IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2010-09-24

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aelknerreplaceafill, ayt?01:25
replaceafillaelkner, yes01:25
aelknerhey, sorry i missed your discussion about report sheets01:26
aelknerdid you work out what you needed to do there?01:26
replaceafillah, np01:26
replaceafillnot yet, i've been using regular worksheets so far01:26
replaceafilli have a few questions though :)01:27
replaceafillwell, one actually01:27
replaceafillwhy dont they have the category attribute?01:27
aelknerreport sheets?01:27
replaceafillreport activities01:27
replaceafilli mean, they do have the attribute set01:28
replaceafillbut it can be set from the form01:28
replaceafill    fields = field.Fields(IReportActivity)01:29
replaceafill    fields ='title', 'label', 'description')01:29
replaceafill    fields += field.Fields(IReportScoreSystem)01:29
replaceafillthe select line omits the category01:30
aelkneri don't believe there is any reason to have omitted it01:30
aelknerother than, it wasn't needed01:30
aelknerand perhaps we decided to leave it out01:30
replaceafillwell, for cambodia i could use it01:30
aelknerbeing that report activities are used by report card system01:31
replaceafillto specify monthly grades and semester exams01:31
aelkneranyway, there is no real reason not to have it there01:31
aelkneri would say that you should feel free to add it to schooltool.gradebook01:31
aelknerand not only do it in cambodia01:31
replaceafillah ok, got it01:31
aelknerwant to double-check with th1a?01:32
replaceafilli also filed some bugs related to the way they're handled01:32
aelknerbut i think it would be fine01:32
aelknerhow are they handled?01:32
replaceafilllike there's no way to know which report sheets have been deployed01:32
replaceafillin which terms, or schoolyears01:32
replaceafilland my biggest concern, is it possible to 'undeploy' them01:33
replaceafillwithout messing things up01:33
aelknerwell, lost scores is always the worst thing that can happen01:33
aelknerif we did allow undeploy01:33
aelknerwe could first run through every section01:34
aelknerand make sure there are no scores in any of the deployed worksheets that you are trying to undeploy01:34
replaceafillyes, th1a said the same about not losing data :)01:34
replaceafillah aelkner one more thing01:34
aelknera warning message could state WARNING: you have score s in one of your worksheets01:34
aelknerare you sure?01:34
replaceafillsuppose you have a report sheet with one activity, lets say A01:35
replaceafillthe activity is used only as a 'template', right?01:35
replaceafillyou create a regular activity in the gradebook01:35
replaceafillwhen you deploy it01:35
replaceafilldef copyActivities(sourceWorksheet, destWorksheet):01:36
replaceafillin the module01:36
replaceafill        activityCopy = Activity(activity.title, activity.category,01:36
replaceafill                                activity.scoresystem, activity.description,01:36
replaceafill                                activity.label)01:36
replaceafillmy question is01:36
replaceafillwhat if the report activity A has a scoresystem, but you change the scoressytem of the new activityCopy01:37
replaceafillso they dont match anymore01:37
replaceafillhow can this affect the report card generation01:37
aelkneryou can't change deployed activities01:37
replaceafill(i haven't investigated this closely btw)01:37
replaceafillyou change the copyActivities method logic01:37
replaceafillthe use case is this01:38
replaceafillfor cambodia01:38
replaceafillyou have courses with the credits value01:38
replaceafillthat set the max score allowed01:38
replaceafillbut they are all different01:38
replaceafilland cambodia has like 2 layouts01:38
replaceafillmonth by month grades,01:38
replaceafilland two semester grades only01:39
replaceafillbut a report sheet knows nothing about the course and its credits01:39
replaceafillto set the scoresystem right01:39
aelknerwhat does the last part mean?01:41
replaceafilllet me get an example01:41
replaceafilllevel 1, ok?01:41
aelknerslow down01:41
