IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2010-04-12

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replaceafillmenesis, ping13:41
replaceafillhi menesis, just a question13:42
replaceafilldo you know what could be causing
replaceafilla user sent me his paste.log13:42
replaceafillit's karmic btw13:43
menesisreplaceafill: yes I know13:43
menesisI replied but you were not online at the time13:43
* replaceafill checks the logs13:43
menesisThere was a broken package for a few days13:43
menesisbut I have uploaded a fixed version last week already13:44
replaceafillso, apt-get install python-zope.security13:44
replaceafillwill do it?13:44
replaceafillcool! i'll let him know13:44
replaceafillthanks menesis13:44
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replaceafillaelkner, ping15:35
replaceafilljelkner, ping15:35
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th1ahi yvl, aelkner, replaceafill, menesis.16:30
replaceafillgood morning/afternoon16:31
yvlhi guys16:31
th1ayvl:  OK, where are we now?16:32
yvlwell, I am sick :)16:32
th1aI figured.16:33
replaceafillyvl, :(16:33
yvlcaught a rotovirus16:33
yvlwill be fully available on Wed16:33
yvlthe status is, as far as I know16:33
yvlwe released trunks to Karmic16:33
yvland we have most of the zope and something of schooltool released to Lucid16:34
yvlthe Lucid release is broken at least on my home machine16:34
yvlbut menesis has clearer status on that16:34
yvlwell, at least it runs on python 2.616:34
th1aGlad it at least works on the system Python.  ;-)16:35
th1ahi menesis.16:37
th1aWhere are we with Lucid?16:37
menesisall zope packages are in Lucid PPA since last week16:37
menesisand I've uploaded all schooltool packages to Lucid PPA on Friday16:38
th1aaelkner: bug email from Chris in your inbox.16:38
menesisso SchoolTool is available on Lucid already16:38
th1amenesis:  You need to be more communicative.16:38
menesisand it works.16:38
th1aalso: Good work.16:39
aelknerth1a: do you agree with him?16:39
th1aI can't see it.16:39
th1aaelkner ^16:39
aelkneri'll send you a screenshot16:39
th1amenesis:  Also, *please* coordinate with me before pushing changes to users.16:40
th1aWe have to start doing that in a more predictable way from the user's point of view.16:40
menesisth1a: yes, sorry, saw your email16:41
menesiswhat I understood from last week's meeting was "do releases of what we have this week"16:41
menesisso I did16:41
th1aFor example, aelkner pushed our trunk intervention changes to SLA without warning them and they've been pooping in their pants about it for a week.16:41
menesismanaged to finish only by Friday16:41
th1amenesis:  Yes, I probably wasn't clear.16:42
menesiseverything apart from the new intervention release were bugfixes, I wanted to release that for a while already16:43
th1aI mean, when we get to this point, I'm probably always going to act like we should just push things out as quickly as possible.16:43
th1aBut I really don't want that.16:43
th1aSo... basically, I'm trying to tell you how to interpret my pronouncements.16:43
menesiswell doing .tar.gz releases affects only those who are in this room so I will do that when asked16:44
aelknerit's not an exact science :)16:44
menesisreleasing packages of that into Karmic is another matter, and I admit I haven't asked if it's ok to do that16:44
yvlth1a, I thought we were on the same page about this Karmic release16:44
th1aWe were except for interventions.16:45
menesisbut I have uploaded a few *hundreds* of packages to Karmic this year already.16:45
th1aAnd it isn't in practical terms a big deal.16:45
th1aI guess what I would have liked is an email with the release notes on Friday saying, "OK, this is what we're ready to push on Monday."16:46
yvlyes, I just thought you knew that interventions work is also going to be pushed - as an exception, not a general rule16:46
th1aAnd I would have said "Great, but lets hold back the interventions changes."16:46
yvlyes, that would be a nice protocol16:46
menesisth1a: okay I will warn before mailing announcements and uploading schooltool packages16:46
th1aI'm saying I need to doublecheck myself as much as you.16:47
