IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2009-12-11

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jelknerquestion: is it possible to delete a worksheet in the gradebook?18:40
jelkneri made a mistake with one of my classes18:40
jelkneri now have an empty worksheet named Q2 (for 2nd quarter)18:40
jelknerand i've been putting *all* assignments in the Q1 worksheet18:40
jelkneri would like to:18:41
jelkner1. delete the Q2 worksheet18:41
jelkner2. rename Q1 as Q218:41
jelknercan this be done?18:41
replaceafilljelkner, looking at the code, no, it can't be done18:47
replaceafilljelkner, i see a WorksheetDeleteView, but it's not used18:47
jelknerreplaceafill: good morning18:48
replaceafilljelkner, i see a template also that is not used18:48
replaceafilljelkner, hey man18:48
replaceafilljelkner, maybe it was removed to maintain data integrity :)18:48
jelknerwhat about moving activities from one worksheet to another?18:48
replaceafilljelkner, or not implemented18:48
replaceafilli don't think that's possible either18:49
replaceafilllet me check18:49
jelknerreplaceafill: it isn't an emergency this time18:49
jelknersince i only made the mistake in one class18:49
jelknerso i can just tell everyone "Q1 is really Q2 and Q2 is really Q1 :-("18:50
jelknerbut i should file a bug on this i guess18:50
jelknerso that it can be fixed in the future18:50
jelknerthat's why i'm testing, after all ;-)18:50
jelknerthis kind of thing is likely to happen a lot18:50
replaceafillno, it's not possible to move assignments18:51
jelkner(we teachers aren't too bright )18:51
replaceafillor at least i can't find it18:51
jelknerso there will need to be a way to recover from this18:51
jelkneractually, the app to be robust will need ways to recover from all kinds of user mistakes18:51
jelkneri'll file a bug18:52
jelknerand let you developers figure out what to do in the future18:52
replaceafilljelkner, and one related is this one
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jelknerreplaceafill: cool19:47
jelknerso i don't need to file that bug19:47
jelknershould i file one about reordering worksheets?19:47
jelknersince the easiest fix to the mistake i made today would have been:19:47
jelknerrename worksheet q2 to q119:48
jelknerrename worksheet q1 to q219:48
jelknerreorder the worksheets19:48
replaceafillis not possible to reorder worksheets?19:48
* replaceafill looks the code19:49
jelknerit is!19:49
jelknerlet me try that19:49
jelknerit works19:50
jelknerthat's nice19:50
jelknerok, i'm happy (but a wee bit disappointed i have no bugs to file ;-)19:51
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th1ajelkner, replaceafill: We have to be careful to not give people ways to create much bigger problems trying to solve small ones.20:24
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th1aMoving activities between worksheets is not a bad idea though.20:25
jelknerth1a: in this case, what replaceafill suggested was just what i needed20:30
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