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yvlgood morning, ryanpg15:18
ryanpgoh, nice to see you - glad you're here :)15:18
ryanpgI'm sorry, communication via "bug report" was becoming way to confusing for me. I thought I'd just come here so I can answer questions "real-time"15:19
ryanpgand hopefully more clearly15:19
yvlyeah, that's a good idea :)15:20
yvlok... by looking at the bugs, it seems that you set up some testing timetables15:21
yvland they are integrated into calendar15:21
ryanpgyes, I setup a default timetable15:21
yvlhence the screenshot
yvlthat's the best I could figure out from descriptions :|15:22
ryanpgso far that's correct15:22
ryanpgthe bug report was: Daily view of the calendar (when logged in as a user - not admin) does not render correctly on the Google Chrome browser.15:23
yvlok, let's talk about that one15:23
yvldid you try it out on Firefox?15:23
ryanpgah, but this AM I learned more15:23
ryanpgyes, I did try firefox - it _also_ renders incorrectly15:24
yvlok, so it's not a browser bug15:24
ryanpgright, I think that needs to be changed (I was logged in as manager on FF and user on GC)15:24
ryanpgbut didn't you see some rendering problem too?15:24
yvlnot on FF, not on GC 6.x15:24
ryanpgoh right... it worked on chromium for you15:25
yvlso.. what precisely looks wrong there?15:25
ryanpgI've got another screenshot15:25
yvl(an idea - you can open it with gimp and draw a red circle around that place ;) )15:25
ryanpgon the one you posted, there's a giant 2:50 slot between 8:10 and 9:3615:26
yvlgimme ;)15:26
yvlyou see, when timetabling replaces "slots" in the calendar15:27
yvlit uses the titles of those slots, not the actual time15:27
yvlso if the slot is titled 2:5015:27
yvlthat is shown15:27
yvland it seems this is the case15:27
yvlbecause it looks like it's taking 2.5 hours15:28
yvlDCC RECV failed :|15:29
yvljust attach it to LP15:29
ryanpguhg... I'm attaching two more to the bug15:29
yvlthanks :)15:29
yvlyou know, it certainly starts to look like your timetable is quite messed up15:33
ryanpgyvl, yes it does15:34
yvlit shouldn't be *that* off15:34
ryanpgwell, when I entered it - it seemed fine15:34
ryanpgand when I look at Timetable schema default it looks fine15:35
yvltry looking at the timetable itself15:36
yvlclick on your school year on the top15:36
yvlschool timetables15:37
yvland then on you timetable link15:37
ryanpgerr... that's what I'm referring to15:37
ryanpgthat page it titled Timetable schema default15:37
ryanpgI posted a screenshot already :)15:37
yvlsorry, missed that somehow :)15:38
ryanpgaha! nope15:38
ryanpgI figured it out15:38
ryanpgI didn't use military time for the afternoon!15:38
ryanpgok, so 1) is there anyway to edit a timetable 2) why are we using 24 hour timetables anyway :P15:39
ryanpgalso, as I was following the book closely, a note in documentation might be good :D15:40
yvlwe're remaking the timetables ATM15:40
yvland -
ryanpg"This form is finicky and wants the times in 24 hour (military) format:"15:41
yvlyou didn't enter it in 24 hour format, did you... :)15:41
ryanpgwell, this is quite interesting/confusing15:41
yvlthat sometimes happen with multi-national teams15:42
ryanpgyvl, right did you see my comment above just after "I figured it out"15:42
ryanpgthanks for helping me look at that one!15:42
yvlumm... you're welcome? :))))15:42
yvlok, lack of validation is very, very bad15:43
yvlI'll change the bug description15:43
ryanpgso for now the answer to my questions above are 1) no and 2) we're changing that ???15:43
yvl1) no, but we will be changing that15:44
yvl2) historical reasons and we will be changing that15:44
ryanpgawesome, too bad I can't edit my initial bug, as it is now a completely different bug! lol15:45
yvlwell, I can ;)15:45
ryanpgexcellent, thank you - I'm adding a "final note"15:46
ryanpgthanks yvl15:48
yvlthank you!15:48
ryanpgyou're welcome, though my initial guess was all wrong, it was actually fun to figure it out with your guidance. :)15:49
ryanpgdid my "other" bug disappear? was it not a bug somehow? or related to this one?15:50
yvlmarked as duplicate15:50
ryanpgis it though?15:50
yvlyou mean ?15:51
yvlI prematurely assumed it's not a bug probably15:52
yvlI mean -
yvlshows that15:52
yvl"Once the school timetable is established, the calendar should match rather than have generic hourly designations."15:53
ryanpgI'm referring to the uh... not-logged-in calendar15:53
yvloh, you should have mentioned that :)15:54
yvlyep, that can be considered a bug :)15:55
ryanpgyes, I see now that the bug report was unclear15:55
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ryanpgit's difficult to identify elements of ST as they don't all have unique or descriptive names15:56
ryanpgI discovered this when presenting it to the staff15:56
ryanpgI just invented names to distinguish the "school calendar" from the "personal calendars" etc.15:56
yvlyeah, I know..15:56
