IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2009-12-09

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jelkneraelkner: r u here, brother?02:00
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replaceafilljelkner, aelkner: the cause of is that the "action" attribute of the form is wrong02:59
replaceafillthat view is called "manage.html" and its context is a IWorksheet03:00
replaceafillhowever the action for the form is the "index.html" view of a IWorksheet03:00
replaceafillbut aelkner knows this code better :)03:01
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replaceafilljelkner, aelkner:
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aelknerreplaceafill: thanks for tracking that down, i'll take of the bug and submit the merge request03:56
replaceafillaelkner, :)03:58
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aelkneryvl: ping13:18
yvlaelkner: pong in 3 mins13:20
aelknerhunting coffee, no doubt13:20
yvlyes :)13:25
yvlI'm back now :)13:25
aelknersorry, wasn't watching13:29
aelkneri wanted to discuss your intervention hack13:29
aelknerit was right to XXX it13:30
yvlyes, I remember, please go on13:30
aelkneri felt that making a class to hold the data and the validity check13:30
aelknerwould at least make it more self-documenting13:30
aelknerbut i agree it's a short-term solution13:31
aelknerideally, should catch bad email13:31
aelknerand log it13:31
aelkneryou understand that in the case of schooltool.interv\ention13:31
aelknerthe email is built and sent AFTER the message or goal is added to the system13:32
aelknerso i would need to rearchitect the way email is built/validated13:32
aelknerand the view class has to be a complicated sub-class of AddView13:33
yvlI thing you see the problem clearly :)13:33
yvlthe way I see it13:33
yvlour email client cannot evaluate the validity of email 100%13:33
yvlbecause you never know what crazy stuff happens on the server13:33
yvlfor example, it blocks email domain, or something13:34
yvlso13:34 should have .validate() method somewhere13:34
yvlit is really fresh and immature13:34
yvlso I'm kind of agreeing with your short-term solution13:35
aelknerdid you have a chance to look at my branch?13:35
yvlyes, but not thoroughly13:35
aelknerthe EmailMessage class13:35
aelknerit has the data/validity/send methods13:35
aelknerit could be moved to schooltool.email13:35
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aelknerhey ignas13:36
aelknerwe were just talking schooltool.email13:36
yvlor rather - merged13:36
aelkneryeah, all i did in the one diff was13:36
aelknerto move your hack to a validity check in the new class13:36
aelkneri think your checks were right13:37
aelknerthey just needed to live with the data13:37
aelknerimho, that is13:37
aelkneralso, note how handy this line of trusting python code can be13:37
aelknerEMailMessage(sender, recipients, ...).send()13:38
aelknerwith the built-in validity check in send()13:38
aelknernothing can crash13:38
yvlbut you'll never know if it did anything13:38
aelknerwe should log when someone tries to send an invalid message13:38
yvlok, anyway - I'm good with the EmailMessage class13:39
yvlI'm good with the check isValid13:39
aelknerwe already have a queue13:39
aelknerso it can stay there with an explanation13:39
yvl.send() and it's usage is really a subject to change while matures13:39
aelknerwell, i thought it wouldn't be a bad idea to have an EmailMessage class13:40
aelknercould you do me a favor13:40
aelknerwhen you talk to Gediminas, please back me up on merging my EmailMessage class into schooltool.intervention13:41
aelknerwe can get rid of it when makes it no longer necessary13:41
yvlwill do13:41
yvlby the way13:42
yvlI think it would be good to move the...13:42
yvl[looking at the code...]13:43
yvlyes, refactor how email is sent in interventions13:44
yvlas goal creation views want to control the validity of email13:44
yvlemail sending should not be handled in a subscriber, *after* the goal is already created13:45
yvlbut that's for the future13:45
aelknerwe can discuss that at the January sprint?13:45
yvlsure :)13:45
yvlother than that...13:45
aelknerwe haven't discussed it yet13:46
aelknerbut tom told me that we are to have a refactor sprint13:46
aelkneri'm very glad tor this13:46
* yvl too13:47
yvlwe'll have a load of preparations to do before the sprint ;)13:47
aelknerthat's why i mentioned the sprint for issues like that complicated refactor of intervention email13:47
yvlah, I'd like the goal creator to be deduced from principal13:47
yvlI'll make a note in the branch review13:47
aelknerit is13:48
aelknerthat's part os my new branch13:48
aelknerin the same diff with the dublincore evolve script13:48
yvloh, wait13:48
aelknerunfortunately, message already had sender as an attribute13:48
aelknerbut such a name for goal creator i found inappropriate13:49
