IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2010-09-20

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th1aI don't know if this would be useful:
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th1ahi replaceafill, yvl, menesis, aelkner.16:31
replaceafillgood morning16:31
th1aMichael Vick saved you from another week of Donovan McNabb comments, aelkner.16:31
aelknerso did Matt schabb and whoever Houtson's kicker is :)16:32
th1aLet's start with replaceafill while we're waiting for yvl to get his coffee.16:33
replaceafilli fixed a bug in the gradebook related to deploying report sheet16:34
replaceafillwhen no sheet exit16:35
replaceafillthis is related to my work in cambodia too, where i'm using report sheets also16:35
th1aWhen no sheet exit?16:36
replaceafillsorry, exist16:36
th1aWhat happens then?16:36
yvlgood morning :)16:36
replaceafillthat one16:37
replaceafilllet me get my googlde spreadsheet16:37
replaceafilli want to ask something16:37
replaceafillcan you guys look at please16:38
replaceafillthat's the gradebook layout for cambodia16:39
replaceafillsee the AMS and SSS columns in the first worksheet16:39
replaceafillAverage Month Score AMS16:39
replaceafilland Semester Subject Score SSS16:39
replaceafillth1a, i was thinking i'd like to insert those in the gradebook for them16:40
replaceafillbut i dont know if it's better to show them as "reports" instead16:40
replaceafillin a pdf or something16:40
th1aWell, both.16:40
replaceafillah ok, good, i'll do both then16:41
th1aIt is more convenient for teachers to just see them in their gradebook, but they're needed in reports too.16:41
replaceafillalso, according to one of javier's emails, he said they need to be able to print the list of students and teachers16:42
replaceafillso i added a very simple list with that16:42
replaceafillin pdf also16:42
th1aThat would be pretty standard.16:42
replaceafilli also added the coverage test feature to cambodia16:42
replaceafillyvl, i tried to fix the one in schooltool, but i'm not sure if the fix is right16:43
replaceafillall trunks were broken there (coverage reports)16:43
replaceafillth1a, i also made sure forms in cambodia don't show action buttons16:44
replaceafillthis is something that happens in schooltool too16:44
yvlreplaceafill, I'll look at it16:44
replaceafillyvl, thanks16:44
replaceafillyou get to a form and you still see the row with some action buttons at top16:44
th1aThat's a good point.16:44
replaceafillusually when forms are registered with for="*"16:45
replaceafillwith for="..interface.ISomething"16:45
replaceafillwhen buttons are registered like that16:45
replaceafillto finish the cambodia report, cambodia is now using eggs instead of trunks (schooltool and gradebook)16:46
replaceafillsince now the schooltool egg includes levels16:46
th1aOK, good.16:46
replaceafilland i helped jelkner and his timetable problem in the gctaa instance16:47
replaceafillth1a, did you get a chance to see the new view?16:47
th1aNo, actually.16:47
replaceafillyvl, it seems like you can add several timetables to a section, correct?16:47
th1aIs that going to be in the new release?16:47
th1aI guess it is not a bug -- it would have been if he'd managed to do that in the old interface.16:48
replaceafillah ok, it's just that jelkner didnt know and he was seeing two columns per day in  the journal16:48
yvlI'm not 100% sure, but I think I managed to do that in the old interface16:48
replaceafillth1a, actually i think he did!16:48
replaceafillbecause i updated the egg after he had trouble16:49
replaceafillbut jelkner said he didnt know how he did it...16:49
th1aI'm not going to try to figure it out now.16:49
yvlIIRC, you had to select activities, save, then choose another timetable, select activities, save16:49
yvland there you go16:50
th1aOh, they didn't overwrite?16:50
th1aIf you switched timetables?16:50
yvlit worked somewhat differently when de-selecting all activities somewhere in the process16:50
yvlno, they did not16:50
th1aOK, that makes sense then.16:50
yvlsome of the code kind of prevented them from duplicating16:50
yvlbut I'm not confident all cases were handled...16:51
yvl(you still had the timetables, but only one of them was supposed to produce calendar events)16:51
