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jbichaI installed schooltool-2009 on Edubuntu Karmic with the schooltool-owners ppa (for Jaunty) but nothing shows up at http://localhost:708010:32
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jbichaI installed schooltool-2009 on Edubuntu Karmic with the schooltool-owners ppa (for Jaunty) but nothing shows up at http://localhost:708011:51
menesisjbicha: hello11:52
menesisIt is not surprising that Schooltool does not work on Karmic11:52
jbichaI read the whole manual while I was waiting for someone to show up to help, I'm surprised the project is as old as it is :-)11:52
jbichahmm, let me see if I can get it going on Jaunty then11:53
menesisin karmic universe there are newer zope libraries than we use11:53
menesismuch newer11:53
menesisand schooltool is not yet ported to them, so there can be problems11:53
menesisI haven't even tried11:53
jbichaare y'all planning a refresh soon for Karmic?11:53
menesisyou may be able to get it running on karmic. but you would have to play with pinning versions or holding packages so that they are taken from schooltool ppa and not universe. and there are some 100 of them11:55
menesisit's my job to make it work on all distros.. but I am not sure I will make it for karmic release11:56
menesisjbicha: can you see some errors on startup?12:02
menesisin paste.log or on console12:02
jbichaI'm not sure where paste.log is, but there are no console errors12:09
jbichasudo service schooltool-2009 stop12:10
jbicha * Stopping SchoolTool 2009...                                                  No PID file, assuming server stopped12:10
jbichasudo service schooltool-2009 start12:10
jbicha * Starting SchoolTool 2009...                                           [ OK ]12:10
yvlsudo less /var/log/schooltool/paste.log12:11
jbichadoes schooltool work with Python 2.5 or 2.6 because it depends on 2.4?12:27
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replaceafillyvl, ping12:28
yvlreplaceafill: pong12:29
yvljbicha: schooltool works with 2.512:29
yvljbicha: in your case it failed because newer Zope libraries got into Karmic12:30
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menesisit is  a mistake that it depends on python2.4. doesn't use it, needs just a rebuild12:51
menesisjbicha: can try installing older zope.component from ppa.12:54
menesisbut in the end sorry but you have to run jaunty still12:54
jbichaif I try to downgrade zope.component it tries to delete python-schooltool and a bunch of other zope modules & stuff13:12
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replaceafillth1a, ping21:14
th1areplaceafill: Hi.21:17
replaceafillth1a, it was a typo :(21:21
replaceafillit should say: webcdc@gmail.com21:21
th1aYou had me confused.21:24
replaceafillsorry man21:24
th1aOK.  Works.21:26
th1aThe password thing is unusable though.21:26
replaceafilli'm finishing the password thing21:26
replaceafilli'll ping you when i finish so you can check it21:26
replaceafillth1a, what do you think of hiding buttons? should we hide the "Retry" or "Send" buttons if the mail service is disabled?21:40
replaceafillbut that could be confusing, right?21:40
th1aThey should be visible but obviously inactive.21:41
th1aSo our widgets should support that kind of state.21:41
th1a(in the future)21:41
replaceafillinactive buttons :)21:42
th1aWe can't do that now, can we?21:42
th1aThose button widgets need some love.21:42
replaceafillhiding them is pretty easy, changing their rending/submit actions sounds more difficult21:43
Lumierethe button should be grey and not respond to clicks21:43
th1aI'm just telling you the "right way" to do it.21:44
th1aOf course, we often don't actually do things the right way.21:44
th1aI'd say leaving them there is no worse than hiding them.21:44
th1aIt is kind of a toss up.21:45
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replaceafillLumiere, how would you prevent clicks? Javascript or just making it "look like a grey button"21:51
* replaceafill checking z3c.form buttons :)21:51
replaceafillLumiere, or empty submits?21:52
replaceafilldisabled! :O21:54
Lumieredom add the disabled attribute22:03
th1aI'm just thinking of the equivalent of the disabled menu items in an application menu.22:03
Lumierethat is what the disabled attribute does22:09
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replaceafillth1a, sent you a screenshot22:41
th1aThat's the ticket.22:41
replaceafillz3c.form updateActions method is the key, just set the button's mode to "display" and the form library does it22:42
replaceafilli'm going to do the same with the Retry button22:42
th1aIncidentally, we do also need a "neutral" style bug for when red and green don't really seem appropriate.22:51
th1aLike, a bluish button style.22:51
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