aelknerso that's a slight inconsistency13:49
aelknerboth objects have created attribute13:49
yvlah, yes13:49
yvlI was searching for something like: IPerson(self.request.principal, None)13:49
yvlinstead of : self.request.principal._person.username13:50
aelknermoring ignas13:50
yvlhave some coffee ;)13:51
ignasyou yvl yvl person!13:51
aelkneri'm on the opposite end of the clock, the end of my weirdly scheduled day13:51
yvlsorry, ignas: have a lot of coffee instead :)13:52
yvlok, aelkner, I'll write several comments on the merge request13:52
yvlsmall tweaks mainly13:53
yvlIf you don't mind I won't check evolution thoroughly13:54
yvlhope you tested it well ;)13:54
aelknerwell... :)13:54
yvlI take it for a yes! :)13:54
aelkneryou'll ust have to trust me then ;)13:54
aelkneryvl: regarding planning for the upcoming sprint13:58
aelknerwhat do you say you an i schedule a couple of meetings a week outside of the monday meeting13:59
aelknersince my schedule is so erratic, finding me by chance is not as convenient14:00
yvlI see14:00
yvlI'm kind of humped for the next few weeks14:00
yvlon the other hand, it would be really good to talk to you14:00
aelknerit's just a matter of commiting to two specific hours a week14:01
aelknerwe don't even have to fill them14:01
yvltrue :)14:01
yvlany specific things you want to talk about?14:01
aelkneri would say we should organize out goals into categories14:02
aelknerjust off the top of my head14:02
aelknertesting consistency14:02
aelknercommon routines for building test data14:02
aelknertoo much redundancy in this area14:03
yvlgood ones14:03
aelknerand too many different techniques14:03
yvlplease go on!14:03
aelkneri'm already moving away from using ...123...14:03
aelknerand using anaylzeQuery instead14:03
aelknerbut there's more to it than that14:04
aelknersome of it shoudl wait until we are looking at the code together14:04
aelknerbut just thinking ahead, ther is definitely that issue of inconsistent and therefore wasteful techniques14:04
aelkneri would say we should have a google doc for this, wouldn't you?14:05
aelknerand build it together/when we are not meeting14:06
yvlplease go ahead with that14:06
yvlthe more of the things get written down, the better14:06
aelknerggogle is giving me a server error14:06
aelkneri'll set that up in the next couple of days14:07
aelknerand start it off with such thoughts14:07
yvlother things... as you are more familiar with gradebook and interventions than me :)14:08
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yvlcheck if you want some generic behaviour14:09
yvlI mean if you see that there's a lot of code duplication because of the way Zope / ST is written14:09
yvlor some things are inconvenient for you to do14:09
aelkneryes, there's testing consistency, and there's coding consistency14:09
yvl(e.g. require looking up a bunch of notes on how to write that thing or another)14:09
aelknerah :)14:10
yvlI'd like to address both in the sprint14:10
yvlactually: testing / code / documentation14:10
aelknerthat one could use better interfaces for idiots14:10
aelknerlike myself :)14:10
yvlI agree that common tasks should be easy to do14:11
aelknerit's silly to have to look at that code and follow the property logic and annotations14:11
yvlIt's one of my long-term goals in ST14:11
aelkneruntil your head stops spinning :)14:11
aelknerbut maybe you don't see that as an issue14:12
yvlI see that issue, I just don't have a quick solution for it yet ;)14:12
aelknerlet's save that one for when we're face to face :)14:13
aelknerbut i'll mention it in the googledoc14:13
yvlmeanwhile, try to find other places that annoy you14:13
yvland things that require copy-paste-edit-edit14:13
aelknerbtw, how long can you stand a Rhode Island sprint? :)14:14
aelkneri'd be psyched for a whole week14:14
aelknerbut that's jmust me14:14
aelkneri don't know if tom could hold out that long, or you for that matter14:14
aelkneri feel that i personally would benefit from that kind of work together14:15
aelknerand i think the project could use all it can get14:15
yvlI can do two weeks for that matter14:16
yvlbut there's a matter of budget14:16
aelknerand i'd be down for two weeks as well14:16
aelknerwe'll see what tom thinks14:16
yvl(and if it was moved to NYC, it would be twice as awesome ;))) )14:16
yvlI think we'll have to come up with reasonable timespan though14:17
aelknerthink Rhode Island, Days Inn :)14:17
yvlnever been there... so I'm quite anxious ;)14:18
aelknerbtw, a day trip to nyc on the weekend would certainly be reasonable14:18
aelknerand not hurt the budget so much14:18
aelknerRhode Island to NYC is ~ 2 hrs14:19
aelkneranywat, we'll see what tom has to say14:19
yvlok, don't get me psyched too much :))14:19
yvlthanks for the chat14:20
yvlI'll be looking for that google doc ;)14:20
aelknerto you, too14:20
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