanish title17:18
th1areplaceafill:  You are too respectful of the existing design of the gradebook.17:18
th1aWe should just change the implementation.17:19
replaceafilli always like to hear what yvl says about i18n issues17:20
th1aSure, ok.17:20
th1aBut we can just change the implementation to eliminate the issue.17:20
yvlit's a murky topic replaceafill17:20
th1aIt is a problematic implementation.17:20
th1aAnd it isn't doing anything particularly important.17:21
yvlstill, now it just looks broken17:21
yvland confusing, of course17:21
yvlit gets worse if you start thinking about XLS export17:22
* yvl is talking about ST in general17:22
th1aLet's not talk about ST in general.17:22
th1aRight now.17:22
yvllet me think about that for a while then :)17:22
yvlmaybe some idea will spark or something17:22
yvlor replaceafill will offer an elegant solution ;)17:23
replaceafillyvl, would a marker interface work?17:23
th1aLet's just completely change it.17:23
yvlyes, it would17:23
replaceafillyeah, right! :P17:23
yvlalso - annotations17:23
th1aWait, what?17:23
replaceafillth1a, a marker interface to "mark" the summary sheet17:23
th1aOr, we could just have the user enter a name for the summary sheet.17:23
* yvl is in deep awe17:24
th1aThat's what I mean by too respectful.17:24
th1aSee, I know that aelkner and I just made a fairly arbitrary decision about the implementation sitting here in my office.17:25
yvlhow didn't I think of that? :|17:25
th1aAnd if it is causing a crazy i18n headache, just route around it entirely!17:25
yvlthen again - an (annotation) marker may also make sense17:26
yvlbut I'd have to look at how it works to vote on implementation :)17:26
th1aOK, are we ready to move on?17:27
replaceafillsame thing happens with default "Sheet1"17:27
replaceafillmove on17:27
th1aCan we just have it say "Sheet1" in Esperanto?17:28
th1aMoving on...17:28
yvl(and same things happen with group names - Teachers, Students... )17:28
replaceafillah right!17:28
replaceafillnever thought of that...17:28
th1aWell, again, table that.17:28
th1aMake a note...17:28
th1aFile a bug...17:28
aelkneri was feeling kinda ill at the end of the week, so i took a sick day17:29
aelkneranyway, all i got to do was work on the report card pdf17:29
th1aRemind me if we actually sent that email to Mpelembe.17:30
aelknerwe did, and they responded without ccing you17:30
aelkneri can forward you the latest17:30
th1aPlease, yes, you should have included me in the original mail.17:31
aelkneri did, they just didn't reply all17:31
th1aOK, so you've got plenty to do.17:32
aelkneryes, i'll send you a copy of my first page design later today17:32
aelkneralso, i'd like to talk about page two17:33
aelknerit has a lot of info that we didn't discuss17:33
th1aSounds good.17:33
aelknercould we do that around 4pm on the phone?17:33
th1aEarlier.  3?17:33
th1aAll right.17:33
aelknerone more thing...17:34
aelkneryvl: could we change schooltool to allow disabling the footer?17:34
aelknerit has a pageGraphics section17:34
th1aFor printing, that is?17:34
aelknerit would be ice of that was tal:condition of a setting from the view class17:35
aelkner<pageGraphics tal:condition="not: view/hidePageGraphics">17:36
aelkneror something like that17:36
aelknerbecause i don't think we want that footer present for zambia report cards17:36
th1aWell, those should have pdf views anyhow.17:36
th1aBut yes, in general we should have a "printer" view.17:37
th1aStyle, skin, whatever.17:37
yvlI'd go as far as writing ZambiaReportPageTemplate17:37
yvlinherited from ReportPageTemplate17:37
yvland use that17:37
replaceafilloverwrite the adapter, right?17:37
yvl(and of course zambia_page_template.pt17:37
yvlno, just write a new one17:38
aelknerbut it's a macro17:38
yvlno it's not17:38
aelknerit would need to get registered in place of the default one17:38
yvl(I think)17:38
replaceafillthe default page is an adpater17:38
replaceafillfor *, request, pdfview17:38
replaceafillcalled "default"17:38
yvlin app/browser/configure.zcml17:39
aelknerreplaceafill, have you dealt with this issue yourself?17:39
yvlyou can either override that17:39
replaceafillaelkner, i think i will17:39
aelknerso you've looked into the probloem, but you haven't coded your own cambodia solution yet17:40
th1aThis does not seem like a site-specific issue.17:40
replaceafillnot yet, i saw the problem when i was removing zonki from the footer17:40
yvlaelkner, really - just copy-paste the .pt and the template class17:40
yvland cut out the parts dealing with footer17:40
yvlit's mentioned too many times in too many places to be "disabled"17:41
aelkneryvl, ok, i'll try that17:41
yvlit can be done in ST itself, but it will be a different page template anyway17:41
aelknerok, that's it for me17:41
th1aPlease just put it in core.17:43
th1aOK, thanks guys.17:43
th1aHave a great week!17:43
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.17:43
yvlth1a, I'd prefer it to be put in the core later17:43
yvland differently17:43
replaceafillthanks everybody17:43
th1aOK, fine.17:43
aelknergood week everyone17:44
yvlgreat week to you, guys :)17:44
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