th1aWell, if they display correctly and can be deleted and sorted out it isn't too bad.16:51
yvl(if all went well :) )16:51
replaceafillth1a, even though i still dont have feedback from my last email to javier, i'm going to send a new one with the gradebook columns and pdf updates16:52
th1aYes, please.16:52
th1aI'm going to send him an email this week too.16:52
replaceafillgood, that's it from me th1a16:52
th1aJust be extra careful to check out these instances before they test them -- a simple crashing bug can set things back weeks when we're this far away.16:53
th1aThanks replaceafill.16:54
aelknerok, so i fixed the graedbook rounding problem where mygrades was not getting the same average as the gradebook16:54
aelknerthen i changed the intervention csv view to deliver email addresses rather than ids16:55
aelknerand sent that to Chris16:56
th1aIn addition to, right?16:56
aelknerinstead of16:56
th1aCan you make that in addition to in the final version?16:56
th1abytes are cheap.16:56
aelknerthing is, don't we want to evolve those fields to hold the email addresses instead anyway?16:57
aelkneri mean eventually at least16:57
aelknerwell, maybe16:58
th1aNot necessarily.16:58
th1aAnyhow, just include both.16:58
th1aMoving on...16:58
aelkneranyway, since SLA had removed people from their instance, converting ids to email failed at first16:59
aelknerso i decided once and for all to bullet proof those methods that convert ids to names and email addresses16:59
aelknerso that they never crash and just return either blanks for emails or 'Unknown Person' or 'Unknown Contact'17:00
replaceafillyvl, text in rml templates can be translated, correct? (i have never tried a translated pdf)17:00
aelknerfor the names that go in forms17:00
yvlreplaceafill, me neither17:00
replaceafillyvl, oh ok17:00
yvlbut it should be translatable :)17:00
aelkneralso, i added tests for those convenience methods finally to demonstrate the fault protection17:01
* replaceafill apologies for interrupting aelkner's report17:01
aelkneroh, and i blued the bottons that you wanted blued17:01
th1aDo you know what you're doing this week or should we just discuss it on the phone?17:02
aelknerlet's talk on the phone after the meeting17:03
aelknerso that's my report17:03
yvlwell, I fixed two small bugs17:05
yvlactivation of the next school year17:05
yvland css - annoying action button "breaking"17:05
yvl(works on both Chrome and FF)17:06
yvlnow I'm working on adding multiple persons17:06
yvlz3c.form is giving quite a headache17:06
th1aYou mean going automatically to the next person?17:07
yvlI've added "New person",17:07
replaceafillyvl, add a person, save and get the add person form again?17:07
yvlaction button, that manager (or other administrative staff) can see when looking at another person17:08
yvland the second part, yes - add a person, save, show empty form and a list of persons added17:08
yvlit's quite useless if you don't display the list of recently added persons...17:09
yvlvery, very confusing17:09
th1aI see.  That's a good idea.17:09
yvl(and it so happend that ~ 1 day was non-ST related work)17:09
th1aOr maybe this is someplace where a little javascript popup notification would work there?17:09
yvlyes, but I'd like to omit it for now17:10
yvlbut - yes, I'd love to see it work that way17:11
yvl(like in LP works in Mark's last blogpost)17:11
th1aSo... we are freezing now?17:11
th1aYes, menesis?17:11
menesisI have released what was available last week17:12
yvlwell, the final call is your's th1a17:12
menesisa few fixed have been committed since17:12
th1aAh.  OK.17:13
th1aDo we have a Maverick PPA?17:13
menesisI don't think we need to freeze yet17:13
menesisI have set the dates for next release next monday. But this date is not that important17:14
th1aIf we have all fresh working packages now, we could certainly continue adding bugfixes.17:14
th1aAt least.17:14
menesisth1a: yes, we have a working schooltool in maverick ppa for a few days now17:15
th1aWe should do a string freeze soon though.17:15
th1aOK, I'll try upgrading then.17:15
th1ayvl:  Could you update the security descriptions this week?17:15
th1aThe access control page?17:16
th1aAlso, how do my package descriptions look?17:16
yvlok, th1a17:17
menesisth1a: much more informative than before :)17:17
