IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2010-07-12

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davidngdrop davidng adeally12:13
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dadengAlan i changed my nickname12:52
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th1aGood morning aelkner, yvl, menesis, replaceafill.16:32
th1a(and/or afternoon)16:32
replaceafillgood morning/afternoon16:32
yvlgood morning! :)16:32
th1aOK, let's see...16:33
* th1a tries to switch out of vacation mode...16:33
th1aSo one piece of good news is that over the first six months we spent 120,000 EUR out of 250,000 for the year.16:34
th1aSo we're probably on budget or only slightly over.16:34
th1a(taking into account pending bonuses and some other issues)16:35
th1aI was worried the exchange rate might have already thrown us further off than that.16:35
yvlgreat news, th1a16:36
th1aSo as long as the EU doesn't collapse in the next six months, we should be ok.16:36
aelknerlet's hope that euro hold sup16:36
th1aHi menesis.16:36
th1aWe might as well talk briefly about this person turning up with a broken old Data.fs.16:37
th1aThis is, of course, *the* reason not to use the ZODB on a project like SchoolTool...16:37
yvlwell, first it's not broken16:37
yvlit's just old16:37
yvlsecondly, with any database you would have same problems16:38
th1aWell... with a relational database you can always just dump tables.16:38
yvl(just it might be easier to manually rip out data from SQL database)16:38
th1aI just asked what actual data they need out of it.16:38
th1aIt is probably not much.16:38
yvl(by the way - 5 years of using ST is impressive)16:39
th1aIt is puzzling.16:39
th1aSchoolTool didn't do very much at that point.16:39
yvlon Fedora!16:39
th1aI would think it is just basic student records and calendars.16:40
yvlif they don't need much data I can dig out the old code16:40
yvland see what exporters did back then16:40
th1aI don't think we had exporters.16:40
menesisI would suggest they install 2008.04 on that machine, run it, and then copy the evolved data.fs to the new machine16:41
th1aProbably we could just add one view that spits out student person data in a csv.16:41
th1aWell, if that *should* work, we should make them try that first.16:41
th1aI don't want to go on too long about this.16:43
th1amenesis:  How are we doing on getting packages set up for the pilots?16:44
menesisfor zambia, you mean?16:45
menesisI was looking at schooltool.zambia, updated it a little16:45
menesisdo not have a package yet16:46
menesiswill do it the same way as cando16:46
aelknermenesis, i see you merged all of my timetable changes after all16:46
aelknerthanks for that16:46
th1aIt should work the same way as CanDo and Cambodia.16:47
menesisbut zambia doesn't look like it's ready, tests don't pass16:47
menesisand looks like zambia.grade and zambia.gradebook are not included16:48
aelkneryes, they are there only in case i needed them16:49
menesisaelkner: I don't like the timetable change at all, and will probably revert it, because that checkbox should be somewhere else16:49
th1aaelkner, Send me a screenshot.16:50
menesisaelkner: so zambia needs only FET import at the moment?16:50
aelknermenesis, correct16:52
dadengwell... now that u're talking  about the foreign deployment, i need to come in16:52
dadenglet me introduce myself, i changed my nick from Davidng to Dadeng, so this is David16:53
aelknerth1a, i sent you the screenshot16:53
th1ahi dadeng!16:53
aelknerhi dadeng16:53
th1amenesis: The checkbox seems fine to me.16:54
dadengi'm in NIEPA, we have a demonstration school to work with first16:54
dadengi'm fine Alan16:54
dadengi'll begin setup of the environment tomorrow, using a live data16:56
dadengi hope Alan and others would be available online sometimes16:56
th1aWhat time tomorrow.16:57
menesisth1a: this is a journal setting, but the checkbox is in each section's timetable. also, with recent timetable changes it is not visible any more.16:57
th1aWell, it does have to be synced with Justas's change.16:57
yvland thrown out of ST core16:58
th1aAnd we should probably re-phrase it to not specifically refer to Journal.16:58
yvland put into lyceum.journal16:58
th1aIt isn't only relevant to Journal; it is just only used there atm.16:58
dadengit will throughout the week16:58
th1adadeng:  Coordinate with aelkner so he knows when you'll be working.16:59
dadengit will be throughout the week but we begin tomorrow16:59
aelknerdadeng, what time in ESD will that be?16:59
