IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2010-06-25

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chowellsHi, I'm reading through the docs at, it says "If you want to use SchoolTool over a network or the internet go to :ref:`remote`." but this link is broken12:27
chowellscan anybody give me a hint on how to do this, or provide a correct link? we're hoping to ship the software out to 40 UK colleges imminently, so would be greatful for help12:27
krishnagirichowells, this works fine for me:
chowellsah, thank you12:37
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th1aWell, seems to have fallen over...15:18
th1aPerhaps it is time to finally find something more reliable.15:21
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* replaceafill hates when goes down...16:35
th1aIt is getting annoying.16:38
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Lumiereth1a: is it hosted by canonical?16:54
Lumiereor pov?16:54
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th1aIt is on an old ServerPronto server that Canonical rented when they used those for community projects.16:54
Lumiereyea time to move on16:55
th1aLumiere:  It is just a question of when the inconvenience of moving, figuring out who can change the dns, etc., is worse than going down for a day or two every three or four months.16:55
Lumierenot really16:56
Lumiereget the old back up16:56
Lumiereget the new up16:56
Lumierekeep them synced and then ask for the dns update from canonical16:56
Lumierethat way there is no downtime16:56
Lumiereif you need a hand on the move menesis or I could do it16:57
th1aYes, but I think I'd have to track down someone at the Shuttleworth Foundation to do it.16:57
th1aWell, *I'm* certainly not doing it.16:57
th1a(the actual moving)16:57
th1aAnd also, there's just higher priorities right now.16:57
th1aI might get menesis to do it *after* we've got our packages in Ubuntu.16:58
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th1aAre you Wire-d up, jelkner?20:10
jelknerI am, th1a!20:11
jelkneri can't wait for the next DVD to arrive20:11
jelknersupposed to me tomorrow20:11
th1aOn the whole I think the series improves as it goes, too.20:12
th1aThe characters are drawn out fairly slowly.20:12
jelkneryes, we noticed that already20:20
jelknerand enjoyed it20:20
jelkneri forget his name20:20
jelknerbut the cop who first got the photo of (i'm blanking on his name too - the main guy they are after) by going to the gym20:21
jelknerhe just sat there for several episodes20:21
jelknerlouie commented to me that he was mysterious20:21
jelknerthen they started to draw out his character20:21
jelknerreally cool20:22
jelknerbtw.  you may want to look at this:
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jelknerA CAS client and server written in python20:22
th1aLester Freamon?20:23
jelknerthat's him20:23
th1aThat's who I was comparing Jennifer to.20:23
th1aShe may be entering a "Lester pre-season 1" phase.20:23
jelknerpre-season 1?20:24
jelknernever mind20:24
jelkneri get it20:24
jelknerwhat lester did the previous 13 years20:25
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