th1abtw, in general, I encourage all of you to just give me writing assignments whenever you're not sure about the text of something.17:18
th1aSo basically, we'll include another week of yvl's fixes, and replaceafill and aelkner are going back to their client projects.17:19
yvlsounds right17:20
th1aOK.  So I'm going to upgrade to Maverick and if that goes ok announce a "beta" to the list?17:22
th1anot that.17:23
th1aI mean...17:23
th1aThis gets confusing menesis because you don't actually tell me before you release things.17:23
th1aSo have we actually pushed these changes to existing instances?17:23
menesisI wanted to release all available fixes earlier than last week17:25
menesissince the last releases were in mid-July17:26
menesisI have now done them17:26
menesisthey are packaged to maverick, and that most likely means no existing instances17:26
menesisexcept gradebook, where I have released all fixes to lucid as well17:26
th1aOK, not to lucid, except for gradebook.17:27
th1aSo we can decide if we want to push more of these changes back to Lucid or not.17:27
menesisI have applied all bugfixes to schooltool 1.4 branch already, but not done a release17:28
th1aWhere can I find the changelog for the gradebook release?17:29
th1aAh.  OK.17:30
menesisthat's what is in lucid17:30
menesisand of course each project's CHANGES.txt17:30
th1aSo I'll write a post about this.17:31
th1aI guess we can wrap up on time, more or less.17:31
th1aGood job, menesis.17:31
th1aHave a good week, gentlemen!17:31
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.17:31
th1aaelkner, I'll call you in a few minutes.17:31
replaceafillthanks everybody17:31
yvlgreat week to you all :)17:33
menesisth1a: the last round of releases collectively can be called SchoolTool 1.5.117:33
menesisi can prepare a file containing just the changes since 1.5.0 release in July17:34
menesisbut that would be the green parts of
replaceafillth1a, got a minute?18:35
replaceafillth1a, as you know i've been working with report sheets lately, and i've found some issues, that i'd like to run by you first before i report as bugs18:49
replaceafill1. If you get to the inside of a reportsheet template to manage report activities you cannot go back to the reportsheet templates index, unless you go to Manage -> Report sheet templates18:50
replaceafillit feels like a dead end18:50
replaceafillit's small but annoying18:50
replaceafill2. there's no way to know which report sheet templates have been deployed already. a report sheet can be deployed twice18:51
th1aYes, bug.18:51
replaceafill3. there's no option to "undeploy"?18:51
replaceafillthis i'm not sure about18:51
th1aWe could do hiding.18:51
th1aThese hold all the grades for the whole school.18:52
th1aYou don't want to make it possible to throw that away.18:52
replaceafillah no, but i'm talking here about the "template"18:52
th1aOh, I suppose you could delete those.18:52
replaceafillbut what if you deploy one by mistake18:52
th1aYou can only hide it, I'd say.18:53
th1aThis is really, really, really, really data you don't want to lose.18:53
replaceafilli guess you're confusing templates "to" deploy with gradebook activities created "from" a template18:53
th1aThe templates you can delete.18:54
th1aI mean, I would be ok with deleting them.18:54
replaceafillyes, me too, my point is "user errors", "oops that's not what i wanted to deploy on that term"18:54
replaceafillmaybe instantly18:54
replaceafillwithout no grades yet18:54
replaceafillyou know, let me set a testing instance, ok?18:55
th1aWe could move them all someplace.18:55
th1aTrash can.18:55
th1aI'm just saying, this is absolutely, positively the last place you want to lose data.18:55
th1aIt is the worst possible case.18:56
* replaceafill still thinks th1a is talking about gradebook activities!!!18:56
th1aOnce they've been deployed.18:56
* replaceafill sets up a quick testing instance18:56
th1aWhen do I say this: "oops that's not what i wanted to deploy on that term"18:57
replaceafillwhen you just created the templates and you start deploy them18:57
replaceafillno teachers have used the system yet18:57
replaceafill(although it doesnt matter)18:57
replaceafillyou can get rid of templates even when there are activities graded created from templates18:58
replaceafilland that doesnt affect the gradebooks18:58
