IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2009-10-19

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replaceafillyvl, i just pushed the tests :)15:50
replaceafillyvl, it's at
yvlthanks, I'll check them out :)15:59
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th1aHi yvl, replaceafill, aelkner, menesis, Lumiere.16:31
replaceafillgood morning16:31
th1ayvl:  How we doing?16:31
yvlhi th1a16:32
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yvlwell, I merged the contacts16:33
yvlsome additional cleanup was required16:33
yvlthen, again, I worked on security descriptions16:33
yvlI think I got it this time16:33
yvlthe resulting mechanism should be flexible enough to extend16:34
yvlwhen we need to add more TTW control for the users16:34
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yvlI still have to write most of the texts down, but it's pretty straightforward now16:35
yvl(I have some nice metadirectives for that :) )16:35
yvland a way to collect most of the security declarations16:36
yvlI plan to shape that to "functional unit" tests in the winter16:36
th1aSecurity functional tests?16:36
yvla sort of glue between object model / crowd descriptions and the actual functionality16:37
th1aSounds like a good thing.16:37
yvlwe'll really need that16:37
yvlif we want to keep security descriptions up to date16:38
yvland there's a blunt way to collect "undescribed" declarations that works for 4/5 of our cases16:39
yvlwhen somebody adds new crowds, sometimes I cannot automatically find their descriptions16:40
yvlalso, crowd descriptions need to be changed for different parts of the object model16:40
th1aBy "somebody" you mean a developer.16:40
th1aAre we adding those frequently?16:40
yvlbut we add different objects frequently16:41
yvlfor example: "owner" crowd has different description strings for different objects16:42
th1aThe crowd definition is described per object?16:43
yvlyes and no16:43
yvlyou can describe it per "action"16:43
yvlor you can use the same description everywhere16:43
yvlhere "action" means: Users / "Add/Remove"16:44
yvlwhich is basically "schooltool.edit" permission on IPersonContainer16:44
th1aI guess we shouldn't try to get too far into this now.16:45
th1aI'll ask more questions once I see the new interface.16:45
th1aDid you do any work on the group calendar overlays?16:45
yvlno, but I looked at the code16:46
yvlI think I have a solution now - at least in my head :)16:46
th1aOK.  Let me know if you want to run any ideas past me.16:46
yvlwill do16:47
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th1aWhat's the timeline look like for merging feature branches with trunk?16:47
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yvlthat's a good question16:48
th1aPerhaps we should ask when the feature branches will be ready...16:49
yvlevery branch that's completed will be merged during following two weeks16:49
yvlI think it should be asked per-developer16:49
th1aGetting things that are ready merged sooner is good for me because it is easier for me to start on documentation.16:50
yvlI'll merge the security changes this week, calendaring - by the end of the next week16:50
th1aWill there be any further changes to the contacts interface?16:50
yvlunless you find some glitches :)16:51
th1aI'll start on re-doing that section then.16:51
th1aLet me know when email is merged.16:51
th1aAnything else, yvl?16:52
yvlth1a, it's in the trunk16:52
yvlwell, that's it from me :)16:52
th1aPhillies won?16:52
aelknerjusdt two more, and its the series16:53
aelknerso i lost a couple of days last week to a really nasty cold16:53
aelknerhowever, i did manage to get done changing the reports to using real data16:54
aelknerand i set up the testing framework for the pdf views16:54
aelknerand started writing the tests16:55
aelkneri need a couple more days to finish with the tests16:55
aelknerthen i can put the reports to rest16:55
th1aWhat's left after that?16:55
aelkneronly about 4 1/2 days worth of non- strig freeze tasks16:56
aelknerand then there's the intervention package16:56
aelknera couple of days worth of tasks for that were meant for pre-freeze, but i was unable to get them in16:57
aelkneri don't think there will be that many new strings, anyway16:57
aelknerthis week, after i finish the tests16:57
aelkneri'd like to take care of the journal tasks first16:58
aelknerthey are small and low-hanging fruit16:58
th1aIf we're going to squeeze things in at the last minute, it is better to squeeze the fruit.16:59
th1athe small fruit.16:59
aelknerwell, the biggest task is two days17:00
th1aI'll have to look at your bugs again.17:00
th1aLet's hash this out after the meeting.17:00
replaceafilllast week I work on yvl's observations17:01
replaceafilland yours about the password UI17:01
