IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2010-02-08

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replaceafillyvl, ping12:19
yvlpong, replaceafill12:21
replaceafillyvl, i'd like to hear your comments on my last email to schooltool-developers@lists.launchpad.net12:21
yvlgot the email few minutes ago12:21
yvlwill definitely comment ;)12:22
replaceafillbut i can wait until the meeting ;)12:22
yvl(I actually wanted to write an email to you after I saw Friday's IRC log, but still haven't gotten to that...)12:22
replaceafillam i way off?12:23
yvlno no no12:23
yvlI can't remember right away...12:24
yvlit was about using annotations instead of relationships I think12:24
yvlnot a requirement, just seems to be a little bit easier12:25
yvlI'm still undecided on how ST should suggest extending objects12:26
yvlthere are clearly several scenarios, and I'd like to have some kind of API12:26
replaceafilla unique way to do things12:26
yvlor better - documentation :)12:26
replaceafillspeaking of documentation!!!!12:27
replaceafilldoes the rml stuff have tests somewhere?12:27
replaceafilli was looking for it yesterday and couldn't find it12:27
yvlI'm pretty sure it... does not12:27
replaceafilli made it work though!12:28
replaceafillyour backport12:28
replaceafillit works12:28
yvland other CanDo reports did not break?12:28
replaceafilli don't know if i did it in the right way, but it worked!12:28
replaceafillyou mean pdf reports?12:28
replaceafilli guess cando doesnt have any12:28
yvlyou meant - any other than the ones Filip worked on?12:29
replaceafillfilip's was the first one i guess12:29
replaceafilli used one template for the pdf view12:30
replaceafilland defined a reportpagetemplate for the first page12:30
replaceafillwith its own stylesheet12:31
replaceafillregister the reportpagetemplate as a named adapter12:31
yvlyes, that's the way it's intended12:31
replaceafillwithout docs! :P12:31
yvlawesome :)12:31
replaceafillit's good code ;)12:31
replaceafillgood code it's easy to understand12:32
replaceafillyou know what i didnt understand12:32
yvlthis means that either: a) you're a good developer; b) the code was good enough;  c) all of the above ;)12:32
replaceafillwas that if you define an inline template12:32
replaceafillfor the stylesheet of the reportpagetemplate12:32
replaceafillinlinetemplate(""""<style1 /> <style2 />"""")12:33
replaceafillit doesnt work12:33
replaceafilland it didnt work either if i took the two styles to it's own pt file12:33
replaceafillbecause i was missing a parent element for all the styles12:34
replaceafilli put a <metal:block xmlns:metal="..."> </metal:block> and then the xml parser was happy12:34
replaceafillanyway, it was fun learning that stuff12:35
replaceafilli felt like i was behind in the pdf generation story ;)12:35
yvlit may be... see schooltool/app/browser/report.py12:35
yvlthis one12:35
replaceafillyes, that's what i used as an example12:36
replaceafillbut if i had several <parastyles...> it broke12:36
replaceafilli guess you need a parent element or something, right?12:37
replaceafilli mean for valid xml12:37
yvlah, yes12:37
yvlyes, there has to be only one parent element12:37
replaceafilllast question12:37
yvlgo ahead :)12:38
replaceafillsuppose i want to have the first two pages using the same reportpagetemplate12:38
replaceafilli used:12:39
replaceafill  <metal:block fill-slot="page_templates">12:39
replaceafill    <tal:block content="structure view/use_template/front_page" />12:39
replaceafill    <tal:block content="structure view/use_template/default" />12:39
replaceafill  </metal:block>12:39
replaceafillto specify i needed both kind of pages12:39
replaceafillthen in the story12:39
replaceafill  <story metal:fill-slot="story"12:39
replaceafill         firstPageTemplate="front_page">12:39
replaceafill    <setNextTemplate name="default" />12:39
replaceafillis there a secondPageTemplate attribute?12:39
replaceafilland a third one and so on...12:40
replaceafilli guess i need to read some rml docs first ;)12:40
yvlfirst of all, legal disclaimer: I have a terrible memory :)12:41
replaceafill"judge, i don't remember me killing him!"12:42
yvlexactly ;)12:42
replaceafilldon't worry, i'll look it up later12:42
yvl[rummaging through code...]12:42
replaceafilli'll go get some rest before the meeting12:43
replaceafill4:43 here :)12:43
replaceafillsee you later yvl12:43
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th1ahi yvl, menesis, replaceafill, aelkner, Lumiere, ignas.16:31
jelknerth1a, good morning to you, too, mr hoffman16:32
replaceafillgood morning16:32
th1ayvl, how are you feeling?16:34
yvlhi guys16:37