menesisth1a: also I would like the body part of the release notes to be written by you16:47
menesisbecause I do not always know what the important changes for users were16:47
th1aYes... we just need be talking more in the lead up.16:48
th1aCommunication is the issue.16:48
th1aI mean, I can follow what's going on in general via Launchpad, but we just need more specific preparation for release.16:49
th1aAnd not releasing on Friday.  ;-)16:49
menesisfurther about pushing major changes to users -- karmic was an exception, we were not ready for this release, so it could not be considered stable16:50
yvlthat is true16:50
menesisfrom the point that Lucid is released, the 1.4 series is declared stable, and only bugfixes go into them16:51
th1aIt is really just the Interventions part that freaked me out, in part since SLA has been freaking out.16:51
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th1aI can do a better job of targeting bugs in Launchpad too, to indicate which ones are for the current release and which are only for the next release.16:52
menesisso I will have four releases to maintain from two branches: 1.0 for hardy and jaunty, and 1.4 for karmic and lucid. then trunk for development and maverick16:52
th1aI wasn't very conscious of the distinction. this time.16:52
th1aI'd say only security bugs need to go into 1.0 at this point?16:53
th1aStrictly maintenance.16:53
menesisit is like that since long ago16:54
th1aI thought so.16:54
menesisthere were a few releases with backported bugfixes16:55
menesisand for CanDo needs16:55
th1aAnd what I'm saying is that I'll be more focused about what really needs to be backported into 1.4.16:55
th1aThat is, keep that more limited.16:55
yvlmenesis, can you elaborate a bit more on current status in Lucid?16:57
menesisbtw as I was preparing the release on Friday, I have updated all the release notes in the book. so you can see what was really released for any of the series16:57
th1amenesis, Thanks!16:57
th1aOK, following onto this, what do you guys think about going to UDS?17:00
th1aBrussels: 10-14 May 201017:00
menesisNow I'm trying to use blueprint for status
th1a(that is, menesis & yvl)17:01
th1aFor, say, two days.17:01
th1aThe main reason not to go would just be if literally there'd literally be no useful work to be done there other than schmoozing.17:01
menesisyvl: everything is in the PPA. filing bugs for packages that are in Lucid but I'm not happy with. That's it.17:02
aelknerth1a: why did you change my fix commited to in progress?  i did commit the fix.  i just isn't merged.17:02
aelknerit isn't merged17:02
th1aYou told replaceafill you were still working on it.17:02
replaceafillthat was a question of mine17:03
replaceafilldo we change to Fix Committed until it lands on trunk?17:03
th1aTo me, fix committed implies that it is publically available on a branch.17:03
replaceafillany branch?17:04
menesisreplaceafill: change to Fix Committed when you commited a fix to a public branch17:04
replaceafillmenesis, ah ok17:04
menesisbecause then I know that a fix is available somewhere17:04
replaceafilloops, have to change some now :P17:04
menesisit helps if you link a branch to the bug17:05
th1aCommitted to a private branch isn't helpful to the rest of us.17:05
yvlit's not released17:05
yvlthat's why it's not helpful ;)17:05
menesisthen I can see where the fix is, is it merged, and look at the diff17:05
aelknercommited comes BEFORE released17:06
menesisin a couple clicks17:06
aelknerotherwise, what's the point of commited?17:06
aelkneri did comit changes17:06
th1aCommitted means published to a public branch.17:06
th1aMerged means merged into trunk.17:06
aelknerwhat do i do when i make a bug fix17:06
th1aReleased means trunk converted to a release.17:06
aelknerwhat action in launchpad?17:06
replaceafill:O i didnt know there was a Merged17:07
th1aIs there?17:07
yvl(there is no Merged sadly)17:07
aelknerthere outhg to be17:07
yvlhence the confusion17:07
menesisth1a: I haven't though about UDS much, yet. Maybe I reply in email what I think we could do there17:07
* yvl seconds17:07
th1amenesis:  Sure.  Have you been to one?17:07
