IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2009-12-21

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Lumiere'morning th1a16:20
th1ahi Lumiere.16:21
* th1a begins restoring his Thinkpad to its original factory setup...16:28
* yvl made coffee in time this time16:30
yvlhi guys :)16:30
aelknermorning all16:30
th1aGood morning yvl, aelkner, replaceafill, menesis.16:30
th1ahi jelkner.16:30
replaceafillgood morning16:30
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th1aSo... I'm slow getting a response from Mark.  As you might have noticed he made a major announcement last week,16:31
th1aso he's probably been busy.16:32
* Lumiere did not see it16:32
th1aI'm not particularly worried that we'll all be unemployed in two weeks though.16:33
th1aBasically, he's stepping down as CEO of Canonical.16:33
aelknerdo you have a link to this announcement?16:34
th1aTo refocus his energies on "chasing skirts."16:34
th1aThat last bit was a joke.16:34
th1aI think he just wants to focus on the fun parts of running Ubuntu/Canonical.16:34
Lumierehe wants to do what he started canonical to do16:35
Lumiereand not play with the business pieces for once16:35
th1aHe's a geek first and foremost.16:36
th1ayvl:  Tell me about our new SchoolTool version.16:38
th1aSo the buildout uses the eggs that should correspond to the packages in Ubuntu?16:38
yvltheir versions >= than those in Ubuntu16:38
yvlour debs should take precedence over Ubuntu once uploaded to PPA16:38
th1aWhat were the actual incompatibilites that needed to be fixed?16:39
yvlZope refactorings mainly16:39
th1aRenaming things?  Deprecation?16:39
yvlrenaming things that got moved around16:39
yvlz3c.optionstorage was not compatible with newer Zope16:40
yvlI did a small fix there, we'll release our version as eggs + PPA16:40
yvlI should commit that to Zope svn some time16:40
yvland release to PyPi16:40
yvlthere were other small things (small to fix, time-costly to find what the heck)16:41
yvlso the situation now is that we have the version that works from eggs16:41
th1aGood.  Glad that's out of the way.16:42
th1aI'll run my selenium tests against it.16:42
yvlgood idea!16:42
yvlthe release *should* be straightforward from this point16:42
th1aI had a major revelation on Friday.16:42
yvlplease share :)16:43
th1aInstead of needing to buy a new monitor to try to juggle my documentation source, rendered docs, selenium scripts, etc.,16:44
th1awhich gets really confusing when they're all out of sync,16:44
th1aI could just PRINT OUT THE DOCS.16:44
th1aAnd write notes on them.16:44
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Lumierefn meltdown16:46
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aelknerso i wrote the test for the emergency evolve script i had to write last week16:52
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aelknerand i made some code review changes for secure splitting of message body lines16:52
aelknerand i see menesis has already merged that, thanks16:52
* Lumiere notes that nickname collisions are nasty...16:52
aelknerin the gradebook, i fixed the average calculating routine to return UNSCORED rather than 016:53
aelknerwhen the student has no scores16:53
yvlthanks :)16:53
aelknerthus getting rid of yvl's XXX hack coments16:53
aelknermy pleasure :)16:53
aelkneralso, i used this to fix summary view to ignore worksheets with no scores16:53
aelknerthen i added the hide feature for worksheets16:55
aelknerso that gets some long-standing gradebook bugs out of the way16:55
aelkneron the schooltool side, i got rid of the Tiimetables link16:55
aelknerfrom the section context16:55
aelknerlucily i was able to fix the tests in both schooltool and lyceum.journal16:56
aelknerby merely replacing the Timetables click with an open of the section url + /timetables16:56
th1aAh.  Sneaky.16:57
aelknerbut those two branches need to merged together16:57
menesisaelkner: that is not a fix16:57
menesisfor journal16:57
aelknerplease explain16:57
menesisfunctional tests should not do open(some url)16:57
aelknermenesis: i don't agree16:58
yvlkind of beats the purpose of "Functional"16:58
menesisthey test that something can be reached by clicking16:58
aelknerthe functional tests in question were only setup16:58
menesisok but where do you manage timetables if there is no link any more16:58
aelknerah, glad you asked16:58
aelknerth1a?  you know this one :)16:59
menesisyou removed only the link, but the view is there. why is it there if it can't be reached?16:59
