IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2010-06-18

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th1aOK, trying to build a sandbox on my TonidoPlug...15:41
th1aNow to see if we have enough memory to build lxml...16:26
th1aSurvived that...16:36
th1aOK, starting took about a minute 20 seconds.16:47
th1aBasic responsiveness is fine!16:52
th1aI think this is going to work!16:56
th1aNow the torture test... can we load the sample data without running out of RAM (and no swap).16:56
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th1aRunning at 100% CPU for twenty minutes, it is... a little warm.17:24
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th1aOK, got the sample data in.18:06
th1aI'm afraid it is a little slower now...18:06
th1aOr... a lot slower.18:06
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