IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2010-06-16

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krishnagirihi all07:38
krishnagirii was trying to translate my schooltool but there are lots of .po files. Please help which file should i exactly need to edit07:41
krishnagiriyvl, ^07:51
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yvlkrishnagiri, you can translate SchoolTool in Launchpad09:30
yvlSchoolTool is composed of several parts:
yvljust select a project, then go to Translations (in top navigation bar)09:31
krishnagiriyvl, thankx I will work on it but which is the file that should be changed on my system09:35
yvldo you work with .deb installed SchoolTool or Bazaar checkout?09:37
yvland what language do you want to translate to?09:37
yvlwell, assuming you have a checkout:
yvlit's the .po with your language code under locales directory09:44
yvlru.po for russian09:44
yvles_SV.po for Spanish in El Salvador09:45
yvlwhat else...09:46
yvlin checkout, after editing the .po files you should compile them before running the server09:47
yvl$ make compile-translations09:47
yvloh, and
yvlif your language is missing, please let us know09:49
krishnagiriI am using Bazaar and my language is .ne10:01
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krishnagiriyvl, thanks i was missing "make compile-translations". Its working now10:07
yvlby the way, if you are working with code taken from development trunk10:08
yvlyou might also want to run $ make extract-translations10:08
yvljust in case one of use missed to run it before committing10:09
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