dadengok, good, i'll feed him back as soon as we get full view of arrangement17:00
dadengthis is 14:56 local here17:00
aelkner5 hours difference17:01
dadengso i don't have good conversion here, and it would be great to discuss around this  time tomorrow17:01
dadengor even everyday17:01
dadengok, good17:01
aelkner10:00 EST daily is ok for me17:01
dadengthe only thing that looks missing in one of the modules is picture for persons17:02
dadengof course we'll not be concerned with that for now17:03
th1aWe actually used to have that, so it won't be hard to add back in.17:03
th1aOK, anything else dadeng?17:04
dadengnow i read d db discussions above,17:04
aelknerth1a, you were saying how the consecutive periods flag will be used outside of journal17:05
aelknerlike in the calendar generation as well, right?17:05
th1aWell, it could be.17:05
dadengwe use mysql for rapidSMS,17:05
th1aThe point is, it is relevant to the way the application models the schedule.17:05
aelknerwhat should the label for the checkbox day in your opinion?17:06
th1aIt is not just for journal display.17:06
dadengbut i noticed it is easy to import data whicever db is used except17:06
th1aaelkner:  Just lop off "in Journal."  ;-)17:06
dadengfor the xml import i did, that i couldn't make any meaning of17:06
th1aLet's see...17:07
th1amenesis, any news on the Ubuntu packaging front?17:08
th1aWe can't let that stall out.17:08
menesisth1a: not really..17:08
th1aWhat's the next step?17:09
menesisafter I release 1.5.0, I update versions.cfg to bluebream 1.0 versions, and start uploading packages17:10
th1aOK.  So we're not blocked by other administrivia?17:11
aelknermenesis, i tried to update the eggs in my schooltool.zambia sandbox, but the new changes don't come down17:11
menesishave to write an email to debian list with my todo17:11
dadengso, if we can make the mapping of imported data easier, we will need different data aggregation for upstream data17:12
aelknernew eggs for scholtool and schooltool.lyceum.journal that is17:12
menesisaelkner: bzr pull lp:~schooltool-owners/schooltool/schooltool.zambia17:12
dadengby upstream, i mean anywhere outside the schools17:12
menesisaelkner: I made a few more changes to that branch17:13
dadenglike Local Government, State, and federal17:13
menesisaelkner: also, you can set "develop = . ../schooltool" in buildout.cfg and not wait for any eggs17:13
th1adadeng:  Yes, that's a next step.17:13
dadengand then for intervention module17:14
aelknermenesis, ah, that would exaplain it :)17:14
dadengwe'll need to be able to reclassify intervention into various groups17:14
th1adadeng: This isn't necessarily the best time to discuss future plans.17:15
menesisth1a: don't think I'm blocked by ubuntu now. I was busy with these urgent changes that I have to release to dev ppa17:15
th1amenesis:  OK.  Understood.17:15
th1aWe need to get the dev ppa going first.17:15
th1aJust wanted to make sure we're not waiting around for some other Ubuntu process.17:16
th1aThanks menesis.17:16
menesisbut yes, it is getting late...17:16
th1aYes, the pressure is on menesis.17:16
menesisI will need sponsors later, for the new packages, but hopefully that will be faster now17:17
dadengalan: but that (intervention) is quite necessary for us in Nigeria, bcos of donors that will buy into project17:17
th1amenesis: If you need help from yvl, let us know.17:18
th1aOK, moving on...17:18
th1aaelkner: Anything else to report?17:18
aelknermenesis, so the view that i added the checkbox to is no longer reachable but the user?17:18
aelknerlooks like the timetable index.html view is the scheduling view?17:19
aelknerso i just reapply the change there?17:20
yvlplease don't do anything :)17:20
yvlIt will be faster for me to apply the changes17:20
aelknerok, and the flag is already there, so i can use it in my FET import code17:21
yvlwhy do you need it for FET?17:21
aelkneri create sections for them and timetables17:21
aelknerthe FET importer needs to set that flag in the timetable17:22
aelknerit's an option the Jen wanted17:22
yvlI see17:22
yvlas I'm reworking timetable model a bit, I'm quite interested :)17:23
menesisabout FET, can we please get a sample xml file for testing? downloadable like in other import pages.17:23
aelkneri understand :)17:23
* yvl is thinking how to phrase a question...17:23
yvlhow is the flag handled in FET?17:24
aelknermenesis, i could add a stipeed down version of what Jen sent me for the sample17:24
yvlsay, we have 5 periods17:24
yvldoes it have separate flags for joining periods, like "join 1-2"  "join 3-4"17:24