yvlsorry, coffee making stuff :|16:37
yvlI'm fine now, th1a16:37
th1aHere's where you guys are staying:
yvlthanks, th1a, I needed the address to fill in the travel form16:38
th1aYou need a letter from me too, right?16:39
yvlI'm not sure it is mandatory, but I'd feel beter if I had it with me...16:39
yvl(also, I think your contact information is needed somewhere)16:40
th1a125 Adelaide Ave.16:40
th1aProvidence RI, 0290716:40
th1aSo... what does the sprint agenda look like?  ;-)16:41
yvlI've got most of it written down, but not entirely in human readable format16:42
yvlapologies for not putting it down in shared docs, I hope to explain why when we meet16:42
th1aCan you give us the tl:dr?16:42
yvl(waving hands helps me explain things)16:43
th1aToo long; didn't read.16:43
aelkneryeah, what's that?16:43
th1aSomething I learned on the Ushra'Khan forums.16:43
yvlah :)16:43
yvlok, so some of the stuff to work on:16:43
yvl1) ST dev book16:44
yvldiscussions of format and content16:44
yvlexplanation of how I see it in more detail @ sprint16:44
yvlpre-sprint: rudimentary mechanism for building it if I have enough time.16:45
yvl2) schooltool.tasks module (wrapper around lovely.remotetask)16:45
yvlI have three scenarios (quite in detail) I'd like to see implemented16:45
yvlAPI of schooltool.tasks would differ from lovely.remotetask and hopefully be more suited to our needs16:46
yvlit's something I had to lay down for replaceafill as guidance, but never got to do16:46
yvl3) schooltool.mail: use the separate thread for mail processing16:47
yvldepends on 2)16:47
yvl4) filling in more security descriptions/additional testing16:48
yvlpre-sprint: log or similar showing what crowds got checked, other debug info16:48
th1aPerhaps we can get Douglas and Alan to do CanDo descriptions.16:48
yvlif time permits, pre-sprint / on-sprint: show basic descriptions on log-in screen16:49
yvlth1a, good idea!16:49
yvl5) functional tests16:49
yvlmechanism for running another test as a set-up16:50
yvlso it could be shared  between tests16:50
yvl@ sprint: try to extract some basic setup for as many ST func. tests as possible16:51
yvlif that is done, we can work on optimizations of tests, some time after sprint, storing/restoring databases that share basic setup16:51
yvlthen, there's some chatting:16:52
yvlnavbar overhaul16:52
yvlmodule dependencies16:52
yvlplugins, plugin integration16:53
yvlbasically, I'd like to align our dev. direction for 4-7 upcoming months16:53
yvlas there are some bigger things that would be useful or not, depending on what we want to see in the "far" future16:54
th1aYes, we need to have some of those conversations.16:55
yvla "day" of such discussions may save several weeks of paid blundering16:56
yvlor months :)16:56
th1aI regret not doing that last year.16:56
* yvl too16:56
th1aNext time we have transition in lead developers, I won't have a baby at the same time.16:57
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yvlso, I think this (and some other stuff I'll write down later) will be definitely enough to keep us busy for a week16:57
th1aKeeping the scope limited is more of a problem than running out of things to do.16:58
th1aOne good thing is that I think we're now to the point where everyone won't have to spend the first day trying to get a working sandbox.16:58
th1aSo make sure you all have the same sandbox...16:59
th1aOr whatever...16:59
yvlwell, the set up from scratch nowadays is quite robust, so :)16:59
th1aBe ready to eat.17:00
th1aThe neighborhood where you're staying is full of excellent restaurants.17:01
yvlgood food and no half-portion meals...17:01
th1aEspecially if you're coming from a country with a favorable exchange rate.17:01
th1aaelkner, replaceafill:  Any questions, comments about the rough agenda?17:02
replaceafillyvl, in order to make cando using descriptions, we would need it using 1.2, right?17:02
replaceafillor backport descriptions to 1.017:02
yvlstupid me17:03
replaceafillwell, thanks to jelkner's instance we discovered there's just a few imports to change17:03 iirc17:03
replaceafillth1a, i should make sure of cando using 1.2 before the sprint, right?17:04
th1aYes... we'll need Karmic packages for CanDo.17:04
yvljelkner pushing the boundaries again!  congrats! :)17:04
yvlallright then17:04
yvl+ pre-sprint/on-sprint: port CanDo to ST 1.217:04
th1aActually, I got a request for that from Nigeria (?) yesterday.17:04
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yvlwhy the long face, replaceafill?17:05
replaceafillno, i mean, nigeria is interested in cando :)17:06
yvlaah :)17:06
th1aWell, someone in Nigeria -- not the country of Nigeria itself.17:06