th1aI believe the rationale was that you can get there by clicking Schedule.16:59
menesisok, but..16:59
th1aThey are redundant.16:59
menesisif you click on a journal, you get a view "This section is not scheduled for any term, to use the journal you should add a timetable first."17:00
menesisYou can manage timetables for this section here:  <a href="http://localhost/schoolyears/2005/2005-fall-1/sections/1/timetables/">Timetables</a>17:00
menesishere is a link to the Timetables page17:01
aelknerso there it is17:01
aelknerso it's not like there is no link to it, right?17:01
th1aiirc, the situation is, I don't want two redundant confusing actions at the top of every section.17:01
menesisthe Schedule view is good17:02
th1aotoh, I don't really want to spend the time completely rearranging the whole old system.17:02
menesisbut I was very confused by that section timetables thing17:02
yvlaelkner, the problem is with test readability/reliability17:02
aelknerwhat problem is that?17:02
yvlit would be nice if we could avoid too much in ftests17:02
th1aThis is kind of a special case.17:03
yvlmaybe we can discuss this in sprint?17:03
yvllive? :)17:03
aelknersounds like a plan17:03
yvlit would be easier / faster :)17:03
menesisaelkner: I replace Timetables... Add timetable... with and the tests now pass and that's what you do in a browser17:03
aelkneroh, ok, i wasn't aware that would work17:04
th1aThat sounds like the right answer.17:04
th1aaelkner:  Plans for the rest of the year?17:05
aelknerwell, i still have some gradebook bugs17:05
aelknerso i can work on them17:06
aelknerthat's it17:06
th1aSounds good.17:07
replaceafilli worked on the bugs this week17:07
replaceafillincluding the ones you created when you were writing the email part of the book17:07
replaceafillmy bad english in one :) and the notification box in the other17:08
replaceafilli'm setting up schooltool in a new virtual machine now so you can see them17:08
replaceafilland the send email to contact feature too17:08
th1aYou could just send me a screenshot.17:08
replaceafilli wanted you to test the logic of the contact email (when there's no email set, only subject and body can be edited, etc)17:09
replaceafillbut ok, i'll go with the screenshot if that's ok17:09
th1aI prefer it actually.17:10
replaceafillok, ah and i'm still in the middle of the smtp dataerror17:11
th1aEspecially since on the web the interactions are so simple.17:11
th1aIts not like there's some crazy gesture or animation that two screenshots can't capture.17:11
replaceafilli guess that's it17:12
replaceafillwondering what to do next17:12
replaceafillif i can help with anything else17:13
th1aDo you want to do some work the next couple weeks?17:13
replaceafillsure, i'll stay at home for the holidays, so... :)17:13
replaceafilli was reviewing my bug list and saw this one:
replaceafilli remember i tracked it down, but never actually fixed it17:14
th1aThere are a bunch of small bugs I assigned to Justas while I was still thinking he'd have time to solve small bugs.17:14
replaceafilli don't know how valuable it is now though17:14
th1ajustas and I could probably pick out some of those.17:15
th1ayvl: Do you want to take a look at your list?17:15
yvlwill do17:16
yvltomorrow, if it's ok17:16
th1aThat's fine.17:16
th1areplaceafill:  Keep me up to date via email.17:17
replaceafillah ok, i will17:17
th1aI think we can safely skip meeting next week.17:17
th1aNobody is going into the woods for a week or anything?17:18
th1aI'll let you know when I hear from Mark.17:18
yvlthanks :)17:18
th1aSo... have a Merry Christmas everyone, and a Happy New Year!17:19
th1aWe accomplished a lot this year, and I think we're positioned to do some exciting things next year.17:20
aelknergod blesses everyone...17:20
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replaceafillthanks everyone for your support, and i hope i can continue working with you guys :) happy holidays17:20
th1aHow much snow did you get aelkner?17:21
yvlhappy holidays to all :)17:21
aelkner24 inches17:21
Lumierewe got 20"... and a Fed closure! (win)17:21
aelknerthe second biggest snow in history17:21
aelknerit was wild17:21
th1aWe got about a foot an a half, but a lot of drifting.17:22
Lumierethis was DC's 6th largest17:22
Lumiereand topped our December (total) record17:23
* th1a drops the bag of gravel on 2009.17:23
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