aelkneryvl, the FET import view will have a checkbox17:24
yvlnext question17:25
aelknerif checked, all timetables created will have the flag set17:25
dadengalan: Ok, we'll discuss later, i've also added u to my gtalk17:25
aelknerdadeng, cool17:25
yvldo we want calendar events of consecutive periods collapsed as well?17:25
aelknerthey should be17:26
th1ayvl:  That would be a "nice to have."17:26
aelknerbut i haven't gotten around to handling that part yet17:26
yvlhmm, interesting17:26
yvlthat option does not play with our design well at the moment17:27
th1aThey do need to both link to the journal correctly.17:27
yvl(say, we have a 5 minute break between two lessons)17:27
th1aOur calendar design?17:27
aelknermy logic in the journal does not care about periods not bumping up against each other17:27
aelknerif there is not a specific 'break' period17:27
th1ayvl:  Yes, it isn't even completely clear that we should merge the periods.17:28
yvlyes, but the question is now about the section's calendar17:28
aelknerthen two consecutive periods are treated as such even if period 1 ends s minutes before period two begins17:28
th1aNot necessarily.17:28
th1aBasically, we don't really know how it is treated in an individual school.17:28
th1aAnd it isn't a high priority, so let's table it.17:28
yvlit's quite important for me17:29
yvlI want to move the option to be stored in section's journal itself17:29
yvlis it ok, if the checkbox was in Journal -> Settings?17:30
yvlit would make my life so much easier17:30
th1aThe real question is whether it is ok to make it a global setting or by section.17:30
th1aRight now it is by section.17:30
yvlright now it is by timetable applied to a section17:31
yvl(slight difference, I'm nitpicking)17:31
yvlok, so I will move that, if no objections17:31
yvlaelkner, the change will be submitted tomorrow17:31
yvlyou will be able to adapt ISectionJournal to IJournalPreferences17:32
yvland set the checkbox there17:32
yvl(as for the global setting, it will be done through adaptation, so it will be easy to change if we want)17:32
th1aI don't understand.17:33
th1aWhere will the user make the change?17:33
yvlgo to the section's journal17:33
yvlclick the "Settings" action button17:33
th1aNo, that is not ok.17:33
yvlwhere precisely do you want that?17:33
th1aWhere I told Alan to put it.17:34
th1aIf it isn't going to go there it just has to be a global setting.17:34
aelknerthat would be the index.html view for timetable in yvl's new setup17:34
yvlone more question17:34
th1aIt has to be set up by the administrator, not the teacher.17:35
aelknerare teachers allowed to schedule sections?17:35
yvlyes, they are17:36
yvlI'm doing it as we speak :)17:36
th1aWell, it might be an option.17:36
th1aIf they can do it by default it is a bug.17:36
yvlplease file the but17:37
yvlthe bug17:37
yvlwe need an app setting that allows teachers to edit section timetables + calendar17:37
yvland "edit section timetables" should be same permission as "edit section calendar"17:38
aelkneryvl, so the consecutive flag in the timetable stays?17:38
yvlmost likely not17:39
yvlok, so back to the question...17:39
th1ayvl:  I'm not following why those permissions go together.17:39
yvlflexible section scheduling feature request17:40
yvltimetables are represented as calendar events17:40
yvlit's not a good idea to have calendar with events of two permission types17:41
th1aFlexible scheduling does not necessarily mean flexible by teacher.17:41
yvlfrom the point of code design17:41
yvlof course not17:41
yvlit just means flexible by whoever has permissions to edit17:41
th1aI think I see what you're saying.17:41
th1aSounds like you know what to do for that.17:42
aelknerperhaps we should have discussed this in more detail last week17:43
yvlso is it ok if I keep the UI part of it in section scheduling view, but it would be strictly journal-related?17:43
aelknerbefore i set out to change schooltool and schooltool.lyceum.journal17:43
th1aI don't understand what the problem is with having the consecutive period setting in the core.17:43
aelknerwhen are we going to come to an agreement on that issue?17:44
th1aaelkner:  That's what we're discussing...17:44
aelkneri was being retorical...17:44
yvlI'm currently somewehre in between in cleaning up the code, both in timetables and journal17:44
th1aComputability theory cannot predict when or if the algorithm will finish.17:45
yvland I want to have data where it belongs17:45
yvlsetting how to display the journal, should be stored in journal17:45