replaceafillalso, with yvl's help, i made the error message translatable17:02
replaceafilland the dates and times displays aware of the application preferences17:02
replaceafilli guess the email functionality is done17:03
replaceafilli kill three bugs with it17:03
replaceafillthe gmail one included17:03
th1aExcellent.  I think we took the right approach doing it "from scratch."17:04
replaceafilli hope that's ok17:04
replaceafillthe 'move email config out of the intervention package'17:04
th1aYeah, I got the emails.17:04
replaceafilland the 'handle mail failure in a decent way'17:04
th1aFrom LP.17:04
replaceafilli don't know what to do now :)17:04
replaceafillgo back to CanDo?17:05
th1aWhat's the CanDo situation?17:05
replaceafilli have a SchoolTool/CanDo bug assigned17:05
yvlumm, I still have several comments about testing, replaceafill :)17:05
replaceafillrelated with XLS importing17:05
replaceafillyvl, i know :(17:05
yvlfew hours of work, if you're willing...17:05
yvlmay be less17:05
replaceafillyvl, sure17:05
yvlI'll email you :)17:05
replaceafillyvl, thanks17:05
th1aWell... next we have to talk about the state of SchoolTool's budget...17:06
th1aIs CanDo still in crisis?17:06
replaceafillaccording to dwelsh most of the teachers are using it without a problem17:06
replaceafillbut we still have the duplicates problem17:06
th1aDuplicates are still showing up?17:07
replaceafillyes, in some instances17:07
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th1aBut there is a workaround for the gradebook?17:07
replaceafilldwelsh had an idea he wanted us to try17:08
th1ajelkner can do what he needs to do?17:08
replaceafillyes, jelkner told me yesterday that cando is working great for him17:08
replaceafillhe's even using the message feature17:08
replaceafilland he was glad with it17:08
replaceafillalso, i read your last chat with calfano17:09
replaceafilland i saw his last mail asking for some other things17:09
replaceafillbut i think we're not going to do it, right?17:09
th1aOK, so here's the deal...17:10
th1aAfter the October invoices -- 3/4 of the year,17:10
th1awe've spent slightly under 3/4 of the money, not counting the release bonuses, which will put us17:10
th1aslightly over budget for the year.17:10
th1aSo replaceafill basically needs to fix the duplicate issue in CanDo and then we're pretty much out of money for him for the year.17:12
th1aUnfortunately.  :-(17:12
yvlthat's really unfortunate17:12
replaceafill:( th1a, but that's ok17:12
replaceafilli've worked as a volunteer before :)17:12
th1aHe was never in the budget in the first place, but we had some slack.17:12
replaceafilli'm ok with it17:12
replaceafillad thank you very much for the slack ;)17:13
* menesis back17:13
th1aHopefully we'll have some more funding sources coming in next year.17:13
replaceafillok, i'll move to fix the duplicates for good then17:14
th1aUnfortunately all our extra sources got hammered by budget crises this year...17:14
th1aAfter the October invoices (w/bonuses) are done, I'll see how much money is left and how many hours POV and aelkner can work the rest of the year.17:14
th1aAssuming everyone wants some time off for the holidays, it should come out pretty close to even, and we should be able to figure out then if we can give replaceafill any more hours this year.17:15
th1aHopefully nobody else will have to take a longer than planned vacation.17:16
th1aLuckily you guys get sick enough that the hours aren't too high during the year.17:16
th1aI should require doctor's notes.17:17
th1aActually, I know what a sickly lot you all are.17:17
th1aEspecially aelkner.17:17
th1aI've seen him sick.17:17
aelknerit's not a pretty sight17:17
th1aThat's what I was going to say.17:17
yvlth1a, seriously, you improve my mood for a week each Monday :))))17:18
yvl"a sickly lot" :)))17:18
th1aLuckily yvl gets my humor over IRC.17:18
Lumiereth1a has humor?17:18
th1aCambodia (and Bangladesh) seem to be on track.17:19
th1aMark is excited.17:19
th1aJavier says we'll have full Khmer and Bengali translations by the end of the year, if not sooner.17:19
Lumiereth1a: *read* Mark is willing to give us more money to help cover his excitement. *read* (joking!)17:20
th1aI've also gotten a few other inquiries that indicate that the "ict in the developing world" community knows about us now.17:20
yvlif I understand correctly with the Cambodia case, SchoolTool is as close as ever to it's original goal?17:20
th1aLumiere: I would read that as "I have a better argument for not cutting the budget next year."17:21
Lumiereth1a: that works too :)17:21
th1ayvl: This is by far the best opportunity we've had -- especially since we've got running software.  ;-)17:21
th1aBut we've also got an experienced intermediary working with the government, which is key.17:22
th1aLast thing I've got on my list:17:22
