IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2010-03-15

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dwelshgood morning15:19
dwelsh(jelker helped dwelsh figure out how to register on
dwelsh(dwelsh is back in business)15:21
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th1aSo... should we meet now or in an hour?15:31
th1aThe US switched to daylight savings time yesterday.15:31
* th1a will be happy to nap for another hour...15:33
yvloh :)15:33
th1aDid Lithuania switch?15:33
yvlno, it's 15:33 here15:33
yvlwe can meet now if you guys are awake... or you can nap ;)15:35
replaceafillth1a, your call15:36
th1aSee you in an hour.15:36
yvlsweet dreams, th1a ;)15:37
dwelshth1a:  are you around?15:51
dwelshWant to connect on an issue or two...15:51
dwelsh(all good)15:51
aelknerdwelsh: he will back at 10:3015:56
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yvlmorning th1a16:33
th1aHi menesis, yvl, aelkner, dwelsh, replaceafill.16:33
replaceafillgood morning16:33
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aelknerth1a: please look at the screenshot i just sent you16:34
aelkneri haven't asked for the merge yet in case you want me to change something16:34
th1aI would just change the text to say Hide "only show blah blah" filter where blah blah = the actual text used on the gradebook screen.16:36
th1aSo there isn't any confusion about what you're hiding.16:36
th1aSo... first off, I want to thank everyone for their work the past two weeks.16:37
th1aIt was great to follow up the sprint with everyone working more closely while back at home.16:38
th1aAnd I think we showed to ourselves and our customers what we can do to customize SchoolTool in a short period of time.16:38
th1aHaving a *simple* SchoolTool with a polished interface feels pretty great.16:39
* yvl agrees16:39
th1aNow... what next?16:40
yvlwhere to begin...16:40
yvlrelease is coming close16:40
yvlI'll need some dev time for that16:41
yvlsometime in next two weeks16:41
yvlI finally got some spare time to catch up with menesis16:41
yvlabout various things16:41
yvlwhat else...16:42
yvlsome of the sprint stuff needs to be reviewed and merged16:42
yvland I'd like to have a feature list by the end of next week at least16:42
yvl(for Lucid)16:42
yvlCambodia customization also needs additional work16:43
yvlbasic pages for class management (add views at least)16:43
yvlcompletely hide the terms for now16:43
yvlteacher instruction views16:43
th1apause that for a sec.16:43
th1areplaceafill:  What's your task list look like now?16:44
replaceafillenrollment statuses16:44
replaceafilland finishing the schooltool.task functionality maybe16:45
th1aRight, ok...16:45
aelkneri don't know what i have next16:46
aelknermaybe you should suggest something16:46
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aelknertrying to tie up loose ends16:46
aelknerbut nothing significant on my plate16:46
aelknerjelkner will give me his reactions today16:47
aelknerto the new Intervention tab16:47
th1ayvl definitely needs to focus some attention on working with menesis on release planning.16:48
* th1a wishes dwelsh wouldn't call him in the middle of a scheduled IRC meeting.16:49
th1aI'd like to have replaceafill get enrollment status in to the next release if possible, which would mean it needs to be done now.16:50
th1aSo perhaps yvl can give aelkner some of the Cambodia tasks.16:51
yvlmost of the tasks I can think of now are somewhat hairy16:52
yvland others could be done faster by replaceafill, because he knows his code ATM16:52
yvlso I'd guess the best solution would be aelkner working on either gradebook or interventions16:53
yvlunless there are no things th1a wants to see in Lucid16:54
yvl* no more16:54
th1aWell, there isn't anything really to be done for the Cambodia gradebook until they get back to us.16:54
th1aI guess aelkner is on bug duty.16:55
aelknerok, but what about the gradebook preferences for cambodia16:56
aelkneri noticed in your screencast that the average and total columns were there16:56
aelknerand now with the ability to hide the due date filter16:56
aelknershould we auto-set those preferences when teachers are added to the system?16:57
th1aWe could, but hopefully we're going to get some more definite feedback shortly, so it doesn't really matter if we do it now or later.16:57
yvl[ action to write and send an email to a contact; looks like a useful feature ]16:57
replaceafillyvl, i have to merge that code16:58
replaceafillit's in one of my 7434 branches :D16:58
aelknerth1a: could you please answer my private chat?16:58
replaceafilli was about to merge it in the sprint... but i couldnt find it... :(16:58
* replaceafill needs to clean his sandboxes16:59
yvlok, replaceafill, just point it out sometime ;)17:00
replaceafillyvl, will do17:00
yvl"link a related branch" or something similar17:00
th1aI think we all need a little sandbox cleanup right now.17:00
yvlso, I'm out of tasks for aelkner actually17:02
th1aaelkner:  How's your bug list look atm?17:02
aelknerlots of small stuff17:03
aelknerit could potentially keep me busy for a couple of days17:03
th1aOK, I'll assign some more bugs to you.17:04
th1aWe've been accumulating some new ones.17:04
replaceafillyvl, how long do we have for developing the enrollment status feature? 1,2 weeks?17:05
replaceafillyvl, i mean for you and menesis to start the packaging work17:05
yvlI'd say up to a month17:05
yvlbut anything done after ~2 weeks from now is subject to be not released17:06
replaceafillah ok17:06
yvlsoft feature freeze, or something like that17:06
th1amenesis, yvl: Did alga discuss with you my discussion with him?17:06
menesisth1a: yes he has talked to me17:07
yvlyes, he talked briefly about it17:07
th1aSo... are we holding out any hope of being crammed into Lucid?17:08
menesisthere is little hope17:10
th1aSo the goals are:17:10
menesisbecause there is still a lot to be uploaded and someone has to review and upload that17:11
th1a1) Have very good Lucid packages in our PPA, on time.17:11
th1a2) keep pushing on the upload/review/etc process NOW with a goal of Lucid+1.17:11
menesisthat is of course affected by me working very little over the last month, vacation and so on.17:12
menesisbut Daniel said please continue uploading17:12
menesiswill be doing that this week17:12
th1aYes... the most important thing is not to stop and wait until after Lucid comes out.17:12
th1aI know I keep harping on that...17:12
th1aSix months is just too short a cycle to get it done all at once.17:13
th1ayvl & menesis:  We should set a hard feature freeze date in next week's meeting.17:13
yvlwe'll chat about that17:14
yvlrough guess is April 8-15, but it's all debatable17:15
yvl(April 15 is Lucid's FF, if I recall correctly)17:15
th1aOK, let's definitely not make it after that point.17:16
yvlth1a, I'll be around 9:30 your time this week if anything comes up17:16
yvland replaceafill, aelkner, can we do the Thu dev meeting at 10:30 ?17:17
th1aSo after floundering around a bit last week, I decided that the best way to organize the parts of the preliminary grant proposals is just to create blueprints on Launchpad.17:17
th1aSo I should be able to do that tomorrow and then we'll have to spend some time looking at their feasibility.17:18
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th1aOK, that should do it.17:19
th1aAny last words?17:19
th1aHave a great week gentlemen!17:20
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.17:20
yvlthanks, th1a17:20
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aelknermy whole development lost power for about 20 minutes there17:36
aelkneryvl, replaceafill: Thursday 10:30?17:37
aelknerthat's ok for me17:37
aelknerok, cool17:37
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th1aaelkner:  zyt?20:57
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