IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2010-04-01

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replaceafillyvl, could you check the XXX in the render method in
replaceafilli'm trying to understand why viewlets are rendered twice :|17:18
yvlto hide viewlets with no content17:19
yvlwhen filtering: if content and content.strip()17:19
yvla bit above the XXX17:19
replaceafillcouldn't we just store content for not rendering twice?17:20
replaceafilli mean, it's not a big deal, but for example the courses viewlet was kind of expensive17:21
replaceafilland their two heavy methods were called three times17:21
replaceafillputting and update method in the viewlets fixes this17:22
yvlI don't remember why ignas had to render them twice17:22
replaceafillwell, i was just curious :P17:23
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yvlI hope to remake nav bar at some point17:23
yvlso this part of code will be obsolete17:24
ignasyvl, not sure it was my idea, it might have been old srichter code reused17:24
yvlreplaceafill, you can try out bzr+ssh://
yvlupdated catalog registration mechanism17:54
replaceafillgreat! branching...17:55
replaceafillcached catalogs!17:59
yvlbasic idea - if you modify, say basicperson.person.PersonCatalog's version string or attributes tuple, it will be recreated on next application start up18:00
replaceafillah you need version in case the object itself changes18:10
yvlalso, if values get recalculated in some way that does not trigger reindexing18:12
replaceafillfor example?18:12
yvlumm, title18:15
replaceafillkeepalive is what it tells to remove the catalog or not?18:15
yvlif keepalive is not set to True when the cleanup comes18:15
yvlcatalogs are removed18:15
replaceafillit can be 'expired' too?18:15
yvlso catalogs that are no longer registered get auto-removed18:15
yvlI just called them expired in the test18:15
yvlthat's confusing I guess...18:16
replaceafillcool! i'll play with it ;)18:17
yvlgood luck ;)18:23
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yvlah, replaceafill, I remembered:18:36
yvlbe wary if your indexed value can be None18:37
yvlsome places in schooltool use documents_to_values[obj_id] instead of documents_to_values.get(obj_id)18:37
yvlI think there may be bugs in at least schooltool table sorting code18:38
yvlmaybe some searches18:38
yvljust... if you get tracebacks with documents_to_values and it bothers you, change the code there to documents_to_values.get()18:40
yvland I'll fix that some time18:40
yvlsoon, probably :)18:40
replaceafillah ok18:41
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aelkneryvl: ayt?19:04
yvlbut I won't be very long here...19:04
aelknera question19:04
aelknerwill you be able to look at this any time soon?19:04
aelkneryour last question was about how to recreate it in the gradebook19:05
aelknerif you put a .serve() in report_card.txt19:06
aelknerafter changing it to deploy a comment score system19:06
aelkneri'm guessing some resource in the fckeditor space is not being found19:08
yvlok, I'll look at it a bit later19:09
yvlsay, until Mon meeting19:09
aelknerthat would great, thanks19:10
yvlI'm kind of having trouble running SchoolTool on python 2.6 now19:10
replaceafillyvl, is the next release moving to 2.6?19:10
yvlI guess19:11
yvlno python 2.5 in Lucid19:11
yvlgood new everyone! :|19:11
aelkneris tomorrow a holiday?19:12
aelknergood friday, right?19:13
yvlah, Easter19:13
yvlno, not a holiday here, AFAIK19:13
aelkneri won't be talking off19:13
aelknerso what does 'goo new everyone' mean?19:14
yvlthat's a mistyped quote from Futurama19:14
yvlthe professor there always started with a greeting 'good news everyone!'19:14
yvlwhen sending his crew to a certain doom19:15
ignasyvl, have 2 minutes?19:36
ignasor anyone who can check whether there in fact exists a "function" test in tal templates19:37
ignasthat can be used in tal:content="python: test(here)"19:37
ignasthat does the same thing as foo == 5 and x or y19:38
ignasbut without shortcircuiting19:38
* ignas wants to find out whether it is a builtin feature of tal templates19:38
ignasor a zope2 feature19:38
yvlignas: ok19:41
yvlNameError: name 'test' is not defined19:42
yvlaelkner: we'll be definitely moving to python 2.6 soon19:42
yvlif you're using Ubuntu without python 2.6, you'll have to upgrade eventually19:43
yvlok, me off19:44
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* replaceafill wishes we could specify a single doctest in the bin/test command line...20:06
menesis-t flag20:15
menesisbin/test -t scoresystem.txt20:15
menesisfor example20:15
menesisor bin/test -t doctest_SchoolToolFooBlah_test20:15
replaceafillmenesis, nice! it works!!!20:22
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