IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2009-08-31

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th1a...I came back to my computer and my mouse batteries were dead...16:34
th1ahi aelkner, yvl, menesis, replaceafill, moquist, Lumiere.16:35
replaceafillgood morning gentlemen16:35
yvlmorning guys16:35
aelknergood morning16:35
th1aHow was your vacation, aelkner?16:36
aelknerMaine was great, and we both got to meet up with old friends, too16:36
th1aOK, menesis, we need to nail down a time to work on
menesisth1a: either today or wednesday16:37
th1aWhat time is it now?16:38
yvl16:30 here16:38
th1aCan we start at at 1600 your time Wednesday?16:38
menesisth1a: yes16:39
th1aI'll have the page ready.16:39
th1aBasically we're turning off Plone and we'll want to redirect the 404's to the new home page.16:39
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th1aOr at least link to it if you want to be pedantic about HTML error codes.16:39
th1aI'll leave that up to you.16:40
th1aOK, it is a date.16:41
th1ayvl: How are we doing?16:41
yvlgot a bit blocked on security descriptions16:42
yvlthen worked on an "ideaboard" - a thing similar to Ignas' "Big TODO List"16:42
yvlso, I have several topics I'd like to cover today :)16:43
th1aWhere are we with security?16:43
th1aWe can do that.16:43
yvlthe functionality done, I need to do the chunk of manual work writing descriptions16:44
yvlbut I don't want to release it to trunk16:44
yvlso, the topics:16:44
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yvlSchooltool release versions, branches, related stuff.16:44
th1aLet me know if I can help with the descriptions.16:44
yvlsure, th1a16:44
yvl2) Moodle integration / xmlrpc -16:45
yvl3) bugtracker cleanup (killing old schoolbell bugs for one)16:45
yvl4) cronjobs: lovely.remotetask is ok, but what exact functionality do we need in schooltool?16:46
yvlthose are the four.16:46
yvlso, starting with release versions16:46
yvlI really want to have Linux-like versioning16:46
yvl1.1 meaning development release16:47
yvl1.2 meaning stable release16:47
yvlsome of the main reasons is that I want CanDo to have some branch they can depend on16:47
yvlif we release, for example, security description pages and navbar updates to trunk -> to 2009.0416:48
th1aIt just has to make sense in terms of Ubuntu packaging.16:48
yvlcan we have two ST versions released at the same time?16:48
yvlone for actual use16:49
th1aI guess in theory one is in Debian stable and another in unstable.16:49
th1aIf we were in Debian.  ;-)16:49
yvltrue :)16:49
th1aI don't know how that translates to Ubuntu though.16:49
menesisit's not a problem16:49
menesisI can do python-schooltool1.0 and python-schooltool1.2 or whatever16:50
yvlthat's exactly what we need16:50
menesisthe problem is that I missed the 1.0 point16:50
th1aBut also, we can just become more disciplined about not adding features to the release.16:51
menesisI was thinking about redoing existing releases to 1.0, 1.0.1 etc.16:51
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yvlth1a, features may take a long time to develop16:51
th1aI mean, if after we release 2009.10 we add new features to 2010.4, that's the same thing.16:52
th1aI mean the kind of features we've added since the last release.16:52
th1aEspecially since school was out in most of the world, we have few users and missing features, just adding stuff on the fly still made sense.16:53
th1aBut you don't want to keep doing that with a key piece of school infrastructure.16:53
th1aSo I'm aware we don't want to keep doing things like this.16:53
th1aMaybe the unstable branch is just the next release.16:54
yvlyes, it is16:54
yvlbut the idea is to have both things released16:54
yvlboth current stable release and the unstable one16:54
th1aSo maybe after 9.10 comes out we put out 10.4 a month later as the dev. branch.16:55
yvland release it instantly with 9.10?16:55
LumiereI would suggest16:55
Lumierewe can do all of this in our current release format16:55
Lumiere2009.04 is stable16:56
Lumiere2009.09 is development for 2009.1016:56
LumiereI agree with moving to a 1.e/o.x at some point16:57
yvlwhy not now?16:57
Lumierehow about we move to it16:57
th1aSince I've called the last release 1.0, I can't really complain either way.16:57
Lumierewith 2009.1016:57
Lumiereand call 2009.10 1.2.016:57
menesisit is hard to understand which is stable and which is development. also it is confusing that 2009.04.17 was released on 2009.07.1016:57
Lumiereit will also help break welsh of calling it cando-200916:58
