IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2010-02-22

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th1ayvl: ayt?16:32
yvlI'm here, th1a16:39
th1aHow was your flight back?16:39
yvlgreat, actually16:40
yvlno problems or lost baggage whatsoever :)16:40
yvlI'm still a bit surprised for some reason :)16:41
th1aDid your beer make it?!?16:42
yvlyes, and I'm quite surprised about that16:42
th1aAs am I.16:43
th1aSo... we had one bit of unfortunate timing in all this.16:43
th1aI got a long email from Cambodia about requirements a few hours after everyone left.16:43
th1aI'm going to write my response now and I'll cc: you.16:44
yvlthat's Murphy's law for you.16:44
yvlcan you also FW the mail, if you're going to cut something out?16:44
yvl* the original e-mail16:44
th1aEssentially we'll just need to do am "easy mode" SchoolTool UI.16:44
yvlby the way, is there any talk about the timeline?16:45
th1aI just forwarded it to you.16:45
yvlok, thanks16:45
th1a(the original)16:45
th1aWe'll have to extend the timeline a bit.16:45
yvlyes, 3 months until pilot sounds a bit tight16:49
th1aExtend it from what we'd originally discussed.16:49
th1aWell... it depends.16:49
th1aOn how "controlled" the pilot is, I'd say.16:49
th1aThat is, if we help configure the school, it might be ok.16:50
th1aMake sure the data model, etc. works and then make it easier.16:51
yvlhad a brief glance at it16:52
yvlbasically, write completely new UI16:52
th1aThat's the question.16:53
yvlnot that bad, considering how, umm, little they need16:53
th1aSome of these are things that are generally useful, too.16:53
th1a"Add Student" form a lot of people would probably consider an improvment.16:53
yvltrue, true16:54
th1aThe best approach for maintainability is the question.16:54
yvlumm, maintainability?16:54
th1aJust more forms in the main UI?16:54
yvlah, that16:54
th1aNot forking ourselves.16:55
yvllike CanDo16:55
th1aA skin, like CanDo, not maintainability like CanDo, hopefully.  ;-)16:55
yvlwell, yes :)16:55
th1aWe should be able to do it without changing any of the core data model.16:55
yvlI think so, at least from the brief look16:56
yvlkeep data model in place, just skin a lot :)16:56
th1aOne thing that might get bumped up in priority is breaking up gradebook.16:56
yvlwe definitely need more info on how simple / what exactly do they need16:56
yvlin terms of scoring system16:57
yvlgradebook vs journal16:57
th1aWell, the idea here is that we wanted a preliminary proposal so we can ask those questions now.16:57
th1aSo perhaps you could spend some time on this tomorrow and make a list.16:57
yvlyes, that's exactly what I was going to say :)16:58
th1aHow's your jetlag?16:59
yvlnone at all :)16:59
yvlgot good night sleep on the plane, so woke up ~ 11AM our time16:59
th1aI never get much sleep on the plane.17:01
yvlfor some reason, I usually sleep well on buses, trains, etc.17:03
yvlso, thanks again for the wonderful time at the sprint - your'e a wonderful host!17:04
th1aYou're welcome.17:10
th1aIt reminded me of why I moved here in the first place!17:10
yvlgood to hear ;)17:16
* yvl goes away, will get back to you tomorrow morning17:17
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