IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2010-05-25

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replaceafillyvl, is used to prevent the object from being deleted, correct?06:43
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replaceafill"To prevent this user from being deleted we add a dependency" :D07:01
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yvlreplaceafill, yes08:19
replaceafillyvl, thanks :)08:20
replaceafillyvl, ping08:40
replaceafillyvl, do you see "issues" if a new school year doesn't have the five default groups?08:40
replaceafilli mean, if we make them optional08:40
replaceafillmaybe crowds or something breaking...08:41
yvlthe code makes assumption that they always exist08:41
yvlI never checked how much of it08:42
replaceafillthey can't be optional then08:42
yvlthat would not be safe08:42
replaceafillgot it, thanks yvl08:43
yvlyou can leave the automatic creation of the default crowds in a schoolyear08:43
yvland handle copying of members in a different "manual" step08:44
yvlor something like that08:44
replaceafillyou mean, default groups?08:44
yvlyes :)08:48
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replaceafillyvl, could you please confirm that bool(some_active_schoolyear) == False?09:49
yvlit's a container09:59
yvlso if it's empty...09:59
yvl(i.e. no terms)09:59
replaceafilldamn!!! terms!!09:59
replaceafillcompletely forgot to put terms in it! thanks yvl10:00
replaceafillyvl, however:10:01
replaceafill        active_schoolyear = syc.getActiveSchoolYear()10:01
replaceafill        if active_schoolyear:10:01
yvlwhere did you find it?10:01
yvlit's a bug10:01
replaceafillshould be better as "if active_schoolyear is not None" right?10:02
yvlin python one should always, always compare against None10:02
yvlwhen one wants to compare against None10:02
yvlbecause great many things can be false10:02
replaceafilllike empty containers ;)10:03
yvloh, that's just sweet10:03
yvland XXX above it10:03
yvlunit test me10:03
yvlwell, stuff happens...10:03
replaceafilland check 'manager' vs 'managers' ;)10:04
replaceafillfor the group id10:04
yvlyes :)10:04
yvlon the ObjectAddedEvent sys probably are empty anyway10:04
yvland the code - not executed :|10:05
replaceafillbut copyAllGroups should compare against 'manager', right?10:05
replaceafillsince that's the id used aboved10:05
yvlwell yes10:06
yvlthough this code could just create the groups as it does now10:06
yvland members could be transferred via "manage->new s.y."10:07
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