aelknerin progress is wrong becuase i'm done dong the work17:08
aelknerso what status should i set it to?17:08
Lumiereuntil it is committed to a public branch17:08
Lumiereit is in progress17:08
Lumierebecause it isn't available to the development team17:09
aelknerLumiere: please, let them answer17:09
th1aPerhaps part of the confusion is that Launchpad is really designed for one branch per bug.17:09
aelkneri am not going to do one branch per commit17:09
* replaceafill feels guilty he put three bugs in the same branch17:09
menesis"Merged" is a status of a merge proposal that is displayed below a branch linked to the bug17:09
aelknerthat is huge waste of time17:09
th1aSo in that model every time you finish a bug, you should have a branch to publish and link, and then you say "fix committed."17:09
menesisth1a: actually I have not been to any sprint17:10
aelknerthat assumes that people are doing very little work pe onth17:10
aelknerit's not true for our efforts17:10
th1aIf you want to do several bugs in one branch, then you don't switch to "fix committed" until you publish the collective branch.17:10
replaceafillth1a, got it17:10
th1aBasically, it is not designed as a productivity report.17:10
th1aIt is designed so that you can announce to your collaborators that your work is available to them.17:11
aelkneri create new branches every couple of months17:11
menesisI've been in Europython when it was held in Vilnius, but haven't met many people or participated in sprints17:11
aelknerand commit to them during the week17:11
th1amenesis:  Basically, UDS is different because it is mostly just people working.17:11
aelknerand then i propose merges every week or so17:11
aelknermenesis: you told me it was ok for me to work like this17:11
aelkneris not true?17:11
yvlok, guys, calm down17:12
menesisaelkner: it is ok17:12
th1aaelkner:  I'm not so much telling you how you can work as how you should use that particular field in Launchpad.17:12
menesisone branch, many bugs17:12
yvlI'd say the rule of the thumb is:17:12
aelknerbut if commit a fix to a bug, i want to be able to update launchpad to reflect that17:12
aelknerso i always say fix commited17:13
aelknerwhich is in fact the case17:13
yvlonce you committed some bugfixes to a public branch in Launchpad, please change status to "Fix Committed" *AND* request the merge to respective trunks17:13
replaceafillyvl, got it17:13
aelknerok, i can do both together17:13
menesiswell the branch might not be ready to merge yet17:13
aelknerif i commit a bug to a vranch, i consider it ready for merge17:14
aelkneras lng as i make the merge request17:14
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th1aI'd say the rule just should be "don't switch to 'fix committed' unless it is publically available, whether or not it is ready for merge.17:14
menesisI am totally happy by aelkner's use of Launchpad lately17:14
replaceafillif for instance, yvl says "you need to change what you did" in a fix commited, we just change it back to "in progress", correct?17:14
yvlby the way, if you guys be so kind and always link a bug to a branch when setting to  "Fix Committed"....17:15
aelknerth1a: are you saying i need to wait until it is merged to change it to fix comitted?17:15
th1aI am saying it has to be *publically* committed.17:15
aelknerpublicly available: what does that mean17:15
yvlother people can get that code17:15
th1aIt is available on a branch on LP, not just on your box.17:15
th1aYou've pushed the changes.17:16
aelknerbut it is, i don't change to fix commited unless i commit and push17:16
aelknerso why the in progress17:16
* aelkner sighs17:16
menesisin progress means "I am or will be working on that soon"17:17
th1aHere is what you wrote:  "I didn't request the merge yet as I'm still changing it."17:17
menesisso that someone else does not work on the same bug as you17:17
th1aThat's actually why I changed it.17:17
aelknerok, fair enough, my coment was bad17:18
aelknerworking n it17:18
aelkneri meant on the branch17:18
aelknernot the bug17:18
aelknermy bad17:18
aelkneri wanted to get pdf changes in before requesting the merge17:18
aelknerbecause i don't want menesis and yvl to have to merge new bugs each tme17:19
