IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2010-09-22

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aksyvl: ping06:18
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yvlaks: pong10:18
aksyvl: our schooltool package is working10:27
yvlglad to hear!10:27
yvljust a point of interest.. are you going to publish them somewhere?10:30
aksyvl: I'll be publising the spec files and sources of the RPM packages on github, will let you know in a while10:32
yvlcool :)10:37
yvlby the way, IIRC you pacakged against SchoolTool trunk10:40
yvljust a reminder that you might want to package released series in the future...10:40
yvltrunks are somewhat unstable as you might guess10:41
yvlwe'll be releasing 1.5.x (most likely) to Maverick, and that will be the closest to what you have now10:42
yvlusually, all you need for the series can be found (for example, 1.4) here and in PPAs10:43
yvland if you for some reason decide to publish packages in RPM Fusion (or something similar), that would be most awesome :)10:44
aksyvl: my current on is 1.5.1dev10:47
aksyvl: I've also written a script that will download the sources for required version number (same for dependencies), download spec templates, correct source version in them, and initiate a build of all10:48
aksyvl: on error I only have to test for the failed builds10:48
aksyvl: without this automation, packaging would be a PITA10:49
yvlyeah :)10:50
yvland serious PITA :)10:51
yvlthe scripts will be in repo also?10:51
replaceafillyvl, you around and have five mins?10:54
yvland hi :)10:55
replaceafillhey yvl!10:55
replaceafilldesign question10:55
replaceafillfor cambodia (and also for one of the schools here in el salvador) i need to add addional columns to the gradebook10:56
replaceafillfor instance, cambodia uses 2 worksheets10:56
replaceafillone for each semester10:56
replaceafillboth worksheets have 4 monthly grades and 1 semester grade10:57
replaceafillright now, they're all in the 'Exam' category10:57
replaceafilloh sorry10:57
replaceafill4 assignments and 1 exam10:57
replaceafillthe thing is that one of these new columns have to calculate average for the 4 assingments10:58
aksyvl: sorry was out, am here now10:58
replaceafilland the other column has to calculate average of the 1 exam vs the other average (the one wih the 4 assignments)!10:58
aksyvl: I'll make the script in the repo as well10:58
* replaceafill is starting to confuse himself...10:58
yvlaks - cool10:59
aksyvl: currently i've done a few dirty hacks to make things work, i'll clean up the mess with the specs and the script itself and push it to a  repo, and let you guys know10:59
replaceafillyvl, explain it better :)10:59
yvlaks, and if you don't mind, I'll send link to the git repo to schooltool developers mailing list10:59
aksyvl: sure11:00
yvlaks, it may save someone a lot of work, if they decide to package their own rpms...11:00
yvlreplaceafill - looking11:00
replaceafillyvl, see the AMS and SSS columns11:01
aksyvl: yes, my specs are basically templates upon which others can build (they work fine against the version i'm packaging, but might new a few tweaks for other version)11:01
replaceafillaks, this is for fedora, correct?11:01
aksreplaceafill: yes11:01
aksreplaceafill: I've succesfully tested on Fedora 911:01
replaceafillah! i downloaded Fedora 13 to test it :)11:02
replaceafillwill download 9 then11:02
aksreplaceafill: I'll be doing for fedora 13 in a few days as well. Also that we'll be pilot testing schooltool in two of the school by the end of this month11:02
replaceafillaks, will you provide instructions on how to install it for us the less familiar with fedora? :)11:03
aksreplaceafill: of course11:03
aksreplaceafill: the only problem with me now is the lack of space where I can host the RPM packages for various fedora versions (9,13)11:03
replaceafillaks, i'd like to tell the fedora leader here in El Salvador about your initiative11:05
aksreplaceafill: If I could fine someone who could provide some hosting space, I'll be happy to package schooltool for successive releases of schooltool11:05
aksreplaceafill: thanks, I'm a fedora Ambassador myself ;)11:05
replaceafillyvl, going back to my question11:06
replaceafillsorry :P11:06
replaceafilli started to think "i'd like to use the zc.table.column approach here"11:06
replaceafilllike inserting one column and put all the logic of the calculation there11:07
replaceafillinstead of adding it to the gradebook view itself11:07
replaceafilland i was very surprised to notice that the journal works this way!11:07
replaceafillusing getters11:07
* yvl is trying to follow :)11:08
replaceafillsorry man, i confuse myself here trying to explain...11:08
yvlby this way, you mean - adding the functionality to the view itself?11:09
yvlno, a column11:09
yvlfound the code :)11:09
replaceafilloh sorry, i should have pointed to the modules11:10
yvlwell, it would make sense to me if the averages were 'special requirements'11:11
yvlor evaluations11:11
yvlbut I'm not sure how easy that would be11:11
replaceafillbut calculated on each view, correct?11:11
replaceafillbasically i liked the table formatter used in the journal11:12
replaceafilland started to think if cambodia could use something like that for the gradebook11:13
replaceafillbut that feels like going in a different direction...11:13
