IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2010-05-07

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replaceafillth1a, zyt?05:15
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th1ayvl: ayt?16:41
yvlyes, th1a16:46
th1aDo you have any idea what's going on in that zcml conflict in CanDo that aelkner ran into?16:46
th1aOr what he should do next?16:47
yvlI am a bit worried why did that happen16:47
yvlmaybe Zope machinery got stricter about that16:47
yvlok, I'll reply16:48
th1akk.  Thanks.16:48
yvlbasically, he should rename one of the "View"16:48
yvlor remove from zmi entirely16:48
th1aDavid Ally would like to have CanDo running with current SchoolTool for a demo at NIEPA next week.16:48
yvloh, great16:48
yvlreplaceafill just replied :)16:49
th1aGood.  Thanks.16:49
yvl(I was actually looking at CanDo's svn log now)16:50
yvl(when you asked)16:51
th1aThanks.  I didn't want aelkner to be blocked until Monday.17:01
ignasyvl, do you even use zmi menus for anything?17:23
th1aI was wondering about that.17:32
th1aWe don't use the ZMI for anything.17:32
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replaceafillth1a, ping19:19
th1ahi replaceafill.19:24
th1aHow's that invoice coming?19:25
replaceafillth1a, i just sent a question on my mail19:25
th1aOK, that's fine.19:26
replaceafillah ok, cool19:27
replaceafilldo you have time to discuss the gradebook?19:27
replaceafillgreat, i already shared the doc with you19:27
replaceafilllet me get the link19:27
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replaceafillok, this spreadsheet has three periods19:30
replaceafillbut we can focus on only one19:30
th1aWhat is a period?19:30
replaceafillsince the other two do the same math19:30
th1aPeriod = Trimester = Term?19:31
replaceafillbasically it's a quarter, i painted them in three different colors19:31
replaceafillTrimestre 1, ... in the doc19:31
replaceafilllet's focus on Trimestre 119:31
replaceafillthe trimester has 4 big columns19:32
replaceafillthe first with 35%, another with 35% and the last one with 30% of the final trimester grade19:33
replaceafillthe trimester grade is in the last forth column19:33
th1aFinal trimester grade.  Not final final grade.19:33
replaceafillno, the final grade is at the end on the right19:33
replaceafillits the average of the three trimester grades19:34
th1aThe three trimester final grades.19:34
th1aThat does TN mean?19:34
replaceafillTN means average of something19:35
th1aOK so probably the way to do this is to make three report sheets.19:35
th1aOne for each trimester.19:35
th1aEach one has three activities.19:35
th1aWeighted using category weighting.19:35
th1aAnd then you should be able to use a summary sheet to calculate the final grade.19:36
replaceafillah! that's what i didnt know how to do19:36
replaceafillthe final grade19:36
replaceafillwould it be possible to add a report or something for the teachers to be able to see the current average for the students19:37
replaceafilli mean19:37
replaceafillsuppose they have only graded one month19:37
replaceafilland they want to see how much that means in the trimester average19:37
th1aIdeally we'd refine the current views if they don't do what you need.19:37
th1aYou don't have a weird use case.19:38
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replaceafillth1a, no news on cambodia, but someone has been using the testing instance19:43
th1aWell, making the year transition work is your Cambodia job for now.19:44
th1aWe don't need to wait around for them to tell us what to do.19:44
replaceafillah ok19:44
th1aI've got a whole list of things to do for them that we need to be rolling on.19:45
replaceafillcan i look at it?19:46
replaceafillor step by step is better?19:46
th1aWell, I'm not sure if I literally have a list.19:47
th1aActually, there is a tag on LP.19:48
replaceafillah cool, for the bugs?19:48
th1aOK, it is a short list.  ;-)19:49
* replaceafill looks...19:50
replaceafill ?19:50
replaceafillcool, i didnt know you could tag bugs19:52
th1aMy search gave me the giant URL from hell version.19:52
th1ayvl has been on a tagging spree, actually.19:52
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