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yvlgood morning guys :)16:33
th1aHello yvl, replaceafill, aelkner.16:34
replaceafillgood morning16:34
th1aFirst off, I'd like to express Jennifer and my condolences to replaceafill.16:34
replaceafillthanks Tom16:34
th1a:( indeed.16:34
yvl...? :(16:35
replaceafillyvl, my brother in law was killed last week :(16:36
replaceafillit just *sucks*!16:36
yvloh... sincere condolence.16:36
replaceafillthanks guys16:37
th1aI'll send a note to Javier, etc.16:38
aelknergood morning16:38
replaceafillth1a thanks16:38
aelknerreplaceafill, so sorry to hear of your loss16:38
th1aWhat do you want to do this week, replaceafill?16:38
replaceafilli think i'll be able to finish the demo16:39
replaceafilli'll try to help marcela with camila during the day16:39
replaceafillbut i can work at night16:39
replaceafillit's just the filtering students feature that is missing16:39
replaceafilltomorrow maybe16:40
replaceafillit will be ready16:40
th1aI'll let them know.16:40
th1aI'm going to be getting ready to travel on Thursday and driving all day Friday.16:41
th1aAnd at my parents until next Friday.16:41
th1aAt this point my mother may be more wired than me though, so I'll be available.16:42
th1aAnd yvl is on vacation this week, too.16:43
th1ayvl:  Did you send that email to aelkner and replaceafill?16:43
yvlI forgot to CC...16:43
yvlin short: we have bank holiday here Mon/Tue,16:44
yvlI'm on vacation this week16:44
yvltimetable changes are at lp:~justas-pov/schooltool/timetables16:44
yvlmenesis should merge them and release to development PPA once he's back16:45
yvlthat's it16:45
th1aOK.  I'll send menesis an email.16:46
yvlI asked him live, but it was Friday evening, so...16:46
th1aaelkner and I learned about phones last week.16:47
* yvl too, by the way16:47
aelknerthanks yvl for your input last week16:48
yvlhope it's useful16:48
aelknerit was a morale boster16:48
th1aThis seems to be the most useful thing I found for getting the phone connected:
th1aI picked up a cheap phone on Friday but it doesn't do the "Dial Up Networking" service over bluetooth so I have to take it back.16:49
th1aUS carriers are infamous for not allowing tethering.16:50
yvlth1a, did you try gammu with it?16:50
yvlat least for sending sms16:51
th1aYeah.  The problem with gammu is that its error messages suck.16:51
yvlagreed :)16:51
th1aYou need to work at a lower level.16:51
th1aBasically, the phone advertises what services it offers over bluetooth.16:51
th1aSo the phone I got just offers earphone support, essentially vCard import.16:52
th1aNot modem emulation.16:52
yvlno USB connection either?16:52
th1aWell... it might be possible.16:52
th1aBut then I'd have to spend more money, and I don't know how it works.16:53
th1aIt might be the same deal, right?16:53
yvlthere's a chance (because it's a cheap phone) that they do not offer some of the features via bluetooth16:54
yvllike listing sms, sending sms16:54
th1aAnyhow, aelkner's phone says it does Dial Up Networking, so he'll probably have to be the guinea pig.16:54
yvlwhat is the manufacturer of your phone, th1a?16:55
th1aIt is hard for those of you outside the US to fully appreciate how fucked US carriers are.16:55
th1aIt is a Samsung.16:55
th1aI think the problem is more that the carriers don't want to support tethering.16:55
th1aTheir networks can't handle the load.16:55
yvlactually, you don't need Dial Up Networking for sending sms16:55
yvlif you got an USB connection or some other direct access to the phone16:56
yvlyou use interal command interface that has some name I don't remember16:56
yvlbasically, it's like telnet16:56
th1aI guess I should google.16:56
aelknerAT commands?16:56
yvlbut not all of them are AT16:56
th1aThe problem is I'm sure I'll have to buy some crazy proprietary adapter.16:57
yvlNokia, for one, has some proprietary commands16:57
yvlso, software like gammu wraps many of the commands to a higher level16:57
th1aOn the other hand, the phone I got is almost exactly the same size and shape as the TonidoPlug, so they make a nice pair for demos.16:57
th1a(it is, of course, thinner than the plug)16:58
th1aOK, I guess I should google for sms over usb tips.16:59
th1aJust for reference, I think the US is the only country where you can't tether your iPhone to your laptop.16:59
th1aaelkner:  What else do you have to report?17:00
aelknerI will be submitting two branches this week17:02
yvlth1a, ; chapters 13-26 were interesting for me; we probably want a library that wraps the AT and other direct commands17:02
aelknerone a branch of schooltool with importer fixes as well as changes to section scheduling17:03
aelknerto include a new flag in the timetable to effect the way lyceum journal brings up the periods17:03