replaceafillit has 5 courses related01:41
aelknerit's just the last part that confuses me01:42
replaceafillmaybe if i provide a concrete example?01:42
aelkneryou are deploying report sheets in a custom way, right?01:42
aelknerso you can set the score system then01:42
replaceafillyes, but my question is: how can that affect report card generation?01:43
replaceafillbecause the report sheet will have activities with a score system01:43
replaceafilland the actual gradebooks will have different values01:43
replaceafilldifferent score systems01:43
replaceafillaccording to their courses01:43
aelkneryou need your templates to match your deployed report sheets01:43
aelknerso you have different templates for Activity A01:44
aelknerone for each level or different score system max01:44
replaceafillright, i will need a report sheet by level01:44
aelkneryeah, title it as such01:44
aelknerActicity A - Level 101:45
aelknerto avoid confusion01:45
aelknerand to make it easer to set up the report card01:45
replaceafillgot it01:45
aelknerdoes that help?01:46
replaceafillvery much thanks01:46
aelknercool, i have question, too01:46
aelknerhow much of the levels work is in schooltool trunk now?01:46
replaceafillthe plain container is there01:47
aelknerby level?01:47
replaceafillthe relationships with courses/grous are not01:47
replaceafillnot yet01:47
aelknerhow soon do you think?01:47
replaceafilli even dont know if theyre going to land someday01:48
replaceafillsince cambodia was the experiment :)01:48
aelknerwell, the hope was to permamently solve the issue with levels01:49
aelknerwith cambodia being the test package01:49
aelknerbut now i have needs for euch things in zambia01:49
aelknerso do i need to copy your implementation to zambia01:50
aelknerand wouldn't that be a lot of redundant work01:50
replaceafillactually the relationship with courses is defined, but there are no views for it i guess01:50
replaceafillit's not much01:50
replaceafillyou should just take the grade package01:50
aelknerwell, if views were the only thing missing, that wouldn't be too bad to redundantly implement01:51
aelkneri mean, copying your views to zambia would be relatively easy01:51
aelknerand not a big waste of time01:51
aelkneras long as the data model side of it is solved in schooltool trunk01:51
replaceafillyes, i see your point01:51
aelkneris it just the views then?01:52
replaceafillas far as i can see, the level package has the relationship level-course01:53
replaceafillwill you use group-course-level too?01:54
replaceafillfor zambia01:54
replaceafillactually it's group-level-course01:54
replaceafillgroups are related to levels, so are courses01:55
aelknerso isn't it goup-level and course-level?01:55
aelkneri mean01:55
aelknergroup-level and group-course?01:55
replaceafillgroup-level level-course01:55
aelknerah ha01:56
aelknerso groups are related to courses by way of the levels that they are related to01:56
replaceafilland there's also a enrollment relationship01:57
aelknerin schooltool trunk?01:57
replaceafillfor section-(group-level)01:57
replaceafillno, cambodia01:57
replaceafilloh sorry, i was talking about the grade package in cambodia01:57
replaceafillmaybe we should move all this to a 'schooltool.pilot' package :D01:58
replaceafillso zambia and cambodia could use it ;)01:58
aelknerno kidding though01:58
aelknerit sucks to think that i would need to redundantly add relationsships in zambia01:59
aelknerthat are being done in cambodia intended for trunk at some point int he future01:59
aelknerit would be better to coordinate this stuff to get it into trunk01:59
replaceafilli vote for a community package used by the pilots02:00
aelknersure, i like that idea, too02:00
aelknerthat would be a common package02:00
aelknerthat we could coordinate on and eventually fold into trunk02:01
replaceafillwell, i complained about how difficult it was to add an custom average to the gradebook02:01
replaceafilland yvl quickly coded a way02:01
replaceafillmaybe we should bring  this common package topic up too02:02
aelkneryeah, hacks get old quickly02:02
