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jelknerth1a: how do i switch a student from one class to another so that:16:15
jelkner1. there grades still appear for Q1 and Q2 in the previous class16:16
jelkner2. The don't appear in the gradebook for new quarters.16:16
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jelkner3. The do appear in the new class for Q3 and Q4.16:16
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jelkneranyone know if th1a is around?16:50
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replaceafillmenesis, ping18:25
replaceafillhey menesis, i just did a fresh cando check out and i'm getting conflicts18:26
replaceafilllet me paste them18:27
replaceafillthe schooltool libpaste thing is not here :(18:27
replaceafillcando is trying to get lyceum and the gradebook from dev18:28
replaceafilland dev requires schooltool 1.218:28
replaceafillbut cando uses 1.0.4 i guess18:28
menesisit does18:30
replaceafilli wonder why cando is not following to look for lyceum and gradebook18:31
replaceafillor is it the file again18:32
menesisI split the directories but have not managed to support having both installed18:32
menesisI change buildout.cfg to develop = . ../schooltool ../schooltool.gradebook ../schooltool.lyceum.journal18:33
menesisthe it gets those checkouts18:33
replaceafillbut to hack cando you shouldn't need them, right?18:33
menesisif you have newer eggs in ~/.buildout/eggs they are used instead of whatever is in ftp.schooltool..../1.018:34
replaceafillno, i don't use a shared eggs directory18:34
replaceafillbuildout creates the egg directory inside my cando check out18:34
replaceafilland downloads them every time18:34
replaceafillmenesis, i have a shared eggs directory!!!18:38
replaceafilli don't know how the hell it was created18:38
replaceafilllet me get rid of it18:38
menesisI always use shared eggs dir..18:38
replaceafilli dont use them because of this problem18:39
menesisbut I haven't been able to completely solve the 1.0 separation18:39
menesisI could add stable versions to 1.0/versions.cfg18:39
menesisthen they would be used18:39
replaceafilli'm downloading the eggs again18:40
menesisbut then the 1.0/dev dir would not work... except that it was borked anyway18:40
replaceafillah!! it was zopeproject's fault18:41
replaceafilli used zopeproject18:41
replaceafilland it created the .buildout shared directory :(18:41
menesisno it is still my fault because such errors should not happen. but they do and that hurts me as well18:43
menesisbut if you solve it as before then.. you could test me my gradebook backport :)18:45
menesisI have merged many changes from trunk to release a gradebook 0.4.10 but did not release that18:46
menesisbecause there are many changes and I don't know if all the pieces are in place18:46
menesisI know that a few translations are lost18:47
replaceafillok, 1. check out cando18:47
replaceafill2. check out gradebook 0.418:47
replaceafill3. add gradebook to cando develop = ...18:47
replaceafillis that what you want me to do?18:47
menesison the other hand schooltool-1.0.4 and schooltool.gradebook-0.4.9 as currently packaged do not have gradebook translations at all :(18:47
menesisif you do not use shared eggs dir then you will have all the good eggs18:48
replaceafilland i guess cando users don't use the gradebook18:48
replaceafillboth gradebooks activated get you css style issues :(18:48
menesiswait a little while I make a new snapshot18:49
menesiscando uses gradebook for IExternalActivity interface...18:52
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menesisreplaceafill: if you run buildout now it should get eggs from 1.0/dev18:59
menesisoh but you will not be able to test schooltool.gradebook with cando :/18:59
menesisso nevermind. everything else is released I think19:00
replaceafillmenesis, the cando check out worked without the shared eggs directory19:01
replaceafillschooltool-         schooltool.devtools-0.5.2-py2.5.egg/  schooltool.gradebook-0.4.9-py2.5.egg/19:01
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aelknerreplaceafill: ping21:55
replaceafillhey aelkner21:56
aelknerhey douglas, can you update jelkner's cando instance please?21:56
replaceafillaelkner, jelkner's instance has changed21:58