th1aSo replaceafill was confused because he thought it should be in trunk already.17:19
aelknerwhen i'm going to be changing many things on one week17:19
aelkneri prefer to wait before requesting the merge17:19
th1aSo you should link to the branch when you commit the change.17:19
th1aEven if you don't yet request a merge.17:19
menesisaelkner: that's all very good :)17:20
aelkneri can try to remember to link to branches like i've been trying to be good about Changes.txt17:20
th1aRegarding 1 branch per bug:  I'm saying that *LP is designed to be used that way* so if it seems like the design isn't quite fitting your use, that's why.17:20
th1aBut it doesn't necessarily mean you have to change your work to fit that.17:20
aelknerit's ok, i'll link to branches in my bugs before changing to fix commited17:21
aelkneror while i mean17:21
menesisth1a: why do you think 1 branch per bug?17:21
menesisthat's not true17:21
th1aI think the whole system makes the most sense that way.17:22
menesis1 branch per bug makes no sense unless that bug is a big feature17:22
menesisI am very happy with Launchpad :)17:22
th1aWe're all happy!17:23
aelkneri'm not complaining now that we agree on how to preceed17:23
th1aOK, regarding proceeding.17:23
th1aaelkner, Today, try to get vertical text going.17:24
menesisif you use `bzr commit --fixes lp:123456` then on the branch page all the bugs that are fixed in that branch are automatically listed and linked17:24
th1aDoes anyone have any ideas about turning text 90 degrees in RML?17:24
replaceafillmenesis, !!!17:24
aelknermenesis: cool17:24
th1aaelkner, is there anything about that in the RML reference?17:25
th1aI think there are some things you can do in ReportLab but not RML.17:25
aelkneryes, i haven't read the section yet, but i know it's there17:25
yvlI think you can turn pages... maybe frames17:25
aelkneri'll look at the docs right now17:26
yvldraw rotated text strings17:26
th1aOK.  So work on that today.  Tomorrow we should talk on the phone about transcripts.17:26
th1aWe're going to work on putting data right into an .xls version of the crazy Philippine transcript we've got.17:27
th1aaelkner, You have skype, right?17:27
aelkneryeah, but skype sucks17:27
aelknerit's always filing from my experience17:28
aelknerbut i could give it another try17:28
th1aLet's try that tomorrow because I don't want to hold the phone to my ear.17:28
th1aAnd I can't talk on the phone while sitting.17:28
aelknerdon't you have headhones?17:28
aelknerthat's what i do17:29
th1aFor my computer, not my phone.17:29
aelkneri have them for both17:29
th1aWell, you're cooler than me then.17:29
aelknerapparently :)17:29
menesisgtalk + pidgin or empathy should work like skype17:29
aelknerbadly, you mean?17:29
th1aOK, let's try to get to replaceafill and wrap this up.17:30
menesisit should work better, but I haven't tried :)17:30
replaceafilli  have a few questions17:30
replaceafillyvl, the changes to the catalog were on your /dev branch, right?17:30
replaceafilli couldn't find them :(17:31
yvllemme try to remember...17:31
replaceafillth1a, i sent an email requestion a translation for es_SV17:33
replaceafill*translation template17:33
th1aOK... just reread that.17:35
th1aThat sounds right to me... menesis?17:36
replaceafillth1a, if you want your eyes to burn :)17:36
th1aOne thing we could probably settle finally at UDS is the translation permissions on LP translations.17:37
th1aDidn't we end up leaving them open?17:37
menesiscp es.po es_SV.po17:38
menesisand edit the file17:38
menesisbut you want to use Launchpad Translations?17:38
replaceafillmenesis, yes17:38
replaceafillso other people can work on them17:38
menesisbtw es_CL has problems17:39
yvlreplaceafill, I think I deleted the whole work on catalogs17:39
yvlas in permanently17:39
replaceafillyvl, :(((17:39
replaceafillyvl, but it was there!!!17:39
replaceafilland a few days later, gone!!!17:39
menesisit is not exported or imported automatically like all other translations. don't remember and don't know why17:39
th1ayvl:  We have this thing called a revision control system.17:39
replaceafilland i dont see removed files in the history17:39