Lumierewhich drives me nuts16:58
Lumierebrb, windows wants a reboot16:58
menesisLumiere: yes 1.2.0 is what we want it to be called.16:58
yvlso, the only additional evil of moving to 1.e/o.x convention now would be creating a new branch of 1.116:59
yvland keeping 2009.04 stable17:00
th1aOK, lets have yvl and menesis send out an email on the details.  I'm pretty much ok with this.17:00
yvlschooltool.xmlproc and Moodle integration17:00
yvlI just wanted to get to now the project better17:01
yvlas far as I get it,17:01
th1aDid you see the Moodle wiki page?17:01
yvlumm, no17:01
yvlcan you please post a link?17:01
th1aSorry I haven't done a good enough job keeping everyone in the loop.17:02
yvlit's more of my fault17:02
yvlI'm sure you posted the link before on #schooltool17:03
yvlso the idea is to have schooltool.xmlproc17:03
yvland another server that integrates with Moodle somehow, right?17:03
th1aWell, there is the immediate small task which is that the sys admin at SLA was interested in creating accounts accross several systems with a central script he wrote.17:04
yvlso that's the thing I'm curious about17:05
th1aHe wanted to use XML-RPC, and I said, "well, why don't we just get a quick head start on that."17:05
th1aConsidering *it is quick.*17:05
yvlis schooltool.xmlproc supposed to be a plug-in for Moodle integration implementation17:05
th1aAlso considering I was 80% sure it would be very quick and 20% frightened it would blow up.17:05
th1aThat's where we're going.17:05
yvlor is it generic to schooltool, like REST was?17:06
yvlbecause, frankly, I don't like the idea for it to be generic :)17:06
th1aI've confused the issue a little by having Douglas take this first pass at it.17:06
yvlthat's ok17:06
th1aI don't know what the fate of this first implementation will be.17:07
yvlIt's just a question of our official position on this:17:07
th1aIt certainly isn't the beginning of a project to XML-RPC-ify the whole thing.17:07
yvlwe support it as much as mnet needs it17:07
th1aWell... here's the thing.17:07
yvloption two: we support full datamodel of schooltool17:07
th1aIn general, we're going to need to provide LOTS of ways, built in or optional, of setting up SchoolTool and importing data.17:08
LumiereI only support two if it is totally automated17:08
Lumiereand we aren't writing code to support it all the time17:08
th1aWe're not thinking about 2.17:08
th1aAll this stuff is "as much as is needed."17:08
th1aAlso, we do just need to try some things do see what works for people.17:09
th1aAnd what they ask for.17:09
yvlso, at some point, schooltool.xmlproc will move to a plugin named "schooltool.mnet-xmlproc" or whatever17:09
yvlth1a, I fully support your approach17:09
th1aI guess how to lay it out to work as a plug in is a good question.17:09
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yvlmy worries are strictly from a coders point of view17:10
yvlor, rather, maintainers17:10
th1aI guess instead of putting xmlrpc directories in every package they should all be in one.17:10
yvlit's how it's done now, as far as I know17:10
th1a(sorting out these kind of problems is one reason I thought a head start would be a good idea)17:11
yvlthanks, replaceafill!17:11
yvlyou made my life a bit easier ;)17:11
th1aOK. cool.17:12
yvlmoving on?17:12
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yvlI browsed through bugs some time ago17:12
yvlthere are bugs with lower priority that seem to be extremely outdated17:13
yvland I don't get some of them :|17:13
th1aLike no longer relevant?17:13
yvlI don't know what SchoolBell was :|17:13
yvlwell, the code part17:14
th1aIt is SchoolTool just as a calendar.17:14
yvlso, th1a... can you take a look into them if you find some spare time?17:14
yvlstarting from the bottom17:15
yvlof the bug list17:15
yvljust to throw out the outdated ones17:15
yvlor to tag "description needs updating" or something17:15
th1aWell, I did that a few months ago.17:16
th1aAs far as I felt comfortable.17:16
yvlsorry then17:16
th1aSo why don't *you* do that.  ;-)17:16
th1aI'll look at the ones you flag,17:17
th1aand if you're pretty sure something is irrelevant now, just set it to "Won't fix." or "Fix released."17:17
th1a(overall, I don't consider this a high priority task at the moment)17:18
th1aPerhaps we could do this after the next release.17:18
th1aI haven't created any low priority tasks for a while.17:18
yvl(I just wanted to clean up tracker roughly at the time of karmic release, so bringing it up now seemed like a good idea)17:18