aelknerespecially when the cause of the hack has passed02:02
aelknerand all that's left is he need to fold feature into trunk02:03
replaceafillwell, all the needed relationship logic for cambodia is in the grade package02:03
replaceafillthere are some XXX but you can ommit them02:04
replaceafillmostly the vocabulary stuff02:04
replaceafillbut you do want the relationship and suscribers02:04
aelknerare you talking about copying cambodia data modeling to zambia?02:05
aelknerbecuase that is what i was trying to avoid02:05
replaceafillagain, let's ask for a common package then02:05
aelknerso another question is02:06
aelknerwhy can't i find a schooltool.cambodia trunk?02:06
aelkneronly replaceafill version available02:06
replaceafillyes, that's the one i use02:07
replaceafillit's not a big deal thoguh02:07
replaceafillbut i guess you dont want to remember the whole lp:~replaceafil....02:07
aelkneris not the package that i change02:07
aelknerit's the trunk version02:07
aelknerand it gets updated when they merge and build the schooltool.zabia deb02:08
replaceafilli think cambodia will get there02:08
replaceafilli guess we havent needed it so far02:08
aelknerwell, i can use yours in the meantime02:08
replaceafillwarning: lots of hacks02:09
replaceafillbut there are tests :P02:09
replaceafillso i feel safe with the hacks02:09
aelknerwell, i'm not thrilled with copying hacks02:09
replaceafillyou dont need them anyway :D02:10
aelkneri need group-level and level-course right?02:10
replaceafilli think so02:10
aelknerso i do need th hacks02:10
aelkneryou just said i didn't, so i'm confused02:11
replaceafillthe weird hack is in the groups vocabulary, you can ommit it, it is there because cambodia wants the level and group title to be different values02:12
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replaceafilli store it as a single value though02:12
replaceafilli just split it for presentation02:12
replaceafillyou dont have to create the same form, so you dont need it :)02:13
replaceafillwe could call it "schooltool.class" :D02:17
replaceafillthe common package02:17
aelknerlooking at, i see a lot of logic that i don't need02:22
aelkneri just need the relationships02:22
aelknerand i would need my own versions of them02:22
replaceafillno subscribers?02:22
replaceafillah ok02:22
replaceafillsee! there's no much work :P02:23
aelknerwell, how does a level get removed anyway?02:23
aelkneri mean there's no ui for it, right?02:23
aelknerall your data is added automatically02:23
replaceafillhhm yes02:24
aelknerin the code02:24
replaceafillno cambodia doesnt allow to remove levels02:24
replaceafilljust displays them02:24
aelknerbut the sad fact is that any relationships that are set up in cambodia will need to be evolved into trunk02:25
aelknerand the sae will have to be done in zambia if i am to copy code rather than use a handy trunk version02:25
replaceafilli'll be happy if that happens not sad ;)02:25
replaceafillseriously, you should bring it up in the dev list02:26
aelkneryeah, you're right02:26
aelkneri will02:26
replaceafilli'll be glad to get rid of all this logic here02:26
replaceafilllike i did with levels02:26
replaceafillok aelkner, dinner time02:27
aelknerok, thanks replaceafill02:27
aelknercatch you later02:27
replaceafillthanks man, see you02:27
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aksyvl: still away? did you hear anything from Tom about hosting the repository?08:38
yvlhi aks08:49
yvlyes I did08:49
aksyvl: hello, packaging 1.5.1 now, will test in a while, and update the files at the repository08:49
aksyvl: did Tom agreed about hosting?08:50
yvlyes :)08:50
yvlif you can publish them somewhere - at least temporarily - that would be great :)08:50
yvla .torrent or something would do :)08:50
aksyvl: ok, i'll put the files after I test against 1.5.108:52
aksyvl: and let you know08:52
yvlgreat, thanks :)08:52
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aksyvl: with 1.5.1 dev, while starting schooltool, I get
aksyvl: can you please verify?11:39
yvlah, you've got an old version of schooltool.intervention...11:42
