IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2010-02-26

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th1ayvl, ayt?15:44
yvlI'm here, th1a15:45
th1ahi replaceafill.15:46
replaceafillhey guys15:46
th1aWhat's the status of the CanDo work, replaceafill?15:46
replaceafilli finished porting the resume, now i just have to insert competency groups and it's done15:47
replaceafillquick fix15:47
th1aNow, the problem is that menesis is on his honeymoon now.15:47
th1aDoes anyone else know how to package the changes?15:48
* th1a looks at yvl...15:48
* yvl looks away15:48
yvlno, I don't15:48
th1aI didn't think so.15:48
yvlhow badly do we need debs?15:49
th1aThey'd like to push the changes to the local sites.15:49
yvlI see15:49
yvlI am browsing to see if I can find anything related to deb packaging15:51
yvldon't know how much of that was automated15:51
th1aOh, I think it is pretty automated.15:51
th1aBut only menesis knows where the switches are.15:51
yvlman, I wish I had sudo rights there :/15:54
th1aWell, dwelsh may just have to wait.15:55
yvlwell, I can spend, say, up to an hour looking how to build debs15:56
yvland +1h if success seems near15:56
th1aThat's fine.15:56
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yvlhmm, found something16:05
yvlthis whole thing feels like treasure hunt for some reason :)16:05
th1aIt helps that we know there is a pot of gold somewhere.16:07
jelknergood morning16:11
th1aGood morning jelkner.16:11
jelknerth1a, i just shared a document with you16:11
jelknerit is the proposal ann, isaac, and i are working on for the HILT Institute16:12
jelkneri feel pretty confident ann and isaac at the least will agree to use ST gradebook with next year16:12
jelknerthey are using it now on a limited scale for classes we are team teaching16:13
th1aI can't keep all your acronyms and sub-projects straight.16:13
jelknerwell, you don't have to16:13
th1aWhat does HILT stand for?16:14
jelknerHILT - High Intensity Language Training16:14
jelknerArlington's name for ESL16:14
jelkneranyway, my point is our mission has to be to make it more fun for ann and isaac to use ST gradebook than EasyGrade Pro16:15
jelknerso that they want to switch16:15
jelknerif we can do that, we're off to the races ;-)16:15
jelknerok, i have to go to class16:15
jelknertalk to you later16:15
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yvlok, th1a, I think it's time for me to give up16:56
yvlif it can't wait until menesis gets back, I'll call ignas and try to extort some info :)16:58
replaceafillyvl, do you know when menesis gets back?16:59
replaceafillso i can ask dwelsh if he can wait16:59
yvlMarch 817:00
yvlat least that's the date marked on our company calendar17:00
replaceafillah ok, thanks, i'll send dwelsh an email telling him so17:01
yvlhope there's nothing urgent...17:02
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replaceafillth1a, yvl: i talked to dwelsh and he told me that we can wait for menesis to come back20:49
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th1areplaceafill:  Great.22:38
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dloboth1a: quick non-SIS question if i may23:28
dloboany thoughts on squeak / scratch / eToys and is that a good starting environment for kids?23:29
dloboand what are the other alternatives23:29
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