yvlwhere is the UI is not my concern at the moment17:45
th1aIt is not only relevant to Journal.17:45
aelkneryvl, th1a has sad that multiple times already17:46
th1aIt is saying "Do you think of these two periods as one long period or as two short ones?"17:48
th1aIs this two meetings or one?17:48
aelkneror three even17:48
th1aIt is most relevant to the Journal, but it isn't just a display issue.17:48
aelknerany number of consecutive periods as one17:48
th1aIt is a question about the conceptual model of the schedule.17:49
yvl(I'm trying to keep in my head both the code that already is, and the code that will be there after refactoring)17:49
aelknerideally the calendar events should be generated with the flag in mind17:49
yvlthe thing is, that I wanted to have data model where that precise thing is possible17:50
yvlbut it won't be a flag17:50
th1aWhat would it be?17:50
yvlwe have something called activities there17:50
yvlit will be loosely this thing17:50
yvlthere are things that can be bound to time17:51
yvlthose are actual meetings where you attend something17:51
yvland some of the meetings should be bound logically17:51
yvllike two parts of a lecture17:51
yvlits a same lecture, two meetings17:51
yvltwo calendar events17:51
yvlthe lecture goes somewhat "on top" of timetable17:52
th1aWell, what's your timeframe for that?17:52
yvlI'm a bit afraid to estimate17:52
yvlit's fairly complicated17:52
yvlit looks like I figured all I need out17:53
th1aOK, so what you're saying is you'd like to move this to Journal to keep it out of the way.17:53
yvlyes, that was my intention17:53
yvlafter refactoring is done, we can move that back in17:53
th1aWell, we can just put it in schooltool.zambia.17:53
yvland put it to core along with FET import17:54
yvlthen again17:54
yvljournal needs to be updated anyway17:55
yvlto be displayed correctly17:55
yvlanother thing - there's a feature that is similar17:55
dadengalan: I'll be at the guest house and join u soon17:55
yvl"only display one column per day in the journal"17:56
*** dadeng has quit IRC17:56
th1ayvl: *doh* Is that implemented?17:56
yvlth1a, apologies17:57
aelkneri didn't see that17:57
yvlit's not17:57
yvllet's keep the code as it is17:58
yvlfor now17:58
yvlI'll think what to do with it later on17:58
th1aIn core or somewhere else?17:58
yvlin core17:58
aelkneri don't understand, are we keeping the flag in the timetable or not?17:59
yvlyes, aelkner17:59
yvlbut I'll chop it out in few weeks17:59
menesisis it really a timetable setting?17:59
yvlprobably entirely17:59
aelknerthen what's the point of having it now?17:59
th1aWell, Jen wants it now.18:00
menesisI need something that works now.18:00
yvlbecause we don't have the needed timetable model now18:00
yvlyes - because we need it now :)18:00
th1aAnd it doesn't really matter to her if the implementation changes.18:00
th1aIn fact, she only cares about the FET part of it anyhow.18:00
th1aBut we *do* need to get that to her *this week*.18:01
aelkneryvl, so we are going to have this flag in the timetable18:01
aelknerthe FET import will set it18:01
aelknerand your changes in the future will evolve it to something else?18:01
aelkneri'm sure sure how this is going to work18:02
yvlI'll change the view tomorrow morning18:02
yvlbut in few weeks I'll change timetabling a lot18:02
yvland it will lose the flag18:02
aelknerso i will have to make sure to change schooltool.zambia to use the new option18:02
aelknerafter you make that change18:03
yvlzambia's FET importer will not be compatible with that change anymore18:03
yvlwe will not make zambia use this change for a while18:03
yvlat least untill we port FET importer to SchoolTool core18:03
yvland when we do that18:03
yvlwe will need to change it anyway18:03
yvland that's it for the topic :)18:04
th1amenesis:  We just have to get the changes to Zambia, and get them using .debs asap.18:05
th1aOK... replaceafill?18:05
replaceafillok, i finished the level/class changes for cambodia and showed them to javier/piseth18:06
replaceafilli already have feedback from them18:06
replaceafilland some other small requests18:06
menesisth1a: yes, I still have to make the package for Zambia, while I wait for yvl to resolve the above18:06
th1areplaceafill:  Yes, it seems like you should just go ahead and focus on their little requests.18:07
aelknermenesis, i need to add the use of the consecutive flag to schooltool.zambia18:07
replaceafillth1a, got it18:07
aelknerso i will submit a new branch soon, please merge that before making final package18:07