yvlchecking if new version is released as an egg...11:43
yvlsomething is not right11:44
yvlin both trunk and
yvlthe code is updated11:45
yvlsee src/schooltool/intervention/vocabularies.py11:45
yvlin those packages11:45
yvlthey import IBasicPersonVocabulary11:45
yvland in your traceback:  "from schooltool.basicperson.interfaces import IBasicPersonSource"11:46
aksyvl: i'm using schooltool-1.5.1.tar.gz11:47
yvlthat is just the schooltool core11:47
yvlwhat about schooltool.gradebook?11:47
aksyvl: and intervention 0.3.211:47
yvlthose are not compatible11:47
aksgradebook: 0.7.111:47
aksoh ok11:47
aksso what version of gradebook, intervention, and lyceum.journal should I package?11:48
yvllatest ones from should work11:48
aksyvl: ok, packaging them now11:50
yvlwe updated some of the packages we depend on11:50
yvlsee  and diff against your own packaged versions11:50
yvlso we had to fix all of our packages a little bit11:51
aksyvl: will do that from next build, when by build automation script is complete and robust11:51
yvland that made them incompatible with previous versions11:51
yvlpackaging is never easy, especially when you have some 100 packages to do ;)11:51
* yvl heads to lunch..11:54
yvlbrb :)11:54
aksyvl: ok12:02
aksyvl: back after lunch?12:25
aksyvl: though after packaging the required version of the gradebook, lyceum.journal, and intervention, I get while starting the instance12:27
* yvl back :)12:52
yvlit looks like an old version of zope.publisher12:52
yvldid you package zope.publisher = 3.12.4 ?12:53
yvlit looks like you have 3.11 or lower12:54
aksyvl: yes, seems so12:54
yvlyou'll need to check all packages against
aksyvl: ok, leaving the packaging for now, shall work on the build automation script, if that works okay, it'll ease my work to a great extend12:55
aksyvl: yes, now I direly need to check that :(12:55
yvlit'll be insane otherwise...12:55
aksyvl: packaging does not seem to be an easy job :(12:55
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aksyvl: how would I know which version of gradebook, or lyceum.journal, or intervention is required by a build, it's not there in versions.cfg13:28
yvlyes, it's not13:30
yvlyou should use latest packaged eggs from the same folder versions.cfg is13:30
aksyvl: oh ok, till now I've been able to delete all the tags from the html using lxml.html.clean.Cleaner class13:36
aksyvl: now i'll put the parse the output with a regex, and find my required files13:37
yvlsounds about right13:37
yvlFWIW, we discussed on having pinned versions - at least for the releases13:38
yvlso it'll likely be easier some time in the future13:39
aksyvl: great, i'll be working closer with you guys (not on the source code, but on packaging), hope to contribute value to the project and make it usable for large consumer base13:39
yvlcool :)13:47
yvlfeel free to drop a mail to schooltool-developers /at/ lists.launchpad.net13:47
yvlif you can't find people on IRC or anything13:48
yvldifferent timezones and stuff like that, you know ;)13:48
aksyvl: yeah, I'll do13:52
aksyvl: but I keep online for like 10 hours comprising for morning day and night time, so I'll definitely find you (if not others) ;)13:53
aksyvl: and hope that I don't irritate you enough to make you not come online on IRC ;)13:54
yvldon't worry about that ;)))))))13:56
aksyvl: now able to extract the required lines from the page, progress is good14:00
aksyvl: leaving for home now, have a enjoyable Friday evening14:16
yvla good weekend to you :)14:16
aksyvl: planning to complete the build script till tonight, let see14:16
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aksth1a: hello15:58
th1aHi aks.15:58
aksth1a: how are you doing?15:58
th1aI seem to be getting over my cold.15:59
th1aHow are you, aks?15:59
aksth1a: I'm currently working upon a automated build script that will ask the user for the required version of schooltool a user needs to compile RPMs for, and do all the dirty stuffs to get to a build structure required15:59
aksth1a: it will also try to build all necessary package, and report of any error, so that you only need to look over the failed builds16:00