yvldid you check out hte branch?17:39
yvlth1a, there are ways to delete the branches too17:39
yvlreplaceafill, do you have the branch?17:40
replaceafilli have it but without your work17:40
yvlthat's it17:40
th1aI just needed to make someone other than aelkner the butt of my favorite joke.17:40
replaceafillyou dont have it?17:40
yvlafter release17:40
yvlI'm going to a vacation17:40
aelknerth1a: thanks for that17:41
replaceafillok, th1a, enrollment statuses are only for students, correct?17:41
replaceafilli mean, we're displaying "Enrollment Status" as the name of the field?17:41
replaceafillor just "Status"?17:41
replaceafillEnrollment Status is way long17:42
th1aStatus is fine.17:42
replaceafillI used: Pre-Enrolled, Enrolled and Post-Enrolled as values17:42
replaceafillyvl, that's another question of mine, is it ok to use: status = _("Enrolled") as a class attribute for BasicPerson?17:43
replaceafilli mean, it's a i18n messageid17:43
yvlI'd rather you didn;t17:44
yvlso, well, good news, people17:44
replaceafillyou found it?17:44
yvlI nuked the work on catalogs17:44
replaceafillyvl, was it when you merged trunk to your branch?17:45
yvlI nuked the branch on launchpad17:45
yvlthen on my laptop17:45
yvlthen removed all saved diffs from work in progress17:45
yvlthen checked out trunk17:45
yvland replaced everything ;)17:46
replaceafillevolution to update the catalog?17:46
menesissomething about catalog cache?17:46
replaceafillmenesis, you have it?!?!17:46
menesisI have looked at that branch on launchpad17:47
menesisbut do not have a checkout of it17:47
menesisit might be possible to fish out the lost branch from the shared repository17:48
menesisbut I don't know how17:48
replaceafillok, my last question17:50
replaceafillregarding ftests17:50
replaceafilland the SchoolTool skin17:50
replaceafilli mean, the old skin17:50
replaceafillyvl, i changed ftests to use the BasicPerson skin17:50
replaceafilla ftest there need to access the Courses and Groups viewlets17:51
replaceafillthose break in the SchoolTool skin17:51
replaceafillsince they need resource files available only in the BasicPerson skin17:51
yvlwhy did you change the test?17:51
yvlto use BasicPerson skin...17:52
yvlI'm just curious17:53
replaceafilli used new resources for the person index.html view17:53
yvlI'm not entirely in working condition, so pardon me17:53
yvlstill sick, you know17:53
replaceafillyvl, i understand17:53
replaceafillyvl, i'll better send an email with lots of questions, ok?17:54
replaceafilland you reply when you feel better17:54
yvlth1a, as for the rest of the week....17:54
yvlI'll be fixing the damage I did the evening before I got sick17:54
replaceafillth1a, still bugging you on Statuses17:55
replaceafillcould we use something like:17:55
replaceafillPre-Active, Active, Post-Active?17:55
replaceafillso it can be used for everyone not only students?17:55
th1aLet's shift gears for a minute.17:56
th1aSo statuses is not going to be in Lucid, right?17:56
yvlok, guys, gotta go lay down.  Happy coding :)17:57
aelkneryvl: feel better17:57
yvlstatuses... probably not in lucid17:57
th1aGet well yvl.17:57
replaceafillth1a, we wanted to put the status field in the catalog17:57
replaceafillyvl, get well man17:57
th1areplaceafill:  Sure.17:58
replaceafillso i'd say we should wait for yvl to recover and recover his catalog cache work17:58
replaceafillth1a, last thing on my list, reminding you guys of the crowd issue we found about a month ago17:59
replaceafillthere's not a public bug for it17:59
replaceafillso it's easy to forget about it18:00
th1aPerhaps you should file one.18:00
replaceafillone without all the details, correct?18:00
replaceafilljust as a reminder18:00
th1aYou can mark bugs a security-related.18:01
replaceafillare they treated differently?18:01
replaceafilllike private?18:01
replaceafilli'll look into that18:02
replaceafillthat's all from me18:02
replaceafillthanks gentlemen18:02
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.18:03
th1aHave a great week, gentlemen!18:03
th1areplaceafill:  continuing...18:03
th1aCan we implement the UI for statuses such that you only see the basic statuses if you haven't created an equivalent extended one?18:04
