IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2009-10-08

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th1aOK, shall we walk through this?17:05
th1aI'm getting a drupal error on this url now...
calfanoyeah i'm restarting mysql one sec17:07
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calfanook its fixed17:11
th1aOK, so go to School Timetables and New Timetable17:12
th1aGive it a name.17:12
calfanonow rotating or days of the week17:13
th1aDays of the week.17:13
calfanoi believe days of the week?17:13
calfanodifferent times?17:14
th1aYou can copy/paste your start end times to each day, just make Tue/Fri different.17:14
th1aAlso, is lunch different on Wednesday, or is that just how it is printed?17:17
calfanostudents have lunch either x or y17:18
th1aDo we care about that?17:19
calfanoso an individual student will have lunch at a diff time each day17:19
calfanoand a class at the other17:19
th1aAlso, here's a bug which I need to note directly on the page....17:19
calfanois it a problem to have those last two periods on wednesday?17:19
th1aI think the times still need to be in 24 hr notation17:19
th1a(e.g., 13:55)17:20
calfanothat might explain it17:20
th1aDespite your preferences.17:20
th1aWe'll see if that solves the problem.17:23
th1aThe problem with writing documentation is sometimes you think "I've explained this in the documentation, so it isn't a problem now."17:23
calfanook but wednesday is alright?17:23
th1aThat is, the problem with writing documentation and being project manager.17:23
th1aIf those are the right times, I guess it is right.17:25
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calfanook then...have names17:25
calfanonow does it matter what order I list them in?17:26
th1aALthough it is more straighforward if you do it logically.17:27
th1a(save time on the next screen)17:27
calfanoah this looks better now17:28
calfanolast time i did this with the 12hr time each day had the same number of dropdowns17:28
th1aHm.  That might have been the problem.17:29
calfanoeverything looks good now17:32
calfanothanks tom!17:33
calfanonow we just need API methods =]17:35
th1aWell, at some point we may just have to teach you.17:36
th1aI'd have done that already if Douglas wasn't in El Salvador.17:37
calfanoheh I looked at the xmlrpc code to see if i might be able to hack some methods in17:40
calfanoi saw a lot of odd code though manipulating data structures that looked like they came from a pretty deep understanding of schooltools internals17:41
calfanocontacts I might be able to tackle17:43
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