replaceafillmaybe matt gallagher did something to it21:59
replaceafillhe's their sysadmin AFAIK21:59
aelknerjelkner's gong to love that21:59
aelknerhe said he will email matt21:59
aelknerdo you know what he did?21:59
replaceafilli had the instance running under my user22:00
aelknerit still is22:00
replaceafillusing 'screen'22:00
replaceafillbut i have no screens to resume22:00
aelknerthe machine has been restarted22:00
aelknerand it runs22:00
aelknerif you log in and do a ps -aef you'll see it22:01
replaceafillah! now root has the process22:01
replaceafillit's still under my home directory22:01
replaceafillbut running under root22:01
aelkneri don't see ant init.d scripts for cando or schooltool22:02
aelknerperhaps att started it himself as root22:03
aelknerthen how do you think it got started?22:04
replaceafillmattva01  1693  0.0  0.1  21552  4364 tty1     S    Jan16   0:00 -bash22:04
replaceafillmattva01  1860  0.0  0.1  21552  4348 tty2     S+   Jan16   0:00 -bash22:04
replaceafillroot      2293  0.0  9.4 735252 381428 tty1    Sl+  Jan16   6:59 /home/replaceafill/cando/python/bin/python /home/replaceafill/cando/bin/start-schooltool-instance /home/replaceafill/cando/instance/22:04
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replaceafilli suspect on those two process before the root line22:04
replaceafillaelkner, jelkner, sorry i can't find a way other than killing the process :(22:10
jelknerreplaceafill, we need to figure out who is in charge22:11
jelknermatt is physically here22:11
jelknerso when the machine went down22:11
jelknerhe brought it back up22:11
replaceafilljelkner, i thought he was your sysadmin?22:12
jelkneri don't know why he changed the way the process ran22:12
jelknerhe is22:12
jelknerbut apparently, he has created a problem for you, yes?22:12
replaceafillshouldn't he be in charge?22:12
replaceafillno, if he can update your instance22:12
replaceafilli can do it22:12
replaceafillbut i was running the process in another way22:12
replaceafillthat's all22:13
jelknerdivision of labor:22:13
jelknerhardware / sysadmin - matt22:13
jelknersoftware: replaceafill, aelkner22:13
replaceafilljelkner, but we had that conversation about the thin line between them etc etc etc22:13
jelknerso, what do we do here?22:14
aelkneri just said the same to him on the phone22:14
replaceafillor you mean: software = OS + code?22:14
replaceafillthis is easy22:14
replaceafilljust tell matt to stop the process22:14
replaceafillwhen he does22:15
aelknerreplaceafill: don't you have sudo?22:15
replaceafilli pull aelkner's changes22:15
replaceafilland then he can start it back22:15
replaceafilland share with us the way the process is managed now22:15
replaceafillaelkner, yes, that's why i said i could kill it22:15
replaceafillbut i prefer "/etc/init.d/cando stop" to "kill XXXX"22:16
aelkneri don't even see a /etc/init.c/cando22:16
replaceafillno, there isn't22:17
replaceafillmaybe he started it as "bin/start-schooltool-instance instance &"22:17
replaceafillsend it to background22:17
replaceafillbut i'm just guessing ;)22:17
aelknerthat's a good guess22:18
replaceafilljelkner, "Can we come up with a plan that makes sense?"22:18
replaceafilljelkner, yes22:19
aelkneri recommend gong ahead and stopping/starting yourself22:19
replaceafilljelkner, a init.d script :P22:19
aelknerwhy don't we have one already?22:19
aelknerah, jelkner tells me this is a new machine22:19
jelknerreplaceafill, should i get a virtual machine22:19
aelknerso that's why22:19
jelknerrunning karmic22:19
jelknerand you can set it up there any way you like?22:19
replaceafilljelkner, i don't understand...22:20
jelknermatt came in a few days ago22:21
jelknerthe server had stopped working22:21
jelknerhe spent hours trying getting it work22:21
jelknerhe said the file system may be corrupted22:22
jelknerhe got it working again22:22
jelknerbut i don't know what else he did to it22:22
jelkneri'm wondering if:22:22
jelkner1. i should get a new vm running karmic22:22
replaceafillcan he jump in here?22:22
jelkner2. give replaceafill sys admin rights22:23
replaceafilli have sys admin rights!22:23
jelkner3. move my ST instance over to there22:23
jelknerhe isn't around22:23
replaceafilli just don't do sysadmin tasks for you22:23
replaceafilllet's kill it then22:23
jelknerlet's kill what?22:23