th1aSo that then it doesn't matter if we give them a weird abstract name?18:04
Lumieresecurity bugs18:04
Lumiereare only given to the person who submitted it18:05
Lumierethe security contacct18:05
Lumiereand the assigned person18:05
replaceafillLumiere, :O18:05
Lumierenoone else can see them18:05
replaceafillthey are the only ones that see the bug?18:05
Lumiereuntil they're made public18:05
replaceafillcool, i'll file it and assign it to yvl :)18:06
replaceafillth1a, how do we know if they created an equivalent?18:06
th1aUm, look at the existing extended statuses?18:06
replaceafillby equivalent you mean "Enrolled" == "Enrolled" for their titles?18:07
replaceafilli'm confused in the "equivalent" part18:07
th1aI mean, if I'm a user, and I've defined an extended status as, I dunno, "foo."18:09
th1aSay I've got "foo," as a pre-active, "bar" as "active" "baz" as a post-active.18:09
th1aRight, because each extended enrollment state corresponds to a basic one?18:09
replaceafilli guess i'm lost here18:10
replaceafillok, we have Pre-Active, Active and Post-Active as basic statuses18:11
* th1a is now completely sure enrollment status won't be in Lucid...18:11
replaceafillth1a, definetily :(18:11
replaceafillcan you tell me about the "corresponds" part?18:11
replaceafillah wait18:12
replaceafilli just saw the enrollment part in the extended ones!!!18:12
replaceafillyou want the extended ones related to the basic ones!!!18:13
replaceafillso i define extended: "First Semester" associated with "Active"18:13
replaceafill"Getting Trained" associated with "Pre-Active"18:14
replaceafill"Dead" associated with "Post-Active"18:14
replaceafillth1a, something like that?18:14
th1aIs that what you've done?18:14
replaceafillno, the extended ones are just objects containing titles18:15
replaceafillbut i can put the reference to the basic one18:16
th1aThat's necessary.18:16
replaceafillwhen the user creates the extended one he's asked for "Title" and "Basic Status"18:16
th1aSo what I'm saying -- and I don't think I thought of this before -- is that the user shouldn't have to see this as a hierarchy.18:18
th1aHe shouldn't be constantly doing Basic > Extended status.18:18
th1aIf there are extended statuses, he should just see them.18:18
th1aDoes that make sense?18:19
replaceafillby equivalent you meant a extended status pointing to a basic one18:19
replaceafillif you have pointers to the basic one, the basic one is hidden18:20
th1aSo if you don't really care about statuses, or if you manage to break your extended statuses, you'll see the basic ones.18:20
th1aOtherwise, you'll define a couple extended ones that make sense to you and never see the basic ones again.18:21
th1aIf you assign someone a basic one, then it has to be a filter option.18:21
th1aFor *filtering* you probably need to see the basic ones.18:21
th1aFor *assignment* I think it is safe to not show them.18:22
th1aSee what I'm getting at?18:22
replaceafillfiltering as in filtering in the gradebook, as in filtering in the journal, etc? correct?18:22
replaceafillassignment as in creating a person18:22
th1aaelkner:  Can you send me that SLA screenshot?18:22
replaceafillth1a, got it, will work on that18:23
th1aI'm just trying to make the form easier to use.18:24
th1aI mean, I may be overreacting.18:24
th1aIt might be fine to just list the basic ones at the end of the menu.18:24
th1aThat actually might be sufficient in terms of the views.18:24
replaceafillby menu, you mean a dropdown html element?18:25
th1aJust keep them out of the way.18:25
th1aWell, whatever list you're providing.18:25
replaceafillah ok18:25
th1aWe're not going to expect people to type them exactly every time.18:25
replaceafillth1a, a display like this:18:26
replaceafillIn Training18:26
replaceafillFirst Semester18:26
replaceafillSecond Semester18:26
replaceafillwith the basics out of the way18:27
th1aI mean, that is probably gets us there without adding a bunch of logic which might confuse everyone anyhow.18:30
replaceafilli this understandable:18:31
replaceafillIn Training18:31
th1aLet's not do that.18:31
