IRC log of #schooltool for Saturday, 2010-03-13

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replaceafillth1a, is that the safari browser?!?! :''''(02:33
th1areplaceafill, It is firefox.04:00
replaceafillth1a, the css was wrong :(04:08
replaceafilli saw the forms in your video04:08
replaceafillthey didnt look like the screenshots04:08
replaceafilllike i see them here04:08
th1aIn what way?04:08
replaceafillthe lengths of the input fields04:09
replaceafillsorry widths04:09
replaceafillyou didnt notice?04:09
th1aThey're not very different?04:09
replaceafillbut i could see it :P04:09
replaceafillanyway, good screencast04:09
replaceafilli thought of something04:10
replaceafillthe gradebook tab04:10
replaceafillshould depend in the active schoolyear too :D04:10
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th1areplaceafill:  I need an invoice & expenses from you!04:18
replaceafillth1a, yes, i'm working on that tonight04:19
replaceafillbeen kind of busy :P04:19
replaceafilli'll send it tonight04:19
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th1aI just need it monday04:22
th1aGood night!04:22
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aelknerhey replaceafill20:42
replaceafillhey aelkner20:42
aelknerone sec20:43
aelknerok, so i have a new change for jelkner20:43
aelknerreplaceafill: the same branch as before, my intervention branch20:45
aelknerso all you need to do is bzr pull?20:45
aelknerjelkner says he is not using the system today20:46
aelknerso it's a good time to update his instance20:46
replaceafillright now: revno: 23920:46
aelknerif you pull, 24020:46
replaceafillok, doing it...20:47
aelknerthanks, and again thanks for your help last night20:47
replaceafillnp man :)20:47
aelknerwhen you do the pull, what files come down?20:48
replaceafillbacking up first...20:48
replaceafillaelkner, pm'ing you the files20:51
aelknerthat's the ticket20:51
replaceafillrunning buildout20:51
aelkneryou know that you don't need to run buildout20:51
aelknerwhen all you've done is update files20:52
aelknerit's only when you create a new directory that you need to20:52
aelknerlike when you rm -rf a branch20:52
aelknerand then rebranch20:52
aelknerthat action kills all the scripts that buildout creates20:52
replaceafillstarting the server...20:53
aelknernecessitating a run of buildout20:53
replaceafillserver up20:53
aelknerbut when you don't change the hard link of the directory20:53
replaceafillhow can i check the changes?20:53
aelkneryou don't need buildout20:53
aelkneri can try to remember jelkner's login :)20:53
replaceafillare u login in?20:54
aelknercan you pm me the web address and jelkner's password20:54
replaceafilllet me know if everything works as expected20:55
aelknerit works perfectly, thanks!20:56
replaceafillyour last changes are there?20:56
aelknerjelkner says he can't play with it today20:56
replaceafillah ok20:56
aelknerbut he and i will meet tomorrow to check it out together20:56
replaceafillare you going to tell him we updated?20:56
aelknerhe knows20:56
replaceafillah ok20:56
aelkneryou can see what i did, too20:57
aelknerjust sign in as jelkner and hit the Intervention tab20:57
replaceafillthe dashboard20:57
replaceafillinbox :)20:58
aelknerthe new part is the students section20:58
aelknerthe inbox comes after that20:58
aelknerjelkner correctly pointed out that most of the time users will want to get to the student20:58
aelknerbut the inbox below will also be interesting for them20:59
aelknerin other words, they get the best of both worlds20:59
aelknerjelkner is an awesome user20:59
replaceafillyoure not using the same column formatters, right?20:59
aelknerhis feedback is so good for the project20:59
aelknerhow do you mean?20:59
aelknerthe same as what?20:59
aelknerone form the other?21:00
replaceafilli see sorting functionality for the second table but not for the first21:00
aelknerthe first is index driven21:00
aelknerthe second is driven by the dynamically created list of students21:00
replaceafilli like the Show only students with goals part21:00
aelknerthat the teacher either teaches or advises21:00
aelknerwe don't have an index for that as yet21:00
aelknerit's not a priority21:01
replaceafillaelkner, what's the difference between a message and an observation?21:01
aelknernow that's a good question21:01
replaceafillgoal -> what you want the student to get to, right?21:01
aelkneri have that legend there as per Lehmann's suggestion21:01
replaceafillintervention -> communication about that goal21:01
aelknerit may be better to just say messages21:02
replaceafillit's just wording?21:02
aelknerit certainly is, and if it confuses you, then it's poorly worded :)21:02
replaceafillno i mean, i expected Messages and Observations objects21:03
aelknerthat's my point, poorly worded21:03
replaceafillthere's one school in my home town that is interested in interventions :)21:03
replaceafilli probably meet with them next week21:04
aelknerjelkner told me you're finding more than school that's interested there21:04
replaceafillit's a small school for kids with learning trouble21:04
aelknerthat's great news21:04
replaceafilland they think interventions could help the parents to be up to date21:04
replaceafillwith kids performance21:04
replaceafillwe could use it for that, right?21:05
aelknerinterventions are for misbehavior and bad acedemic performance21:05
aelknerif the student is dong well and behaving well, there's nothing to see there21:06
aelknerif the parent wants to see the student's grades, that's another matter21:06
replaceafillagain it's not a "regular" school21:06
replaceafillthey register the kids performance every day21:06
replaceafillnot numbers21:06
replaceafillaspects where the kid showed good or bad responses21:07
replaceafillit's not a quantitative matter21:08
aelknerwell, you should probably ask tom about how he sees the user dong that21:08
aelknerwe have a journal, but i;m not sure that is the right thing to use21:08
replaceafilli think the main functionality is there21:08
replaceafillthe use could be different21:08
replaceafillbut we'll see :)21:09
aelknertry to remember to bring this up on monday for tom's reactions21:09
aelkneri'd be interested in his response21:09
replaceafilli'm writing it in the Salvadorean grant application21:10
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