IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2009-12-04

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replaceafillmenesis, ping21:43
menesisreplaceafill: pong21:45
replaceafillmenesis, the problem with and the msgids not being translated can be fixed using zope.i18n.translate(msgid, context=intervention.getRequest())21:46
replaceafilli don't know how good is to use intervention.getRequest though21:46
replaceafillbut it works21:46
menesishm, I guess it needs request to determine the language21:48
menesisor something else21:48
replaceafillcheck sendmail.TestMailDelivery21:49
menesisyou have it fixed?21:49
replaceafilli'm testing it right now21:49
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replaceafilland i'm getting a new error each time, it means i'm making progress :P21:49
menesisgood for you, I don't understand what happens21:51
menesisand hardly will today, tired21:51
replaceafillnp, i'll fix it21:52
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replaceafillmenesis, pushed to lp:~replaceafill/schooltool.intervention/schooltool.intervention_translate_sendmail22:24
replaceafillnice! LP doesn't make me to upload the 40MB again!22:26
menesisreplaceafill: why not to the same branch of yours?22:29
menesislike yesterday22:30
replaceafilli dont know how to merge your changes with my branch :(22:31
replaceafilli mean, i have my old directory with my latest branch from yesterday22:31
menesisbzr merge lp:~menesis/schooltool.intervention/translations22:31
menesisbzr ci22:31
menesisbzr push22:31
replaceafilljust like that?!?!22:31
replaceafillsorry, will use merge from now on22:32
menesisor bzr merge ../menesis-branch22:32
replaceafillit could be "any" branch?22:32
menesisfrom the same project, yes22:33
menesislocal or remote, both have full history22:33
replaceafillcool! i knew there had to be a way for me not to be creating branches left and right :/22:33
menesisand you can reuse branches22:33
menesisa good time to read some bzr docs ;)22:34
replaceafillmenesis, is it safe to delete merged branches?22:35
replaceafilli mean in LP22:35
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menesisreplaceafill: yes22:35
replaceafillgreat, will get rid of the unnecessary ones then22:36
menesisgood :)22:36
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mattva01replaceafill, we don't have cando setup like you think we do, we extracted it rather then using a package.....23:30
replaceafillmattva01, ?23:30
mattva01for acc.candoskills.org23:31
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