IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2010-03-19

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th1ahi yvl.14:33
yvlgood morning th1a14:33
th1aThere's fewer hard feature proposals to go through at this point than I thought.14:35
th1aSo this shouldn't take too long.14:35
yvlhopefully :)14:35
th1aSo keep in mind that the primary objective here is to let people know ahead of time that things like "write a cafeteria management module" are out of scope.14:36
yvlI spent all morning reading applications you forwarded and LP14:36
yvlthere seem to be several good things to have directly in ST14:37
th1aAlso, in terms of developer days, we're looking at about 200 for the total grant value.14:37
yvland some of the applications obviously stand out of the crowd14:37
th1aYes -- although also bear in mind that for the preliminary application, I really just wanted to know who they were and the scope of changes.14:38
yvlthat's quite a number14:38
yvlstill, a considerable amount of dev hours will go to other things than the actual development of features in my opinion14:39
th1aWe used 30 on Cambodia, so far, just for comparison.14:39
yvlI roughly estimated that if all goes well14:39
th1aWell, like anything else, you have to consider a lot more than just the actual time writing code.14:39
yvlwe could put Cambodia, Zambia (and maybe Nigeria or Philippines if they only need minor report / import / export functionality)14:40
th1aWe may be able to do more of these than I originally thought.14:41
th1aWell, we're not getting a lot of larger scale proposals (which isn't surprising), so we may be able to do several small ones.14:42
yvlI'm actually very happy that we have proposals that do not diverge from core SchoolTool too much14:42
yvlwould you like to start by going through FeatureDetails.odt from Mplembe?14:43
yvlok then, priority 1 features...14:44
yvlExtensive contact details14:45
th1aDid you change all the tags, btw?14:45
yvlI changed one, then realised that Mplembe is in Zambia...14:45
th1aSo I think she actually means demographics, not contacts,14:46
th1aand the main thing is making them customizable by role.14:46
th1aWhich Cambodia also wants.14:46
yvlI think we can get away by allowing to customize demographics "per-group"14:46
th1areplaceafill and I thought an easy way to approach that would be letting you set which optional demographic fields are visible based on group.14:47
yvli.e. add custom demographics setups, then assign them to people in groups14:47
th1aThis might be a good time to try voice chat...14:48
yvlyou know, you might be right ;)14:48
* yvl goes to find some headphones14:48
th1aI'll fetch my laptop.14:48
th1aI'm tom_hoffman14:51
yvlmy Skype is somewhat malfunctioning14:52
* th1a remembers why we don't use voice chat. ;-)14:53
yvlI'm adding you...14:54
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yvlth1a: lost connection... call me back15:04
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ignasreplaceafill, hi15:48
replaceafillhello ignas15:48
ignasreplaceafill, yesterday you asked about dual log in in testbrowser15:48
replaceafillyes, i saw your response, thanks15:49
replaceafilli'm going to try it today15:49
ignasahh, cool15:49
replaceafilljust browser = Browser()15:49
replaceafillbrowser = Browser(None, Noe)15:49
ignasjust Browser() should work15:53
replaceafillnice! it works! :)15:56
replaceafilli can log in and log out15:56
replaceafillthanks ignas!15:57
ignasglad to be of use15:58
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