th1areplaceafill:  We'll follow their lead.18:07
th1aWhat does yvl have to resolve?18:07
replaceafillth1a, yvl i just have one concern on groups titles and how javier wants them being generated18:08
replaceafilli'll try to be fast explaining this, ok?18:08
replaceafillwe use groups to represent classes18:08
th1aOK.  ;-)18:08
replaceafillwe have groups like "11B", "11C" and so on18:09
replaceafillthey want the class titles to be generated from two pieces of data: level and "class"18:09
replaceafillwhere level is 1, 2, 3, etc18:09
replaceafilland class is just a letter18:09
replaceafillbut we're using "number" + "letter" in classes right now18:10
replaceafillso, easy, we strip out the number from the group titles18:10
* replaceafill not sure if he's explaining it right18:10
menesisaelkner: sure, will wait for your changes18:10
replaceafillyvl, could i create a "title" view for groups in cambodia18:11
replaceafillotherwise i would end up with several groups like18:11
replaceafill"A", "A", "A", "B", "B", "B"18:11
yvlI see your point18:11
yvla minute...18:11
replaceafillthank God :D18:11
replaceafilland my other "related" concern on this18:12
replaceafillcan we rely on them having javascript18:12
replaceafilli know the gradebook does18:12
yvlthat I do not know18:12
th1aAsk them.18:12
th1aI was just thinking about this in the shower the other day though.18:13
replaceafillth1a, ah! simple ;)18:13
th1aWe're really getting to the point where not assuming Javascript is just an unnecessary hindrance.18:13
th1aBut we don't have to have that discussion now.  ;-)18:13
yvland yes :)18:13
replaceafillah ok18:13
yvlas for groups...18:13
yvlthat is a really good question18:14
yvland probably only replaceafill can answer it :)18:15
yvlyou'll have to pick a path that is easier18:15
yvlwhile there is a view called @@title I think18:15
yvlI doubt that it is used in all of the group views18:15
yvlthen again - I don't think you need all of those views18:16
replaceafillyes, i guess the attribute is pulled directly18:16
yvlyou can "cheat" a little bit18:16
replaceafillyay! cheating is allowed! :D18:16
yvlset the title to "A" and description to "11A"18:16
yvlthis way most of the time the "A" title will be displayed18:16
replaceafilli like that idea18:17
yvlI think you know best now what views are used there18:17
yvlpick the easiest path18:17
replaceafilloh ok18:17
replaceafillyvl final question (i promise) :D18:17
yvl(__name__ will be chosen differently anyway)18:17
th1aOr set the description to "A" and dynamically generate the title as level + description?18:17
replaceafillth1a, yes, that's what they want18:18
yvlyou can even rename the "description" form label to something else18:18
replaceafillmy point is that the current group views use the title everywhere18:18
replaceafilllike "add members"18:18
replaceafillyvl, actually the description field of groups is not used in the class form18:19
replaceafillwe only ask for "level" + "class title"18:19
replaceafillso we can use the group description as you suggest18:19
replaceafillwell, about the final question:18:20
replaceafillwe create some default courses for them18:20
replaceafilli already know the courses titles in khmer18:20
replaceafillyvl, is it ok if i put khmer in schooltool code?18:20
yvl(it was just a suggestion, the final call will be your's - whatever requires less changes...)18:20
yvlit's hacked-in import data18:21
th1aIn schooltool.cambodia.18:21
th1aOK.  Thanks replaceafill!18:21
yvlit doesn't matter what language it is - it's hacked in in English the same as in Khmer18:22
th1ayvl:  Anything else to add?18:22
th1aHow was your vacation?18:22
yvlGreat! thanks :)18:22
yvlI really really needed that :)18:22
yvland no, nothing else to add :)18:23
th1aOK, thanks gentlemen.  I'll be around this week, on semi-vacation.18:23
th1aHave a great week!18:24
replaceafillthanks guys18:24
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.18:24
yvlhave a pleasant semi-vacation, th1a18:24
yvlreplaceafill, the only thing about the group titles is that if you have some views that list all (or most) of the groups18:25
yvland you set the title to a single letter18:25
replaceafillyes, you cannot recognize them anymore18:25
yvlyou'll need those views to show description probably - or, even better, just build the string from group.title and level.title18:26
replaceafillalso, the groups viewlet in the person index view shows only "A"18:26
yvlwait, I'm a little confused18:27
yvlshould it display "11A" almost everywhere, or just "A"?18:28
yvlwhat's the users preference?18:28
