IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2009-09-02

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th1amenesis: hi.16:00
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menesisth1a: hi16:29
th1aCan we talk
th1aso the plan is to go to a static landing page.16:31
th1aAnd mothball Plone.16:32
th1aI just pushed the current revision to the html & images to schooltool-owners bzr repo.16:32
menesiswhat about weblog?16:34
menesissince I think it is the only thing that's not static in current page16:34
th1aI'm just linking to the news on LP.16:35
th1aIn the news link.16:35
th1aAh, crap, I need to actually put the link targets on the sidebar.16:35
th1aI should have checked that while you were at lunch.16:39
th1aHow do you want to handle the 404's?16:40
menesisyes the links point to #16:40
menesisregarding news on launchpad, currently they are short and just point to
th1aPushed the changes.16:41
th1aYeah, I'll have to do something about that.16:41
th1aActually, I might just point them to my personal blog, because most of the posts are there as well.16:41
menesisneed to copy the text from weblog into launchpad16:41
th1aEither one.16:42
th1aI'll clean it up.16:42
th1aI need the motivation of actually pulling the plug on Plone to make myself do it though.16:43
menesisI understand..16:46
menesisthe problem is you can't get those posts if plone is offline16:46
menesisbut all of them are posted to ?16:46
th1aWell, maybe keep plone running on a different port for the rest of the week for safety in grabbing anything I forgot?16:47
th1aIt runs on 8080 anyhow?16:47
th1aOr maybe we just get everything ready to go today and throw the switch later.16:49
menesishere is the plone address16:50
th1aKeeping that running a few days would give us a little insurance.16:52
th1aOtherwise, let's plow ahead.16:52
menesislet's replace the frontpage?16:54
menesiswhy is there "About SchoolTool" link in sidebar that points nowhere?16:56
th1aOops.  Because I missed it.16:56
th1aAlso, because nobody has really helped me with this.16:57
th1aYou're the proofreader as well as sys admin.16:57
menesisok that's what I do now17:02
menesisscreenshots should point to the images... i will do that17:03
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th1aWow, those images look way worse rescaling themselves in Firefox than Chrome.17:06
th1aI should rescale them in Gimp.17:06
th1aLet's just get everything ready to throw the switch today, and then I'll do the final cleanup, and then do it for real in a day or so.17:08
mgedminwhich version of firefox?17:08
th1aGet a little more beta testing in.17:08
mgedminwhich images?17:08
th1aThey aren't on the web yet -- I guess they just aren't anti-aliased.17:09
th1aWhich apparently WebKit does.17:09
mgedminI thought firefox finally learned to anti-alias images while scaling, at about version 317:10
mgedminmaybe it was in 3.117:10
th1aBut really, I should reduce them in Gimp anyhow.17:10
th1aI was just being lazy anyhow.17:10
th1aWhat are you thinking menesis?17:20
menesisI think that before we change the frontpage to not point to plone17:25
menesis we have to fix to not point to
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th1aWhat else?17:27
menesisI don't know where else are links pointing to
th1aThat was the only place I could think of.17:27
menesisI have pushed minor modifications to lp:.../schooltool-org17:29
th1afixing news...17:36
th1anow what17:46
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menesislooking at them17:54
menesisth1a: has the reST source pasted, links are not links..17:54
th1aYes, I actually need to put that into the book, which I apparently forgot to do.17:55
menesisand these release notes are not in
th1aYes.  Exactly.17:55
th1aOK, I'll fix that now.17:57
menesishm, the launchpad announcements do not support html... how to put links in there?..18:01
menesisit is supposedly only suitable to post summary and a link to the weblog, like it was..18:02
th1aIs there a particular link you're worried about?18:03
Lumieredoes lp news18:05
Lumierehave an rss feed18:05
Lumierethat could allow a little script to populate the page18:05
th1aI don't think it is necessary.18:06
th1aAnd there isn't a lot of room if we add more screenshots.18:06
menesisno particular link, but there were links to Shuttleworth Foundation, Rosetta on Launchpad, FILE BUGS, etc..18:10
th1aDon't worry about it.18:10
th1aActually, I had tried to retract those oldest ones anyhow but apparently missed the confirmation step.18:11
th1aOK, what now?18:14
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menesislet's replace it?18:16
menesisactually, I was thinking that contains a lot of information, and some of it is duplicated now on the frontpage18:17
menesismaybe instead of a link to the book it could be made the main website18:20
th1aYou can't really style it.18:20
th1aI tried to figure out how to do it.18:20
menesisbut  I know nothing about sphinx customization..18:21
th1aOr... you probably can if you really want to get into deep Sphinx-foo.18:21
th1aOr you can just make a simple static HTML page. ;-)18:21
menesisth1a: I replaced the frontpage18:31
th1aDo you want to redirect the 404's?18:32
menesisran `make linkcheck` on st-book and all are working18:32
menesisdon't know, where would they point to?18:32
th1aProbably just to the front page.18:32
th1aOr provide a link to it on the 404 page.18:33
th1aI made sure not to make the book point to the old site since I knew its days were numbered.18:33
th1aWhere can I scp file to make small changes?18:34
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replaceafillth1a, ping18:38
th1ahi replaceafill.18:38
replaceafillhey th1a, do you have time?18:39
th1aA little later would be better, perhaps.18:39
replaceafillth1a, sure, what time?18:39
th1aAn hour and 20 minutes.18:40
th1aAre we in the same time zone?18:40
replaceafillnope, i'm 2 hours behind18:40
replaceafill9:40 here18:40
th1a11:00 your time thine.18:40
replaceafillcool, i'll look for you18:41
menesisth1a: /var/www/www.schooltool.org18:44
menesisI left .bzr dir in there18:44
menesisso that bzr pull would work18:44
th1aSo I can push changes from my box and pull them into there.18:44
menesisdon't know if that's a good idea18:45
th1aWell, probably better than just having me scping stuff.18:45
* mgedmin wonders if people can now bzr branch http://www.schooltool.org18:48
mgedminbecause that would be kinda awesome18:48
th1aIt might even help in doing translations.18:49
mgedminsubmitting patches for website spelling errors18:49
th1amenesis: What are your thoughts about 404's?18:54
menesisi.e. reading tips for webmaster what should be there18:55
th1aWell, technically we should have a different error message for the pages we took down, but that's not gonna happen.18:56
menesismgedmin: yes you can :)18:56
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* th1a goes to take a shower.19:06
menesisth1a: I have created a simple 404 page which includes sidebar19:06
menesisand nothing more19:07
menesiswill go home now19:07
menesisI think there's more work to do on the book and the website than I can do today19:07
th1aWhat do you have in mind?19:10
th1aThat 404 is fine for now.19:10
menesisth1a: also, we need a favicon for the site and the book19:15
th1aAh!  Yes.19:15
menesisi'm done for today, bye19:29
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th1ahi replaceafill.20:00
replaceafillhey th1a20:00
replaceafillyou have time?20:01
th1aI have time.20:01
th1aHow do you want to do this?20:01
replaceafillwhatever is best for you. want to type or want to talk?20:02
th1aWell, we're doing in in my language, so its your choice.20:02
replaceafilllet's type then20:02
th1aHere or in private?20:03
replaceafillyou see my private messages?20:04
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