replaceafillthat ST core11:13
yvllyceum.journal uses that column for presentation only11:13
yvlhence - table formatters11:13
yvland it's grading/attendance/comments are very basic meeting-bound structures11:14
yvlschooltool.gradebook has a quite different approach11:14
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yvland in the end I'd like to see a fusion of those :)11:14
replaceafillplease! :D11:14
replaceafillbtw, i'm also refering to presentation only11:15
replaceafilli'm not talking about not using requirement/activities etc11:15
yvlyou'll have to do data export of those soon, right?11:15
replaceafilldata export?11:15
yvlpdf, or xls or whatever11:16
yvlcorrect me if I'm wrong, but it looks like pdf-only reports won't be enough?11:16
replaceafillwell, that was my first thought but th1a suggested the teachers should be able to see the columns in the gradebook11:17
replaceafillmaybe i should just subclass the huge gradebookoverview class and insert the calculations at the end...11:19
yvlhmm, gradebook has something called LinkedColumn11:20
yvlI wonder what that is11:20
replaceafillyou can show columns from one worksheet in another11:20
yvlor averages11:20
yvltheoretically you should extend the linked column so it could calculate averages of some of the columns in the worksheet11:22
yvlbut I'm somewhat doubtful if this is feasible11:23
replaceafillok, i'll look into that11:24
yvlreplaceafill, you know, as Alan how he would do that11:29
replaceafillyvl, you mean "ask", right? :D11:32
yvlyes :D11:32
replaceafillwill do11:33
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yvlhe will definitely give you the shortest path ;)11:33
replaceafillit's just that i hate it :(11:33
replaceafillbut i'll ask11:34
replaceafillthanks yvl!11:34
yvlumm, you hate what? :)11:34
yvlgreat! :)11:34
replaceafilli think the shortest path is subclassing the huge gradebookoverview view11:35
replaceafilladd the calculation there, update the template and you got it11:35
replaceafillkind of the way the average is done right now11:35
* yvl wanted something like...11:36
yvlbut good luck inserting any functionality there :|11:36
yvl(it gives averages, if the activity provides ILinkedActivity and the source object provides IWorksheet)11:37
yvlwas it *that* difficult instead of doing nested ifs11:37
yvljust add the gradebookEvaluation adapter11:38
yvland adapt the activity and it's source11:38
yvl*that* difficult?11:38
* yvl is angry and upset11:38
replaceafilleasy yvl, easy!!11:38
replaceafillbreath man, breath :D11:38
yvlif that was done in the form of adapter, you could easily extend it to calculate averages for wanted columns :|11:39
yvljust make a specific LinkedActivity that knows what columns to use for averages - and viola!11:39
replaceafillyeah!! bring the adapters!!!11:40
yvlI'd really love to remove almost all providedBy check in gradebook...11:42
replaceafilli'd like the gradebook code to be as easy to understand as the journal gradebook code11:42
yvla call for rafactoring, eh? :)11:43
replaceafillat least the view code11:43
replaceafilltable formatters!!!11:43
replaceafillcolumn adapters11:43
* replaceafill sighs now...11:43
yvlhonestly - I look at gradebooks as excel sheets11:46
yvlif you have an "average" column or whatever11:47
yvlit is a same persistent column11:47
yvlyou just need to store formula instead of a grade11:47
yvland that's it11:47
yvlthat should not be done in a view :(11:47
replaceafillso, the view approach is wrong?11:48
yvlin my opinion - yes11:48
yvlbut it might be much easier to do11:48
replaceafillas you say a 'special requirement' type11:49
yvland we need things done in Cambodia as opposed to architecturally correct ;)11:49
replaceafillview approach it is then!!11:50
yvlprobably yes :|11:51
* replaceafill pukes...11:51
yvlor I can try to refactor this out11:51
replaceafillwill let the dreams for later11:51
yvlbut we need Alan's and Tom's blessing :)11:51
replaceafillno man, put it in your long TODO.txt ;)11:51
replaceafillwell, we could bring it up sometime soon ;)11:52
replaceafill"douglas has been whining it's too difficult to insert a calculation in the gradebook..."11:52
yvl(and some of our users did that too :D )11:53
yvlyou know, looking at it now I think adding calculations is quite achievable11:54
replaceafilli know i need them :)11:55
replaceafillfor two pilots ;)11:55
yvlI'll try to catch Tom when he wakes up today11:55
replaceafillwill go to whine to my pillow now11:56
replaceafillthanks yvl11:56
yvlgood night, replaceafill :)11:56
replaceafillbye man11:56
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aksyvl: gone to sleep?12:05
yvlno :)12:06
yvlit's morning here :)12:07
yvlwell, noon12:07
aksyvl: oh ok12:08
aksyvl: let tom know the progress that we're making, he was interested in knowing about the status12:08
aksyvl: thanks12:09
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aksyvl: packaging complete, will do a quick test tomorrow, and upload the specs and the sources14:16
aksyvl: btw what's the irc nick of tom?14:16
aksyvl: leaving now, see you tomorrow14:19
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aksyvl: ping20:11
aksyvl: I'll put the RPM spec files and sources at and the wiki is available at
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