th1aIf you can guarantee that this will never, ever, ever, ever result in data loss, fine.18:58
th1aIt should be done in a way that is recoverable.18:59
th1aIt should not disappear.18:59
th1a(from the database)18:59
replaceafilljust "undeploy"18:59
th1aWell, what happens then?18:59
replaceafilllike in "not associate this template with this year/term"18:59
replaceafillor "remove the association i just did"19:00
th1aI guess you can do that... as long as it is possible to retrieve the data somehow, if there happens to be any.19:01
* replaceafill files the first two bugs while he waits for the gradebook instance to download eggs...19:06
replaceafillwow, checkboxes for selecting days, cool!19:14
replaceafillth1a, ok, i created these two sheets:
replaceafilldefault login data19:15
replaceafillsuppose you go to a year19:16
replaceafillor a term19:16
replaceafillclick "Deploy Report Sheet"19:16
replaceafilland you select the wrong one19:17
replaceafilland click the "deploy" bbutton19:17
th1aA confirmation there would be nice.19:17
replaceafilloh ok19:17
th1aIncluding what is already deployed.19:17
replaceafilli reported that one:
replaceafilli guess it's just a matter of improving the current index view for sheets19:18
replaceafillbut again, you passed the confirmation and you still made the mistake19:19
th1aI think I've made my concerns clear here...19:19
replaceafillgot it19:20
replaceafillok, to finish my list...19:20
replaceafill4. Report Card Layout form shows cut text for option titles (term.title[:9], deployedWorksheet.title[:9], activity.title[:14])19:20
replaceafillthis one i mentioned last week19:20
replaceafilllet me show you19:20
replaceafillsee the New column dropdown19:21
th1aYeah, just make it better.19:21
replaceafillok, and finally19:21
replaceafillsomething that happened to me in cambodia19:21
replaceafillit's small19:21
replaceafilland i dont know if you can get there from the UI19:22
replaceafillin cambodia we have two different layouts for grades19:22
replaceafillfor levels 1-8,10-1119:22
replaceafilland for levels 9,1219:22
replaceafilltwo different report sheets are being used19:22
replaceafilland they are deployed for specific sections19:22
replaceafillnot for the whole term/year19:22
replaceafillso if a section is related to level 7, it gets a report sheet19:23
replaceafilland so on19:23
replaceafillreport sheets have a title attribute19:23
replaceafillthat you assing when you create it19:23
replaceafillthe same title is used in the gradebook19:23
replaceafillas a title for the worksheet19:23
replaceafillso if for cambodia i want to use "Semester 1" for levels 1-8,10-1119:24
replaceafilland "Semester 1" for levels 9,1219:24
replaceafilli will have two report sheets with the same title19:25
replaceafilland it's difficutl to know19:25
replaceafilli think this is part of the improvement thing...19:25
replaceafilli was talking about earlier...19:25
th1aWell, you could give them different titles easily enough.19:26
th1aSem 1 & Sem 1 (9, 12)19:26
replaceafillhhmm thought about that, would an additional attribute be too much? like label or something?19:27
replaceafilllike we do with activities?19:27
th1aFor the tab?  It would be fine.19:27
replaceafillyes, for the tab19:28
replaceafillgot it, will put it in there too19:28
replaceafillthanks th1a19:28
replaceafillwill work on that19:28
th1athank you19:33
replaceafillhhhmm... weird, menesis the dependency error is back:
th1aI told him to apt-get update first.19:57
replaceafilli guess he already did, since he gets the dependency error, but let's wait for his response19:58
replaceafilli see the package list changed on september 1619:58
menesisI tried, and indeed python-schooltool.intervention is not installable20:00
menesisI have done nothing that could cause that20:00
menesislike before, when disappeared20:00
* replaceafill uses his old favorite emoticon...20:01
replaceafillwhich means: wow! weird!20:01
menesissomething wrong with PPA building Packages list file20:02
menesisdeleted and copied the intervention package from karmic20:06
menesisshould become available in a few minutes20:07
replaceafillconfirmed, intervention is the one to blame20:09
replaceafillwhich makes python-schooltool.stapp2008fall not installable either20:10
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