replaceafillyour instance, it needs to be stopped22:24
replaceafillthen updated and then started again22:24
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replaceafillpulling aelkner's changes22:26
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replaceafillmaking back up... (just in case ;)22:26
jelkneri'll jump back in when i get home22:27
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aelknerreplaceafill: i can verify if the update works myself when you're done22:29
replaceafillaelkner, lots of changes :D22:29
replaceafillAll changes applied successfully.22:29
aelknerreplaceafill: yep22:29
replaceafillNow on revision 133.22:29
replaceafillis that the one?22:29
aelkneri'll check22:29
aelknerwhat's the bzr log comment on rev 133?22:30
replaceafillReduce dependency on*22:31
aelknerfor that matter, what's the brnach adress?22:31
replaceafillby gediminas22:31
aelkneris it the trunk?22:32
replaceafilljelkner and his bleeding edge :P22:32
replaceafilldoes he need one of your branches?22:32
aelknerno, that's good22:32
aelknercan you start it up?22:32
replaceafillrunning buildout22:33
aelknerit's good that jelkner uses trunk22:33
aelknerhe can get the updates faster that way22:33
replaceafillah great! conflicts :'''''(22:33
replaceafilllet me paste them22:33
replaceafillhey the lisppaste5 is back22:33
replaceafilllisppaste5, url22:33
lisppaste5To use the lisppaste bot, visit and enter your paste.22:33
lisppaste5replaceafill pasted "conflicts on jelkner's" at
aelknerreplaceafill: you know you'll need to update schooltool as well22:34
aelkneralso, schooltool.gradebook now depends on schooltool.lyceum.journal22:34
aelknersince some of the gradebook reports report attendance22:35
replaceafillso, now we're in trouble22:36
aelknerwhy is that?22:36
replaceafilldo we have to branch schooltool, schooltool.gradebook and schooltool.lyceum.journal?22:36
aelknertrunk will do22:36
replaceafillwe were only branching schooltool.gradebook22:36
replaceafillthis is a cando check out22:37
aelknerthe rest are eggs?22:37
aelknernever mind my remark about the other packages as they will come down as eggs22:38
aelknerthe problem is your conflict22:38
aelkneryvl, menesis: is one of you there?22:38
aelknerreplaceafill: have you ever seen a version conflict of that type?22:40
replaceafilland it was a pain to fix it :(22:40
replaceafilli had it when i set up the instance at first22:41
replaceafillbecause of a evolve script in the schooltool.gradebook22:41
aelknermenesis: replaceafill is trying to update a cando instance and gets a version conflict in bin/buildout22:43
aelknerhis paste is right above22:43
menesisI see22:44
replaceafillmenesis, they're trying to use cando with schooltool.gradebook's trunk22:44
aelkneryeah, the buildout.cfg ight also be out of date22:45
replaceafillcando was modified to use ftp://.../1.222:45
aelknerreplaceafill: could you please paste the buildout.cfg?22:45
menesisthis is cando?22:45
replaceafillmenesis, yes22:46
replaceafillaelkner, sure22:46
replaceafilllisppaste5, url22:46
menesisbut you need gradebook trunk to get some feature22:46
aelknerthey want to use trunk so that they don't have to wait for eggs22:46
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replaceafillis it me or is not responding...22:47
menesisyou use trunk when you want new features...22:47
aelkneri saw this message recently:22:48
aelknerlisppaste5 ( has joined #schooltool22:48
aelknercould that mean the process is hanging and restarting22:48
replaceafillhere's the buildout.cfg file:
menesisif you really want to test trunk, then change extends and find-links to .../schooltool/1.422:50
replaceafillah!! is there a 1.4 now!??! :D22:50
replaceafilli'm going to change it then22:50
menesisthat would solve the version conflict22:50
replaceafillbuildout.cfg and right?22:50
menesisyes, although dependency-links is not used22:51
menesisunless something depends on cando22:51
replaceafillmenesis, i should get rid of the schooltool-* eggs before running buildout, right?22:51
menesisyes trunk is now 1.4 and all the eggs are different22:52
replaceafilldownloading lots of eggs....22:52
menesisbut I am not sure that you want trunk unless you are developing or testing22:52
replaceafillthey are testing :)22:52
