IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2009-10-29

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th1ayvl:  How are things coming?15:28
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yvlmorning, th1a15:34
yvlI was just going to email you15:35
yvlmenesis is sorting dependency issues15:35
yvlrough estimate - dependencies done tomorrow15:36
yvlthen comes the tedious task of building all of Zope packages we use for Karmic15:36
yvlso the progress is roughly what I expected...15:37
th1aBuilding the packages is mostly automated, though.15:39
yvlbut this part takes longest15:40
yvland is mostly out of our hands15:40
th1aOK, understood.15:40
th1aKeep in mind that we're going to start doing this *way* earlier in the process next time around.15:40
th1aWell, basically you're going to start working on Lucid package next week.  ;-)15:41
yvlthat is very true15:41
yvlI didn't check the timeline yet15:42
yvlbut we'll have to start defining what we need (and getting that to Debian) very early15:42
yvlfor some reason "1-2 months before release" spring into mind15:43
yvland packaging the needed parts of Zope will need even more time15:44
yvlso it makes a lot of sense to start working on that immediately after our release15:44
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th1ath1a test21:52
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