th1aAlso, I might be thinking of the wrong country in Africa...17:06
th1aStarts with an N...17:07
th1aIt is Nigeria.17:08
th1aaelkner: I see you're cleaning up the bugs we reported when you were here.17:08
aelknerdid you look at the screenshots i sent you?17:08
aelkneri guess you're looking now :)17:09
aelkneranyway, i took your want of better html/css to heart17:10
th1aActually, I was spinning in my chair, looking at the ceiling.17:10
aelkneri see, not interested17:10
th1aI'm interested!17:10
aelknernext time i'll hit a triple and see if i get a rise out of you :)17:11
th1aWe don't need to go into the details of your CSS now.17:11
aelknerno, i don't think so17:11
aelkneronly thing17:11
aelkneryvl: i added a couple of macros to my school january fixes branch17:11
th1aOverall, definite improvement.17:11
aelknerwidget_row was not good for all cases17:11
aelknerso i added widget_spit_row and widget_fieldset_row17:12
yvlok, I'll look into them17:12
aelkneri needed them for schooltool.intervention improvements17:12
th1aOne thing you should try is on the goal edit form put the goal radio button and date widget in the same row to save vertical space.17:12
aelknerth1a: the reason for the order is that the last row has things that come after the timeline come due17:13
aelknerthe teacher gets that auto email17:13
aelknergoes in ad changes goal met and follow-up notes17:13
aelkneruntil then those stay pretty much blank and are not required felds17:14
th1aWell, I'll try to come up with something else then.17:14
aelknerwe can discuss this at the sprint if you'd like17:14
th1aWe're in the ballpark now, at least.17:14
aelkneri added an action button 'Download pdf' for the gradebook17:14
aelknert causes the row of action buttons to get too long17:15
aelknerbut i think yvl mentioned overhauling that at the sprint17:15
aelknerso that will be good17:15
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th1aIt doesn't sound like we'll actually get to that.17:16
aelkneryvl: ?17:16
th1aBut hopefully we can plan the changes.17:16
yvlth1a is right17:16
th1aThat would probably take half the sprint if we implemented it there.17:16
yvlI've got an idea what to do with them, but I need opinions17:16
aelkneri hope it gets done before the next release17:16
yvland to wave hands17:17
aelkneri'm lloking forward to seeing those wavy hands17:17
th1aThere are certainly some simple fixes which would help.17:17
th1ayvl:  When am I picking you up?17:18
th1aaelkner: We didn't actually book a flight for you yet did we?17:19
th1aCan you use your voucher on that?17:19
aelkneri guess so17:19
yvlth1a, I thought I sent you an email?17:19
th1aOK, do that.17:19
yvlSunday, 14 Feb, 183017:20
aelknerwhat dates do i book?17:20
th1ayvl:  Thanks.17:20
aelknerfeb 14 afternoon - feb 19 evenfing?17:20
th1aSay 20th.17:20
* yvl leaves SAT 20FEB, 12:1017:21
aelknerso we have the room until then17:21
aelknerok, i'll book feb 14-2017:21
th1aOK... PACKAGING!17:21
th1amenesis:  Any news?17:21
th1aWhere are we stuck?17:22
th1aSame place?17:22
yvl[menesis is working @ home today, can't kick his chair...]17:25
th1aHe's probably spinning in his chair, looking at the ceiling.17:25
th1aI can relate.17:25
yvlwell put :)17:25
th1aaelkner:  I trust you have enough to keep you busy this week?17:26
aelknera large enough project would be the catalog for interventions data17:27
aelknerand then building the dashboard using it17:27
yvlaelkner, that's one of the possible things for the sprint in my notes17:28
aelkneri could build the dashboard without using thecatalog17:28
aelkneradding the catalog to the dashboard will be a small job17:29
th1aThat's probably the right sequence.17:29
yvlcheck if the table formatter makes any sense for you17:29
aelkneri'm not a big fan of that class, you know17:29
aelknerbut we can get into that at the sprint17:30
yvlit's just if that class *was* useful (as I don't know if that is true for dashboard)17:32
yvlit would be trivial to replace it with catalogged version17:32
aelkneroh, i see17:33
aelkneri'll look at the table formatter again17:33
yvl(but again, I don't know if it is more helpful or harmful for the dashboard)17:33
yvlit might just overcomplicate things17:34
aelknerdoes the catalogued one already exist, or is t theoretical?17:34
yvlwhen the table formatter is given a container, the container can be replaced with catalogged version17:34
yvlit's done for contacts, as far as I remember17:34
aelknerok, intervention data is much more complex17:35
aelknernot just one container, several17:35
aelknerso i'll probably not use it17:35
aelknerbut i'll look at it so that i can be an educated objector at the sprint :)17:35