menesisit has no new features22:52
replaceafillhhmm new ZODB22:53
replaceafilli hope nothing breaks :)22:53
replaceafillok, buildout finished downloading eggs22:59
aelknernew ZODB code doensn't mean Data.fs gets broken22:59
replaceafilland now we have an error when i try to start the instance22:59
replaceafillfrom import IKeyReference22:59
replaceafillImportError: No module named interfaces22:59
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aelknermenesis: i saw that recently as well23:00
replaceafilli remember menesis made a change in trunk because of that, right?23:01
replaceafillbut maybe the change is not in the egg yet23:01
replaceafillit's cando23:01
replaceafillshould those imports be changed to something else?23:02
menesisthat's what you get when you use trunk23:02
menesisand I don't write emails about what is changing23:02
menesisI have dropped several dependencies23:03
replaceafillmenesis, it's our fault for doing crazy things like this :D23:03
menesiscando and some other plugins only depend on schooltool..23:03
menesisif it drops dependencies something else might break23:03
menesisno, I update everything but not cando23:03
replaceafillis it just a matter of changing the import? or we're screwed?23:04
menesisin this case, you either add to install_requires23:04
replaceafillah ok23:04
menesisor replace with zope.keyreference23:04
menesischange the import is enough23:05
menesisif you look at my recent commits to trunk that's all I did23:05
replaceafillfive changes needed23:05
replaceafillsrc/cando/gradebook/browser/ import IKeyReference23:05
replaceafillsrc/cando/gradebook/browser/ import IKeyReference23:05
replaceafillsrc/cando/skilldriver/ import testing23:05
replaceafillsrc/cando/message/ import IKeyReference23:05
replaceafillsrc/cando/message/ import IKeyReference23:05
replaceafillok, now we have another kind of error :/23:10
replaceafillconflicts in cando's zcml files :|23:10
replaceafillwow, i wonder why it didn't catch it before23:12
replaceafilltwo zcml page directives23:12
replaceafillwith the same menu and the same title!23:12
replaceafillaelkner, could you check it?23:14
replaceafillit's running23:14
replaceafillmenesis, the price of bleeding edge :P23:21
aelknerreplaceafill: sorry, i was away for a bt23:25
aelknerwhat's the status?23:25
aelknernever mind, i see it's running fine now23:29
aelknernice work23:29
aelknermenesis: thanks for your help23:30
menesisyou welcome23:30
replaceafillaelkner, are you latest changes there?23:32
replaceafillaelkner, we lost something though :(23:32
replaceafillremember the bug related to list([0]23:33
menesisaelkner: I haven't merged your january_fixes branch yet23:33
aelknermenesis: that's ok23:34
aelknerjelkner just needs to be able to hide worksheets23:34
aelknerthat's already there23:34
aelknerreplaceafill: what happened?23:34
replaceafilli had fixed that one in jelkner's code23:34
aelknerwhat package?23:35
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* menesis goes to sleep23:35
replaceafillgood night menesis23:36
replaceafill<         return '%s - %s' % (list([0].title, section.title)23:36
replaceafill>         return '%s - %s' % (", ".join([course.title for course in]), section.title)23:36
replaceafilljelkner's data is corrupted, and needs that or it will fail23:36
replaceafillsome of his sections don't have courses23:37
aelknerreplaceafill: what file is that?23:38
aelknerdid you say the change was already made and now is gone23:39
replaceafillthey're there, but i have to apply them again23:39
replaceafillyou know what, never mind23:39
replaceafilli'm just going to do it again :)23:39
aelkneris his in cando?23:40
replaceafillno, in the schooltool.gradebook23:40
aelknerdoes that mean that you made a patch to that package, but the code in trunk still needs changing?23:40
replaceafillaelkner, this one:
replaceafillwhen i pulled your latest changes i told bzr to ignore MY changes and use YOUR changes23:41
aelknerdid you submit your changes for merging?23:42
replaceafillnope, my bad ;)23:42
replaceafillbut they're there23:42
replaceafillnow it's a good time to send you a diff23:42
aelknercan you just submit a branch for merging?23:43
aelkneryou could then mark your bug as fix commited23:43

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