IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2010-04-23

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replaceafillignas, are you around?20:34
ignaskind of20:47
replaceafillhey ignas, just one question20:47
replaceafilldo you think is possible a wsgi pipeline with schooltool20:48
replaceafilli tried setting paste#evalerror as a pipeline, disabling the in the skin for exceptions20:49
replaceafillbut the exception is show as usual20:49
ignasI know it is possible, I mean - i have done it once20:49
ignascan't recall what I had to do to get it working though20:50
replaceafilli saw one of your answers in launchpad about mod_wsgi20:50 is only a plugin into Zope3 error handling stuff20:50
replaceafilland thought that maybe you had done something20:50
ignashow to do that I can't recall20:50
ignasthere is handle_errors = false20:50
ignasthat you use in testbrowser20:51
ignasyou can set it somehow20:51
ignasin a running application too20:51
replaceafillmy final goal is to test deliverance + schooltool20:51
replaceafilland deliverance can be used as pipeline according to what i've read20:51
ignasI mean - testbrowser looks at handleErrors and sets a header in the request20:52
ignasyou mean middleware?20:52
ignaswell - you can use deliverance without hacking out zope error handling20:52
ignasif it's deliverance that you need20:52
replaceafillyes, i just was testing evalerror because i have something visual that i can check the middleware is working20:52
replaceafilldeliverance can run by its own too i guess20:53
ignasthere is always pony :D20:53
ignasif you want to check20:53
ignasor something like that ;)20:53
replaceafillwtf!?!?! "Adds pony power to any application, at /pony"20:54
ignaswell - you always wanted a pony, didn't you? :D20:54
ignasi mean - everyone wants a pony20:55
replaceafillhere's how i'm trying to set it up
replaceafillit works :)20:56
replaceafillhttp://localhost:7080/pony shows it20:56
replaceafillgreat! this means middleware is being used!20:57
ignasyeah, it should be20:57
replaceafillthanks ignas, i'll keep looking!20:57
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