yvlwell, anyway, we can check it at the sprint17:36
yvlagreed :)17:36
th1aSo... see you guys Saturday!17:36
th1aAlso, replaceafill -- it is cold here.17:37
aelknerlooking forward to it17:37
th1aAre you familiar with the concept?17:37
aelknerhe's been to DC17:37
replaceafilli have to keep my windows open because of the heat, so... i'm in trouble again :)17:37
th1aIn the winter?17:37
th1aI mean, DC in the winter?17:37
aelknerwasn't it?17:37
replaceafilllast time i was at virginia it snowed17:38
th1aI don't think it was very cold.17:38
replaceafillit wasn't17:38
replaceafilland i still couldnt take it17:38
replaceafillmy nose :(17:38
replaceafilli'll be prepared :)17:38
th1aIt is -3 C now.17:38
aelknerreplaceafill: schooltool.xmlrpc, i noticed there is no live version, only your version17:38
replaceafillholy s***17:38
th1aYou can borrow some things from me.17:39
replaceafillaelkner, live?17:39
replaceafillth1a, great thanks17:39
replaceafillth1a gloves17:39
aelknerpart of a project17:39
th1aWe're about the same size, right?17:39
replaceafilli haven't found a couple of gloves here!17:39
replaceafillth1a, yes, kind of17:39
aelknerright now one has to branch lp:~replaceafill/...17:39
replaceafillaelkner, no, just my branch17:39
th1aI have a warm coat you can use if necessary.17:40
aelkner where is the live one?17:40
replaceafillth1a, thanks17:40
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replaceafillaelkner, SLA was using my branch17:40
aelkneri know17:40
aelknerwhat other choice is there?17:41
yvlI don't think there's another choice17:41
replaceafillaelkner, no17:41
aelknerthat's exactly my point17:41
replaceafillschooltool.xmlrpc was just an experiment i guess17:41
th1aFor the moment.17:42
replaceafillit was built for custom needs of calfano17:42
aelkneroh, so it's not meant for general use?17:42
th1aIf more people want XML-RPC, it may become more than an experiment.17:42
replaceafillaelkner, no!17:42
replaceafillaelkner, it would need a solid API17:42
th1aIt could be, in the future.17:42
aelkneri understand17:42
aelknerreplaceafill: could you fix the broken test?17:43
replaceafillthere's a broken test? :(17:43
aelkneri keep it in my sandbox becuase i like my sandbox to miror SLA17:44
aelknerit helps me support them17:44
* th1a is going to the potty with Vivian now.17:44
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.17:44
aelknerso when i test schooltool itself, i get the one failure17:44
aelknereven though i'm not changing it17:44
replaceafillaelkner, you're using trunk for schooltool, right?17:45
replaceafillin that sandbox17:45
replaceafillprobably something changed in schooltool that broke it17:45
replaceafillaelkner, i'll take a look at it17:45
aelknerthat's what i figured17:45
aelknerreplaceafill: thanks17:45
replaceafillth1a, "In many cases a first year pilot will proceed plans for a wider deployment."17:46
replaceafillth1a, should that be "precede"?17:46
menesiswhat tests are broken?17:53
menesisreplaceafill: xmlrpc test breaks with newest schooltool?17:55
menesisI have updated versions.cfg for trunk last week17:55
replaceafillmenesis, that's what i understood17:55
replaceafillim branching it right now17:55
menesissome tests did break17:55
menesisor rather, test output changed17:55
menesisth1a: on packaging, Daniel is helping me17:56
menesisthe first three packages were rejected :(17:56
menesisbecause upstream source tarballs do not contain a license file17:57
menesisbut that's not something I can fix17:57
menesishe told me to just add the license to the debian .diff.gz17:59
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menesisin a week more packages were reviewed and uploaded17:59
menesisbut they will likely be rejected for the same reason18:00
menesisso there was some progress on getting into Ubuntu18:00
menesisbut no real results18:01
Lumierehi all18:09
* Lumiere is sorry he missed the meeting and is tl;dr'ing the log18:12
LumiereI was braving the nasty streets18:12
Lumiereto bring the servers at my company back up18:12
Lumierethe AC condencer18:12
Lumiereon the roof of my building18:12
Lumiereis so weighted down18:13
Lumierethat it shut off18:13
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replaceafillaelkner, ping19:01
replaceafillaelkner, my schooltool.xmlrpc branch is fixed now19:01
replaceafillmenesis kindly sent me a patch and now it works with the new zope.container package19:02
replaceafilljust update the branch, run buildout and let me know if the tests pass now19:02
aelknerreplaceafill: the tests pass for me now, thanks19:15
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