IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2009-10-01

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th1amenesis: ayt?17:12
ignasthey seem to have started "attaching" commit diffs to the messages17:18
ignasinstead of inlining them17:18
th1aAnd that makes you unhappy?17:19
Lumiereit would make me happy17:20
th1aLumiere: Perhaps you can help me...17:21
ignashow do you review and comment on an attachment?17:21
th1aor ignas...17:21
ignasin gmail17:21
th1aI'd like to be able to tell people having trouble starting schooltool (installed from debs) how to try to start it from a command line such that if there is a traceback it will show up on the terminal.17:22
th1aSo we don't have to start digging around the paste log, which can slow things down considerably.17:22
Lumiereright now the dpkg start/stop17:22
Lumiereredirects all errors to pastelog17:22
th1aBut can you just invoke schooltool directly, without using the init script?17:23
ignasyes it is possible17:24
* ignas is thinking of the implications17:24
ignasyou have to sudo to your schooltool user17:24
ignasand if you do that17:24
ignasyou might have done sudo schooltool tail /var/log/schooltool/paste.log17:24
ignasthe problem with the verbose startup is17:26
ignasthat you will have to explain how to quit it17:27
ignasCtrl+C is the only way17:27
ignasand that if they close the terminal - they have to start schooltool again17:27
th1aCan you briefly tell me how to do it?17:27
ignasmeaning that a server should be started this way only until it starts17:27
th1aI know this is just for debugging.17:27
ignasdepends on the release17:28
th1aWhich version of SchoolTool or Ubuntu?17:28
ignas/usr/bin/paster serve /etc/schooltool/schooltool-2009/paste.ini17:28
ignasmight work17:28
ignasnot that17:29
ignasinstead of paster17:29
ignassudo -u schooltool /usr/bin/paster2.5 serve /etc/schooltool/schooltool-2009/paste.ini17:30
ignasmaybe, just maybe you have to cd /etc/schooltool/schooltool-2009/17:31
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th1alet me see.17:34
th1athe last one works for me without cd-ing.17:36
ignasI kind of like the pylons approach17:39
ignas1 traceback for the user -> 1 email for me17:39
menesisth1a: I'm here, but sick and on home pc..17:50
th1amenesis: I think ignas covered it, thanks.17:53
th1aGet well!17:53
menesisI couldn't say better17:55
ignasmenesis: flu?18:15
* ignas spent last week being sick too :(18:15
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