th1aSo "low" pretty much means "old, perhaps nobody remembers what this is or why"17:19
yvlit's a bit difficult to fix things when nobody remembers how exactly they are broken...17:20
yvlmoving on... cronjobs!17:20
th1aYes, but otoh, it doesn't mean that they aren't problems necessarily, so a reminder they exist isn't hurting anything.17:20
th1aMoving on...17:20
yvlcan you please remind me what exactly do wee need from them?17:21
th1aImmediately, waking up and seeing if there are any emails to be sent.17:21
th1aIn the near term, waking up and seeing if there are things to import from Moodle.17:21
yvlperfect answer17:22
yvlthank you!17:22
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yvlok, so my nearest plans are17:23
yvlto set up a ST1.1 branch17:23
yvlwith help from menesis :)17:23
yvl(help == most of the work)17:23
yvlfinish up with security descriptions and release them there17:24
yvland start working on navbar cleanup17:25
yvlalso to end up in 1.117:25
yvl1.1 will get released as 1.2 in karmic, if everything goes well17:26
yvlCanDo will get released depending on 2009.0417:26
yvlwe'll start working on 1.3 and supporting 1.2, and the future will be bright and shiny17:26
yvlwell, that's it from me today, I gues...17:27
th1aSo in our repository, we'll keep both 2009.04 and 1.2 for all supported ubuntu versions.17:27
yvlyes, and probably 1.317:28
th1aOK.  Cool.17:28
th1aaelkner: Do you want to come up here in about two weeks?17:29
th1aLumiere: Any CanDo issues?17:29
aelknerth1a: sure, pick a couple days when you have a chance17:30
aelknerwhen's the karmic release, exactly?17:31
aelknerah, a whole month and a half after, that sounds like plenty of time to get things in that we decide on 17-18th17:33
th1aIt is a good chunk of planning.17:33
aelkneri though october meant 15th17:33
th1aIn the meantime, you've got plenty of bugs to chew on.17:33
aelknerlast week i took it upon myself which bugs to make high priority17:34
aelknerand took care of low-hanging fruit first17:34
th1aI looked over your bugs while you were away and tweaked a few.17:35
aelkneri saw you add a medium bug for me17:35
Lumiereth1a: not at the moment17:35
aelknerotherwise, the priorities i set were apropriate?17:35
Lumierejust remember that feature freeze for karmic is like nowish17:35
th1aWell, since we aren't really going to be in Karmic, we don't have to worry about that.17:35
LumiereI have to move ACC to package this week17:36
Lumierebut that is about it.17:36
aelknerok, i'll continue to knock off the high ones17:36
th1aI wonder where the Karmic+1 developer summit is.17:36
th1aI might have to send menesis...17:36
aelkneri have one question for th1a, yvl17:36
aelknerwhat needs to be done to move this to fix released status?17:37
aelknerthe package part is where i'm wondering17:37
th1aI should re-phrase the bug for one thing.17:38
yvlaelkner, I can't answer this right away17:38
aelknerthe egg is made17:38
aelkneri've cleaned up the split eggs to not have redundant code17:38
th1aI don't think it is really done until we make the packages.17:39
aelknercan i reassign?17:39
th1aWell, that and we clean up a few of those hard-wired things we discussed.17:39
aelkneryes, good point17:39
th1aLet's wait until it is really ready.17:39
aelknerok, i'll leave it17:39
th1aMake that a priority.17:39
aelkneri'll pick the high bugs that are related first17:40
aelknerthat's all i got17:40
th1aOK.  Have a great week gentlemen!17:41
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.17:41
aelkneryou, too17:41
th1areplaceafill: Anything to report?17:41
replaceafill:) yes, just two things17:41
replaceafilli finished section management with XMLRPC17:41
replaceafillim cleaning the code right now17:41
replaceafilland i think im going to use Faults instead of plain strings17:42
replaceafilland the other thing is about the cando bug you found on xls import17:42
replaceafillthe reason is that cando demographics have been modified17:43
replaceafillwe added three new fields17:43
replaceafilland the xls importer, well the person importer to be specific is looking for a specific number of columns in the worksheet17:43
replaceafilli dont blame the xls importer nor cando demographics :)17:44
th1aCan you make it more fault tolerant?17:44
replaceafillah and another thing, if you hit the submit button in the xls import view with no file you get an exception17:45
replaceafillinstead of a message telling you "no data provided"17:45
