IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2010-01-08

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ignasmenesis, nice job fixing schooltool release!15:31
menesisyvl did the porting, I "only" updated some 80 zope packages :)15:34
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th1aThanks for the announcement menesis!  Good work!15:54
menesisth1a: but one week late, isn't it?15:56
menesiscan you delete the note for karmic users from ?15:56
th1amenesis: Well, you had a testing version done on time...15:57
th1aI'll update the book.15:58
menesisyes, mostly. I have updated some unimportant packages since and released .tar.gz and .deb of final versions, but it worked already before the new year15:59
th1aYou met the target as far as I'm concerned.16:01
menesisthen good16:02
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th1amenesis: ayt?16:49
lisppaste5th1a pasted "1.3 install error" at
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lisppaste5th1a annotated #93144 "untitled" at
th1aThis is the problem with Friday evening releases...17:02
th1aHm... I'm a little stuck now too.17:09
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ignaswhat does sudo apt-get remove python-zc say?17:16
ignas(don't click yes, just paste the output)17:16
th1aThe following packages have unmet dependencies:17:17
th1a  python-zodb: Depends: python-zc.lockfile but it is not going to be installed17:17
th1aE: Unmet dependencies. Try 'apt-get -f install' with no packages (or specify a solution).17:17
ignasahh, you are stuck now :/17:17
ignaswell - apt-get -f install will work17:18
ignasit will "force" the overwrite17:18
ignasoh, it does not?17:18
lisppaste5th1a annotated #93144 "-f install" at
ignashmm, I'd ask mgedmin how to resolve this17:20
ignasif menesis was unavailable17:20
ignasand keep on trying randomly installing, uninstalling stuff until it would start working if he was unavailable too17:21
ignas(i think mgedmin is having a lunch)17:21
menesisth1a: apt-get remove python-zc17:23
lisppaste5th1a annotated #93144 "apt-get remove python-zc" at
ignasI can vaguely recall that you have to remove the namespace __init__ from non-namespace defining packages17:24
ignasit seems that the lockfile thing was not packaged properly...17:24
menesispython-zc.lockfile had Conflicts: python-zc17:25
menesisthat should have solved that17:25
menesisbut then I could not install python-zc.buildout, so I fixed it17:25
menesisbut looks like it's not enough17:26
ignasConflicts with namespace package?17:26
ignasthat can work17:26
ignasbut it is *wrong* i'd say17:26
ignasunless you have deprecated all namespace packages17:26
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menesisoops I removed Replaces: python-zc that is needed17:35
menesisth1a: I have uploaded a fixed zc.lockfile package, will be available after some 20 mins17:39
menesisth1a: I think you should be able to solve that by17:41
menesissudo apt-get install python-zc.lockfile python-zc-17:41
menesis(minus at the end)17:41
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th1amenesis: Same error.17:44
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menesisth1a: try apt-get update17:50
menesisthe fixed zc.lockfile is available17:50
th1aapt-get -f install seems to work now.17:51
th1amenesis, Looks good.  The footer says running 1.4 though.  ;-)17:54
th1aWhat is the proper step after apt-get update?17:55
th1aShould apt-get upgrade be sufficient?17:55
menesisthere were problems with install so schooltool server is likely not running17:58
menesisoh, wrong question17:58
menesisyes, apt-get update && apt-get upgrade17:58
mgedminsomeone mention my name?18:01
menesismgedmin: solved18:03
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dkg0hi folks!  reading the installation  manual, it sounds like schooltool doesn't work with recent versions of zope -- is this still the case?19:49
dkg0(just want to make sure the docs are up-to-date)19:49
mgedminlooks like the developers all left already19:53
mgedminalthough th1a ought to know19:53
mgedminwhat are "recent versions of zope" anyway?19:54
mgedminzope 3 is in a kind of a personality crisis right now19:54
mgedmin3.4 was the last coherent release19:54
mgedminall the constituent packages then went on their own ways19:54
mgedminschooltool was recently updated to work with newer versions of many packages, AFAIK19:54
th1adkg0:  Yes, I'm not sure what you mean.20:16
th1aAre you confusing Zope 2 and Zope 3?20:16
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dkg0th1a: i20:22
dkg0am reading
dkg0which says that packages from karmic need to be downgraded20:23
th1aActually, that's changed as of today.20:24
th1aI haven't changed the docs yet because we ran into one last packaging hiccup.20:24
th1aThe differences aren't really substantial anyhow.20:24
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dkg0i'd like to get it running on a debian squeeze system20:36
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dkg0i'm happy to resolve problems with that, and report fixes back if needed.20:36
dkg0th1a: are today's changes in any published release?20:40
dkg0or should i pull them from revision control?20:40
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th1adkg0:  That's what I mean, the packages in the Launchpad PPA were updated today.20:56
dkg0ah, cool.20:56
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th1adkg0: I updated
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dkg0i'm working on a bunch of other stuff concurrently, so i don't have any feedback yet23:37
dkg0but i'll try to pass stuff along to you.23:37
dkg0is the mailing list a good spot for that?23:37
dkg0are you interested in patches to make sure schooltool works on debian if i find i need things like that?23:37
Lumieredkg0: if it works on ubuntu, chances are it will work on debian23:38
dkg0yup, agreed.23:38
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