replaceafilllevel + class18:28
yvlah, then use th1a's suggestion18:28
replaceafilli just say that when you see a person, you see "Grade: 11A", but down the view you see "Groups: Students, A"18:29
yvl<th1a> Or set the description to "A" and dynamically generate the title as level + description?18:29
yvlok then :)18:30
yvlhappy coding! ;)18:30
replaceafillyvl, i assume you're going home, right?18:30
replaceafillcan we talk tomorrow?18:30
yvlkind of :)18:30
replaceafilli have a couple of questions18:30
replaceafillsmall ones18:30
yvlI'm going for a beer :D18:30
replaceafillor on thursday18:31
yvlcan you send me an email?18:31
replaceafillah sure18:31
replaceafillwill do18:31
yvlapologies, I kind of have a bad habit to make plans on Mondays after the IRC meeting :|18:32
yvlok, see you ;)18:32
*** th1a has quit IRC18:52
replaceafillmenesis, you around?19:18
menesisreplaceafill: yes?19:20
replaceafillhey menesis, is there a branch for the schooltool code you use with cando?19:21
replaceafilli'm making a change in schooltool trunk, removing zonki from the pdf footers, and i wanted to make the same change if that branch existed19:21
replaceafillbecause i know cando doesnt use trunk, correct?19:21
menesisreplaceafill: nothing special for cando... well it is lp:schooltool/1.419:22
replaceafilland i wanted to save you the trouble of backporting and stuff19:22
menesisthe stable branch19:22
replaceafillso i can do "bzr branch lp:schooltool/1.4" and make the change there as well19:23
menesisif the branch where your change is, is branched from a few week old trunk, then you can simply merge it to both trunk and the stable branch19:25
menesislike I have lp:~menesis/schooltool/bugfixes19:25
menesisor, later, I merge from trunk to 1.419:26
replaceafillah cool19:26
replaceafilli making this change and i'm going to request a new cando release later if that's ok19:26
replaceafillit's not urgent though19:26
menesismerge non-interesting changes and revert code, commit to mark it as skipped, then merge the needed fixes, and so on19:27
*** th1a has joined #schooltool19:28
replaceafillth1a, so, darkgray it is19:29
aelknermenesis, btw, when it comes time to move the FET import into schooltool core19:31
aelkneri will submit a branch, and it will have tests, samples19:31
menesisgood :)19:32
replaceafilldamn! moving from trunk to 1.4 gives me a generationstoohigh error :''''(19:33
replaceafillgood bye Data.fs :''''(19:33
*** ColonelPanik has joined #schooltool19:35
menesisit will work with trunk19:35
menesisfor 1.4 you can create a new instance19:36
replaceafilli had an old Data.fs i used :)19:36
menesiswith many plugins, and a bug that prevents disabling gradebook, I have many databases that are almost empty :(19:37
replaceafillmenesis, remember that server with the pdf problems? i tested the ssl version and the damn reports work :|19:39
replaceafillhttps://server works, http://server/demo doesnt19:40
replaceafilli have the apache configs, but then i thought, we're getting rid of zonki anyway19:40
replaceafillalthough i have the itch to know what was wrong :P19:40
menesisbtw I have added a tag:schooltool-1.4 at the revision where 1.4 was branched19:41
menesisreplaceafill: remember. still doesn't work?19:42
replaceafillno :(19:42
menesisare you replacing the zonki with a better resolution image, or removing it?19:42
replaceafillbut if we remove zonki, that problem should go, right?19:42
replaceafillno, removing it19:42
replaceafillchanging it for text19:42
menesiswell, we thought that zonki was the problem, because there are no other images19:43
menesisif that was true, then yes :)19:43
* menesis is going home. will be online after 1h if needed19:44
replaceafillthanks menesis19:44
*** th1a has quit IRC19:50
*** menesis has quit IRC19:50
*** th1a has joined #schooltool19:50
*** mgedmin has quit IRC20:04
*** menesis has joined #schooltool20:37
*** th1a has quit IRC20:39
*** th1a has joined #schooltool20:59
replaceafillmenesis, just requested the two merges and updated cando trunk21:16
replaceafilli wonder if there's a way to suscribe to the ppa, so one can know when a package is released :)21:16
menesisreplaceafill: cool, thanks21:19
menesisthis is bug ?21:19
replaceafilldamn, i forgot to put that in CHANGES.txt :(21:20
*** th1a has quit IRC21:53
menesisno worries, I have to update changelog anyway22:23
menesismarking fix committed is more important, then I know it is done22:24
*** jelkner has joined #schooltool22:24

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