aksth1a: In fact, the script is quite necessary for me as well, repeating the same steps each and every time at build is daunting and impossible, unless I've a macro like feature16:01
aksth1a: just that I'm looking for some hosting space to host the RPM repository so that others can try schooltool without any hassle, extending schooltool even for a large base of Fedora users16:02
th1aYes, we can do that.16:02
aksth1a: great :)16:02
th1aI just don't want to order menesis to do it while he's also trying to get our release together.16:03
aksth1a: I'll compile 1.5.1 for Fedora 13 and Fedora 9, and give you my repository for hosting16:03
th1aAlthough I know it isn't a lot of work..16:03
th1aSo, we'll work out the schedule in our Monday meeting.16:03
aksth1a: yeah, menesis might be busy with his work16:03
th1aIt will happen soonish though.16:03
aksth1a: sure, let me know, I'll keep on the IRC though16:03
aksth1a: and I'm thankful to yvl, menesis, replaceafill, and you for helping me out with schooltool16:04
th1aOK.  Well, we're even more thankful to you.  ;-)16:04
aksth1a: :)16:05
aksth1a: It's time for me to go for some grocery shopping, will be back to you after that16:05
th1aIt is Friday night in Lithuania now, so we probably won't be making any specific progress on our end until Monday.16:06
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yvlth1a, a short update18:16
yvlI was working on today18:16
yvlsecurity description update, and removal of several options18:16
yvlthis one exposed some access right issues: "Everyone can view info of persons -> Realistically, we should just remove this option."18:17
th1aYeah, nobody is going to be using SchoolTool as facebook.18:17
yvlsome tests used this option as a hack, because teachers were not able to look at their pupil contacts in certain cases18:18
th1aI see.18:18
yvland when looking on how to fix that, other glitches started to pile up18:18
yvlso the question is - how many days can I commission for the access rights polishing :)18:19
th1aWell, it can stay if that's what you're suggesting.18:19
th1aAccess rights are pretty important.18:19
th1aRather central, really.18:19
th1aSo it is more just a matter of what do you want to fix for the next release and what do you want to do later.18:20
yvlI want to fix at least two quirks18:21
yvlthe one with lacking permissions in contacts18:21
yvland the one were teacher can't look at his section, if the section is linked to another, and the teacher isn't instructor of the second one18:21
th1aok, sounds good.18:22
th1aThose are rabbit holes we need to go down.18:22
yvlok, thanks18:22
yvlI was just wondering when should I stop, if I keep finding more of them18:23
yvlI'll consider them high priority by default18:23
th1aWell, stop at a good point for the release, but yes, it is a high priority in general.18:23
yvljust checking if we're on the same page... :)18:24
th1aIt is kind of like the decisions we have to make fixing this old house.18:24
th1aWell, this board is rotten, needs to be replaced...18:24
th1abut the board next to it is a little bit rotten too...18:24
th1aand really, this one has a bit of rot too...18:24
th1aOK.  STOP THERE.18:24
yvlit's a very useful experience really18:25
th1aBasically we collect data, store it, output it, and *make sure only the right people can do the preceeding*.18:26
*** menesis has quit IRC18:26
th1aSpeaking of my house, a friend just arrived to help hang a ceiling lamp.18:26
th1aHave a good weekend, yvl!18:26
yvlah, ok18:26
yvla good weekend for you too!18:26
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jelknerth1a: can worksheets be renamed?18:52
jelkneron your suggestion, we are creating one integrated class with two worksheets18:52
jelkneri want to name the worksheets "General Math" and "Intro to ICT" respectively18:53
jelknerbut there is a default sheet named "Sheet 1"18:53
jelknerI can't seem to rename it18:53
jelknerNever mind19:22
jelkneri figured it out19:22
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