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moquistreplaceafill: hey!00:19
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jelkner Why is SchoolTool showing up in Spanish on my computer at school?16:43
jelkner I'm on the server16:43
jelkner I see stuff like: Calendario para ${título} - ${calendario_título}16:43
jelkner Abrir en iCal Printable16:43
jelkner Ingresar16:43
jelknerIt is only in schooltool that this happens16:43
jelknerall my other apps are in english16:43
ignasjelkner: because in your browser16:45
ignasjelkner: you have 'spanish' set as a preferred language16:45
ignasand schooltool is smart enough to honour browser settings by default16:46
ignasEdit -> Preferences -> Content -> Languages (Choose...) -> Select english  -> move it up16:47
th1ajelkner:  But also are you saying that it isn't displaying properly?  ${titulo}?16:52
jelkneractually, i have three languages set16:53
jelknerthe first one is us english16:53
jelknerspanish is the third one16:54
Lumierewhat is second16:54
jelkner1. [en-us] 2. [en] 3. [es-sv]16:54
jelknerso ST is not working right16:54
jelknersince it is loading my 3rd choice16:54
jelknerno other apps are doing that16:55
th1aCan you file a bug and assign it to Douglas?16:55
jelknerwill do16:55
ignasahh, someone translated the string in an evil way16:59
ignasyou are not supposed to translate bits inside the curly braces16:59
ignaspotest should be able to catch these errors16:59
ignasmenesis: maybe you'd like to set it up so that potest would be run on our translations every time they are updated from launchpad?17:00
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replaceafilljelkner, as ignas said, someone translated the curly braces part :(17:17
jelknerbut why is my UI in spanish in the first place?17:20
jelkner[es-sv] is my *3rd* choice in my firefox language settings.17:22
mgedminperhaps your en.po is full of empty strings, so the i18n framework thinks there's no available translation from the original language "C"17:23
mgedminand falls back to some other language you know17:23
mgedminare you running msgen to produce your english translations?17:23
jelkneri don't know17:24
jelkneri never ran anything17:24
Lumierejelkner: that was more at menesis, replaceafill and ignas17:24
replaceafilljelkner, sorry i was away17:27
jelknerso for now, removing [es-sv] from the list fixes my immediate problem17:27
replaceafilljelkner, i remember the problem is that the schooltool package doesn't have an en or en_us directory17:27
jelknerbut i guess iti's still a bug17:27
replaceafilllet me check17:27
replaceafilladd for instance en_GB17:28
replaceafillit has en_CA (canada i guess) and en_GB17:28
replaceafillyep, if you add one of those and you put it above es_SV, it shows it english17:29
jelknerso we are discriminating against gringos... cool ;-)17:30
replaceafillthe weird part is that the package doesn't have es_SV either!17:30
replaceafillbut it has es, so i guess it's using that one17:31
jelkneranyway, i'll just remove it for now17:31
jelkneri filed my bug17:31
jelkneri need to get back to teaching17:31
th1areplaceafill: Please translate this into registered bugs.17:31
jelkneri'll leave up to you all to decide what to do with it17:31
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replaceafillth1a, sorry i was away again :)17:39
replaceafillth1a, should it be fixed adding an "en" directory?17:39
replaceafillto the locales subdirectory17:40
replaceafillor maybe an "en" translation to rosetta?17:40
th1aYou don't necessarily have to describe the solution.17:46
th1aJust the problem.17:46
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replaceafillth1a, ah ok17:47
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replaceafilland yes, i just tested it and adding a locales/en directory with empty translations fixes problem17:50
replaceafilljelkner's problem17:50
menesisone should not need an english translation...17:54
menesisignas: I don't know where to add something to be run on translations import. I've done that only once and manually17:55
menesisbut I will be setting up automatic translations this week so will see17:56
ignasmenesis: buildbot might do that test17:56
ignasit should be a part of our test suite17:56
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replaceafillmenesis, will it be possible to detect what msgids have their curly braces translated? or do i have to look them up in rossetta?17:59
ignaspotest can do that IIRC18:02
ignasthat's one of the reasons it was created18:02
menesispotest does not test that18:03
menesisbut it has not been updated since the day it was created18:04
menesisand looks like that would be easy to add18:04
ignashmm, it seems that I am thinking of another tool that had a simmilar name + function18:14
ignasbut I can't find it18:14
menesisignas: ?18:21
ignasmight be, really can't recall anymore, I know I saw a presentation about it 2 or 3 europythons ago18:22
replaceafillmenesis, gettext-lint detects missing "." and ":" :)18:27
menesisignas: potest was presented last year in Europython. but has no changes since18:28
ignasmenesis: ok, then I guess I'm getting old ;)18:29
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menesisreplaceafill: ok it does find some potential errors,18:35
menesisbut what should we do about them18:35
menesismaybe I can fix some European translations, but errors for Chinese are most likely false18:36
replaceafill:) i fixed two translations for spanish18:36
th1amenesis: Did you look into becoming an Ubuntu dev?18:57
th1aI can't remember.18:58
menesisth1a: no, not yet.18:59
menesisactually I don't know how to get a package sponsored18:59
menesisbut I will have to someday soon18:59
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