th1aWe're getting an unexpected surge of interest in CAS.17:23
th1aSo I have to write the documentation.17:23
th1aI'm forwarding an email from aelkner to yvl and menesis.17:24
yvlbtw, this got me additional arguments for "make plugins apt-get installable" feature17:24
th1aThat has the steps as he knows them -- for his sandbox or whatever.17:24
th1aYes, we'll need it eventually.17:25
th1aBut at this point, I presume it should be doable via eggs?17:25
th1aAnyone who knows they want CAS has to have some sys admin skills.17:25
yvlmenesis, can you look at the email?17:26
th1aSo if yvl or menesis could jot down the steps to get the schooltool.cas egg and wire it into a standard schooltool .deb installation, I'll polish it into actual documentation.17:26
yvlcan we make it apt-get installable (with some vimming on schooltool.conf)17:26
th1aOr that.17:26
th1aEither way, take a look and let me know what you think.17:27
yvlok, th1a17:27
th1aThis doesn't have to be one-step idiot proof, Ignas trying to design a gun which will not allow you to shoot yourself.17:28
th1aOK gentlemen.  Let's get through this last push toward the release.17:28
th1aHave a great week!17:28
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.17:29
aelkneryou, too17:29
yvla great week for you all17:29
aelknerth1a: want to talk?17:29
th1aaelkner: In five minutes?17:29
th1aaelkner: Here's the thing to keep in mind:17:34
th1aGetting interventions into this release is one of the top-line priorities for the year.17:34
th1aSo finishing that off -- not leaving any bits dangling at the last minute -- should be your priority.17:35
aelknerso i can do that this week17:35
aelknerok, agreed17:36
aelkneranything else?17:36
th1aWhen's the next Phillies game?17:36
aelknerok, i'll keep you posted first when i've finished the tests17:36
th1aDid the Eagles lose?17:36
aelknerPhils tonoght17:36
aelknerEagles stupidly let the Raiders beat them17:37
th1aI guess they don't travel well.17:37
aelkneri partly blame the on Giant17:37
aelknerwho after stomping on them a week agao17:37
aelknersaid that it was like practice17:38
th1aWell, the Giants got stomped this week.17:38
aelknerthat hurt the Raiders pride, and we were the victims of their renewed urgency17:38
aelkneryey for that17:38
aelkneryour Steelers are looking really strong17:38
aelkneras usual17:39
aelknerwhen does Troy come back?17:39
th1aThe defense is suspect.17:39
th1aHe played this week.17:39
aelknerhow was he?17:39
th1aThe question is whether or not he'll make it back to full speed at all this year.17:39
th1aHe played like an excellent human football player.17:39
th1aBut not like a supernaturally gifted football deity.17:40
aelknerlike Brian Dwakins as he ends his career17:40
aelknerthough he's found a good home in Denver17:40
th1aSteelers lost Aaron Smith last week though -- their defensive end.17:41
th1aHe's a big key to their run defense.17:41
aelknerinjuries suck17:41
aelknerthere should be some sort of insurance system in the NFL17:42
aelknerbut i wouldn't know how it would work17:42
th1aThere was a rather grim article about brain injuries to NFL players in the New Yorker last week.17:42
aelknerit's a violent sport, it always has been17:43
th1aI have a feeling we're going to see linemen and linebackers being required to wear funny looking helmets soon.17:43
th1aIt used to be worse in some ways.17:43
aelknerthat will be gross17:43
aelknerthey used to sack the quarterback and then stomp on his face :)17:44
th1aNot as gross as an old man with a prefrontal cortex that's half dead.17:44
th1aThey used to just club the offensive linemen in the side of the head every play.17:44
th1aIt is impossible to make it really safe though.17:45
aelknerfirst they'll have to come up with wars where noone dies17:45
aelkneranyway, root for my phils tonight17:46
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aelkneroh, and sorry about your Red Sox17:46
th1aSox need some hitters.17:47
aelknerthey miss Manny, don't they?17:47
aelkneri know you don't, but...17:48
aelknereven though, this year, he hasn't been as great17:48
th1aI liked Manny.17:48
th1aThey miss Manny and the Big Papi of a couple years ago.17:48
aelkneri thought you said you were glad he was gone last year17:48
th1aWell, he made it impossible to keep him.17:49
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ryanpgHi, I'm unable to install schooltool-2009 on jaunty due to unmet python.zope dependencies22:59
ryanpgI've added the ppa22:59
ryanpgpython-schooltool python-schooltool.stapp2008fall python-zope.server will not install23:01
ryanpgwhen I try to install python-schooltool I get about 35 unmet dependencies23:02
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th1aryanpg: What error message do you get exactly?23:28
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