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aelkneryvl: ayt?03:03
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y-cometHi everyone12:37
y-cometI was wondering if anyone could help me out here.12:37
y-cometWhen I visualize the worksheet summary of a section, the Final Grade is always displayed in the letter grade score system12:38
y-cometI'm trying to costumize it since the schools in here (Portugal) don't use letter grades for anything, but I don't really find the option12:38
y-cometIs it possible to choose in which score system the worksheet summary averages should be displayed?12:39
yvlhi y-comet13:00
yvlI'm not familiar with gradebook that well, but...13:01
yvlI think you can try creating a normal score system in Manage->Score Systems13:01
yvlthen go to the desired section, gradebook13:02
yvlthen preferences13:02
yvlselect a label and your score system for Ave. (or however the average score is called there)13:03
yvland then create the summary worksheet13:03
yvlno, wait - you do not need the summary worksheet actually13:04
yvljust going to section's gradebook, clicking on a sheet, clicking preferences and specifying label/scoresystem should be enough13:04
yvlhope this helps...13:05
y-cometWell that only seems to be affecting the gradebook page for the section13:16
y-cometbut if you open the gradebook summary, the average will always be displayed in A-E13:16
y-cometbtw thanks for your help, yvl ;)13:22
yvlyou're welcome13:30
yvlmaybe you'd like to ask the question in Launchpad?
yvlmore chances that it will be answered correctly (or implemented)13:31
y-cometyes i'll do that13:34
y-cometI was just trying this first. could just be me :) thanks13:35
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jelknerth1a: good morning, boss15:06
jelkneri now have a colleague using ST gradebook with me15:06
jelkneryou will meet her this weekend, dr ann kennedy15:07
jelkneranyway, the first bug she told me she wanted to submit...15:07
jelknerit that she created an assignment, and accidentally made it worth 7 points rather than 615:08
jelknerand there was no way to change it15:08
jelkneri told her we had been down this road15:08
jelknerand that you felt deleting the assignment and recreating it was the best way to handle that15:09
jelknershe thought she should be able to just change the point value.15:09
jelkner(she is another easygrade pro user, so we were both accustomed to being able to do this)15:09
jelknershould she file a bug?15:10
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aelkneryvl: ayt?17:11
yvlyes aelkner17:11
aelknerdid you read my email?17:11
yvlyes, sorry that I haven't replied yet17:12
yvlwill reply in ~30 minutes if it's ok17:14
aelknerno prob, thanks17:14
th1ay-comet:  What version of SchoolTool are you using?17:22
y-cometschooltool 1.2.1/schooltool.gradebook 0.5.217:23
th1aYes, that's been changed in the current version.17:23
th1aWhat version of Ubuntu do you have?17:23
y-cometSo will that be released with 0.6.1 version?17:30
th1aI don't understand why you don't already have it.17:32
th1aDid you create the summary sheet through the preferences screen, or was it just there automatically?17:33
y-cometI didn't do anything17:37
y-cometJust have a section with multiple worksheets17:37
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y-cometI can configure the score system for each worksheet in the secotion's gradebook view17:38
tha1_That's how the older version worked...17:38
tha1_The question is why don't you have it.17:38
y-cometBut if I go to the "Summary"17:38
tha1_I mean, why don't you have the current version.17:39
y-cometI only see the final grades for the section in A-E17:39
tha1_Can you do "sudo apt-get update"17:39
y-cometokay I'll try it17:39
tha1_Actually, do you know how to check which package repositories you have enabled?17:40
tha1_Perhaps you dropped our repository when you upgraded Ubuntu, or something like that.17:40
tha1_Our packages are in a separate repository.17:40
th1ayvl: aelkner asking at tom's machine:17:42
th1ahow can i run the installed version of schooltool17:42
th1ain such a way that i can use pdb?17:42
th1ain other words, is there a way to start the schooltool deb from the command line17:43
th1aso that i get dumped into pdb when the code reaches it?17:43
yvlhmm, I'll check it17:44
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* mgedmin typically does sudo vim /usr/lib/python2.x/site-packages/whatever/ in these circumstances, and tries hard to remember to undo his changes later17:53
ignasyeah, but you have to start schooltool using paster17:54
ignas/etc/init.d/schooltool??? stop17:55
ignasand then look in schooltool irc logs for how to use /bin/paster17:55
ignasto start it17:55
ignasso you would have console17:55
ignasor ask menesis17:55
ignasmaybe he can recall the specific command17:55
ignaspaster serve /etc/schooltool/schooltool-2009/school.ini17:56
ignasor something along these lines17:56
tha1_We're just using exceptions to show data in the browser.17:59
mgedminI wonder if the WebError middleware could be convinced to show the interactive traceback only if the user is authenticated18:00
ignasnot in schooltool18:02
ignasok, maybe18:03
ignasif you'd set wsgi environment variable to some kind of "yes i am authenticated" flag18:03
ignasand then - check for it in the web error middleware18:04
yvla moment.... I'll send you a script18:04
ignasyou should add a start_interactive target to your init.d script :D18:05
menesissudo paster2.5 serve --user=schooltool --group=schooltool --pid-file=/var/run/schooltool/ --log-file=/var/log/schooltool/paste.log /etc/schooltool/schooltool-2009/paste.ini start18:07
menesisis a complete command to start schooltool as done by the init script18:08
menesishow to get (pdb) prompt on exception I do not know, not using debuggers18:08
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yvltha1_: sent the script in mail18:10
yvlboth to you and Alan18:10
yvlmenesis, something is missing in sys path for that to work, I think18:10
yvldid some surgery with rusty scissors, seems to work18:11
menesisnote *paster2.5*18:11
menesisat least is not installed for 2.6, will look why18:12
yvlin that case: sudo paster2.5 serve --user=schooltool --group=schooltool /etc/schooltool/schooltool-2009/paste.ini start18:12
yvlshould run in not demonized mode18:13
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y-comettha1_ thanks a lot19:49
y-cometI had the versions messed up19:49
y-cometIt works great19:49
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