replaceafillbasic always in the same place18:31
replaceafillIn Training18:31
replaceafillif the manager set a person "In Training" that automatically should change the basic status to Pre-Active, correct?18:32
th1aWhat we don't want is the user drilling through that as a hierarchy.18:33
replaceafillif the In Training is pointing to PreActive18:33
th1aOK, so I assigned two bugs to you this morning, that you probably should do now, because they might need to go into the release.18:36
th1areplaceafill ^18:36
replaceafillyes, i saw you set them to lucid18:36
replaceafillSecurity-related bugs are by default private (visible only to their direct subscribers). You may choose to publicly disclose this bug.18:37
th1aIs there a standard pdf footer we're using?18:37
replaceafilli think so, the default page i guess18:37
th1aOK, just get the right Zonki in there, please.18:38
th1aAnd I guess we should stop people from creating new non-ascii usernames for the time being?18:39
th1aUntil SchoolTool works with them?18:39
replaceafillyes, that's should be strongly tested before putting it to work18:39
replaceafillas menesis recommended in his last comment18:39
replaceafill    <image tal:attributes="18:41
replaceafill        file string:${context/schooltool:app/@@absolute_url}/@@/schooltool-report-logo.png;18:41
replaceafill        x view/footer/logo/x;18:41
replaceafill        y view/footer/logo/y;18:41
replaceafill        height view/footer/logo/height"18:41
replaceafill        preserveAspectRatio="True" />18:41
th1aRight, so in the meantime we should just filter that on creation?18:41
replaceafillhhmm we could do that18:41
replaceafillthe personaddview18:41
th1areplaceafill, So just switch schooltool-report-logo.png to point to the right place.18:42
replaceafillth1a, yes18:42
th1aI guess we also need to check it on other import methods, too?18:42
replaceafillcsv and xls?18:42
th1aShould we just raise an exception at the model level?18:43
th1a(and catch it in the views)18:43
th1aWe're going to be making more importers soon, particularly for schools using non-ascii character sets...18:43
replaceafilli guess the view is the place to put it18:44
th1aDon't we have to add it in multiple places, then?18:45
replaceafillwe would have to change them to react anyway18:45
replaceafillwe could use an invariant in the ibasicperson interface to react18:47
replaceafilli'll ask yvl :P18:48
th1aAll right.18:48
replaceafillthanks th1a18:48
th1aSo what's your timeframe on statuses?18:48
replaceafilli say it will take me a couple of days to adjust everything to what we just talked18:50
replaceafilli mean, the linking and the filtering18:51
th1aAlso, I *really* need specific tasks for the El Salvador grant proposal.18:52
th1aVERY SOON.18:52
replaceafillth1a, yes i know18:52
replaceafillalthough during the weekend i checked schooltool.cambodia really close18:53
th1aOK.  So you have enough to keep you busy a few days.  ;-)18:53
replaceafilland i found that it could adjust well to our needs18:53
th1aYes, your next job is to set up a demo instance for Cambodia, once you clear these tasks.18:53
replaceafillsorry that is in spanish18:55
replaceafillbut in the last part18:55
replaceafillthere's the "Courses"18:55
replaceafillit all match cambodia18:56
th1aThere are standard courses in El Salvador?18:56
replaceafillsome schools teach their own courses18:57
replaceafillbut they have to teach those18:57
replaceafillwe use Grades and Classes the same way Cambodia does18:57
replaceafilland for importing for the first school, i took one of their XLS and spit our import XLS format18:58
replaceafilland it worked18:59
th1aOne would hope.  ;-)18:59
* th1a goes to take a shower.19:06
*** Aiste has quit IRC19:11
th1areplaceafill:  SInce that's already a security bug, perhaps you could actually describe it in the bug.  ;-)19:12
replaceafilli wasnt sure it was going to behave as it did :P19:13
replaceafillnow i can edit it ;)19:13
th1aok, I'm really going to take a shower now.19:17
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* replaceafill would like ST to have bool demographic fields :)20:41
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