aelknerto not make the teacher mark attendance on consecutive periods more than once17:04
aelknerso i will be submitting a branch of schooltool.lyceum.journal as well17:04
aelknerthat will have to be merged to trunk at precisely the same time as my schooltool branch17:05
th1aaelkner:  You'll have to send an email to menesis to that effect.17:05
aelkneri will17:06
aelknerafter i've done that, i'll be able to turn my attention back to the sms issue17:07
aelknerif that's what you want me to do17:07
th1aSo the issue for USB would be the driver.17:07
th1aYou'd need to have the right driver to make the USB link work.17:07
th1aThen you should get a serial connection.17:08
yvl(also in case of gammu or similar software you should also configure it to use that connection; and probably the phone model)17:09
yvlby the way, it may be possible to use other types of connection than USB17:11
yvlI really haven't checked17:11
th1aThis is promising: "you can also use this phone as a modem to get internet on your computer as long as you have it on your phone, ( internet that is , using the usb wire. make sure you have a data pack or you can use up 20 bucks on a web page or to. i used the driver from my sgh-a887 for this phone, you might be abel to find it on the web google it"17:12
th1aThat's the phone I have.17:12
th1aI think we're done here.17:14
th1aHave a good week everyone.17:14
th1aHang in there replaceafill.17:14
aelknerth1a, i'll cc you on my note to menesis later this week so you are in the loop17:14
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.17:15
replaceafillthanks everybody17:15
th1aThanks aelkner.17:15
aelknergreat week everyone17:15
yvlok guys, see you next Monday17:15
yvl(I'll probably check mail during the week)17:16
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th1aYes, it seems like USB driver hell is worse than bluetooth hell.17:26
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yvlth1a, I googled and chatted with friends a bit17:51
th1aUSB driver hell seems worse than bluetooth hell.17:51
yvlyou can probably use your phone's "Serial connection" service17:51
yvl(as opposed to "dial-up ...")17:51
th1aOver bluetooth?17:51
yvlif you manage to set up a /dev/rfccomm0 with that service17:51
yvlthat might be enough17:52
th1aIt doesn't offer it.17:52
yvlcan you list the services?17:52
th1aThis phone is probably exactly the wrong phone for what we need.17:52
th1aIt doen't offer it.17:52
yvlas in, titles of "sdptool browse"17:53
th1aThe phone company probably specifically spec'ed the phone to not be tetherable.17:53
th1aRight, it doesn't list anything relevant to our needs.17:53
th1aJust headset, contacts.17:53
th1aThe thing is this is a no-contract phone, so they like gimping them in various ways to encourage you into a contract.17:54
th1aI'm pretty sure that's what's going on here.17:54
yvlso, no services like COM1, dial-up, etc.17:55
th1aI can take it back.17:55
th1aI'm not sweating it.17:55
yvlyeah, it's my geeky interest in making things work, that's it :)17:56
yvlbut it's really unusual (for me) that it does not do COM services17:56
th1aThis is why I'm constantly complaining about US mobile phone providers.  ;-)17:57
th1aYou have no fucking idea.17:58
yvlI mean - there should be at least one service with "Serial Port" in Service Class ID List17:58
th1aThat's what's so ironic about this.17:58
yvlprobably difference between markets17:58
th1aTo provide cheap network access in Nigeria, I have to wrestle with the most expensive and finicky method of doing so in the US.17:59
yvlhopefully guys at your phone store (or something) can give you a phone that gives serial access via Bluetooth18:00
yvlor at least USB18:00
yvl(again, your phone might do that over USB)18:01
yvlwell, please keep me posted :)18:01
th1aI think USB will never work because there are no Linux drivers.18:02
th1aI just have to do the research myself.18:02
th1aThe problem is there are so many kinds of phone.18:02
yvloh, you might be surprised there18:02
yvlor not18:02
th1aAlso, I don't *really* need this to work.18:02
th1aWe just need aelkner's phone to work.18:02
yvlthat is true18:03
yvlit is fun, though :)18:03
th1aIt is more fun to learn how to do things that are hard because of their inherent properties rather than hard because the phone company hates you.18:03
yvlit does not hate you per se, it just likes your money ;)18:04
yvlwell, good luck18:04
yvlI'll check emails just in case18:04
* yvl goes too cook stuff18:05
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ryanpg_Hi, where can I try a schooltool demo?19:00
th1aryanpg_, If you're running Ubuntu it is easy to install and try yourself.19:13
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davidngAlan did meeting hold today?19:34
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