yvl(it's not that easy to name them, by the way ;) )15:57
ryanpgOh I'm sure - have to do back-end development AND ui development15:57
ryanpgpretty impressive job really, most large commercial projects have a UI team15:58
ryanpgand I consider ST to be = to a "large commercial project" in terms of complexity15:58
yvlwell, thanks! :)15:58
* ryanpg wishes bugs could be edited by submitters, but understands completely why they cant :)15:59
ryanpgwelcome, in fact my friend does exactly this sort of work for M$ and other fortune 500 companies, it ain't easy and ain't always fun. so thank YOU!15:59
yvlLP is quite reasonable software ;)16:00
ryanpgyeah, though LP takes quite a bit of heat for various reasons16:00
ryanpgas a user - it's great16:00
ryanpgso, I as I mentioned.... I did a presentation of ST to our staff16:01
yvlhow did it go?16:04
yvl(I was away to get some coffee ;) )16:05
ryanpgyvl, well, I'd like to describe it - but I kinda want to wait for th1 too16:05
ryanpgit actually went really really poorly :( I actually found myself wishing you guys were there to help and to hear16:05
ryanpgit was in fact, probably the worst presentation of a new program I've ever given - keep in mind, I have found my fellow teachers (as a broad and unfair generalization) to be very resistant to change :D16:07
ryanpgbut yvl, please don't consider that a criticism of ST or your work - I didn't - but I can describe what people's reaction was16:07
yvlwell it's not that surprising - many users are (myself included ;) )16:07
yvlplease do :)16:08
ryanpgI am too, but in this case I was extra-disappointed, as I consider ST to be a great tool to HELP teachers16:08
ryanpgyvl, should I wait for th1 or just rely on his reading the logs?16:08
yvlprobably it would be better to wait for th1a16:09
yvl(and I'll read the logs :) )16:09
ryanpglol, yeah this is the end of your day16:09
yvland Friday :)16:09
* yvl seconds16:09
ryanpgwell, I think you've helped me quite enough for one day - I'm sure I'll improve in my "bug submitting skills"16:10
ryanpgfuture bugs will more accurately describe the problem - I hope :P16:10
yvlit's fine - as long as you are there to give more information :)16:11
ryanpgshould we edit the description of 639719 or wait to see if it's actually a side-effect of the one we worked on today16:11
yvlI already did that ;)16:13
ryanpgah... I just refreshed but didn't see changes16:13
ryanpgwell, I was referring to the description, but the title is clear16:14
yvlit should be enough :)16:14
ryanpgwell, I'm off to do not ST related work, I'll keep IRC up though16:15
ryanpghave a great weekend yvl - in case we don't talk again today16:15
yvlgood luck! :)16:15
yvlyou too :)16:15
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th1areplaceafill:  What did Jeff do?17:51
replaceafillth1a, he had two timetables associated with the section17:52
replaceafillso the journal was showing two columns for each day, one for each tt17:52
th1aThe section was scheduled to two different timetables?17:54
th1aI don't think you should be able to do that.17:54
th1aBut perhaps I'm confused.17:54
replaceafilli went to the section and clicked the Schedule button17:56
replaceafilland there were two timetables17:56
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th1aDon't you have to choose one with the radio button?17:59
th1aThere were literally two full timetables?17:59
replaceafillyes, with periods and all17:59
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replaceafillth1a, i'll send you the screenshot of what he had18:00
th1aWell, that's some kind of bug.18:00
replaceafillth1a, sent18:02
th1aWhat page is that even?18:03
th1aHow do you get there?18:04
replaceafillgo to a section18:04
replaceafillthe Schedule button18:04
replaceafillthe name of the view is /timetable18:04
replaceafill /timetables18:05
th1aI have no idea what you're talking about.18:05
th1aWas this changed since the last release?18:06
th1aIf I hit schedule I get the form with checkboxes to set the schedule.18:06
th1aFor the section.18:06
replaceafillthis is the last release18:06
th1aI'm looking at schedule.html18:07
replaceafilli can load the schedule.html view too, but the button takes me to the /timetables view18:08
th1aHow do you get to schedule.html?18:09
replaceafillchanging the url18:09
th1aHow would you edit the section schedule?18:09
replaceafillthe instance is uing schooltool-1.5.1-py2.6.egg18:09
replaceafillsee the screenshot18:10
replaceafillyou have a 'edit periods' link18:11
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th1aUh huh.18:13
replaceafillthere you can change the periods (schedule)18:15
th1aWell, one way or another we have different version.18:15
th1aCan you see how he added multiple timetables?18:15
replaceafillusing the 'Add Timetable' button in the screenshot18:15
replaceafilli just tested it and it's possible18:16
th1aCan you see when this was changed?18:17
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