replaceafillthat's because the update method of the view is not checking for the workbook to exists17:45
replaceafilland yes, i can fix both errors17:46
th1aOK.  Go ahead and do that.17:46
replaceafilli'll send chris another mail as soon as i finish the cleaning17:46
replaceafillok thanks17:46
th1aThank you!17:46
th1ayvl - menesis: Make sure and think about how translations fit into the release scheme.17:57
Lumierestring freeze needs to be at least a month :)17:57
yvlwill do, th1a18:00
th1aaelkner: Also, make sure your i18n is straight in interventions.18:02
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Lumiereth1a: i18n on cando?18:20
th1aLumiere: Well... that's another subject.18:23
Lumiereth1a: yea18:35
Lumiereth1a: I saw the lp bug18:37
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th1aLumiere: Well, basically I'm willing to take on CanDo i18n bugs as they crop up, not so much setting someone up to spend weeks poring over the code looking for problems.18:59
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Lumiereth1a: the i18n bug19:58
Lumiereis that CanDo isn't internationalized at all19:58
Lumiereas far as I know19:58
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th1aLumiere: OK... perhaps I should keep that in mind then.  ;-)20:05
th1aOTOH, not throwing server errors on data import is worth doing regardless.20:06
Lumierethat's an import thing not a i18n thing20:07
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wayeastwould it be appropriate to post setup question here?20:49
th1aWhat's up wayeast?20:51
wayeastThanks.  I'm trying to install schooltool on a server (ubuntu server 8.04).  I have configured the paste.ini file to read host =, but when i try to access it from another computer i get no response20:52
th1aA recent amendment to the D.C. Municipal Regulations also authorizes Rhee to grant a "discretionary transfer" if she determines that it would be "in the best interests of the student, and that the transfer would promote the overall interests of the school system." The amendment, which went into effect May 29, was part of a series of rule changes tweaking the out-of-boundary application process.20:53
wayeastth1a: sorry, was that intended for me?20:54
th1aThe link, not the random quote.  ;-)20:54
wayeastalright, i'll take a look20:54
wayeastright.  so i've changed the paste.ini file as instructed in the link, but still can't get to my schooltool setup.  i'm trying to get to it by typing in on a computer on my lan20:56
wayeastis this correct?20:56
replaceafillwayeast, the defaul port is 708020:56
wayeastsorry, that's
wayeast192.168.1.50 obviously is the local address of my server20:57
th1aDid you restart schooltool?20:57
th1aAre you running a firewall.20:58
wayeastdoes it make a difference that i also have apache on this server?20:58
wayeastnot on the server20:58
wayeastno firewall on the server20:58
th1aWhat if you use that IP address from the server?21:00
th1aI assume you can reach apache from another computer.21:01
wayeastyes, i have no problem reaching apache from another computer21:01
wayeastth1a: what do you mean by "use that ip address from the server"?21:02
th1aIf you are logged into the server.21:02
th1aYou can get to it at localhost:7080?21:02
wayeastdon't you need a graphic browser to do that?21:03
th1aYou can use lynx or w3m.21:04
wayeastthose aren't installed on server editions, are they?21:04
th1aOr Telnet.21:04
th1atelnet localhost 708021:04
th1aand then: GET /21:04
th1a(enter twice)21:04
wayeastok.  i beg your patience here.  i should telnet from another machine on my lan to the server, right?21:05
th1aWell, if you telnet from the server, that should help us to see if it is a problem with the server starting at all, or with connecting to it remotely.21:06
th1aRight now do we have any evidence that it is starting at all?21:06
th1aI guess you could look at 'top' or 'ps -A'21:06
wayeastthe machine is on.  i can ssh to it from another on my lan and play around.  i can also reach my apache service21:07
th1aRight, I know your server is on, but we don't know right now if schooltool started correctly, right?21:10
th1aThat is, we might not be connecting to it remotely because the process might not have started.21:10
th1aSo go ahead and ssh in.21:11
wayeastok. done21:11
th1atelnet localhost 708021:12
th1aGET /21:13
th1a(enter enter)21:13
wayeastth1a: alright.  i get this: Trying
wayeasttelnet: Unable to connect to remote host: Connection refused21:13
th1aTry: top21:14
th1athen a upper-case M21:14
th1a(to sort by memory usage)21:14
th1asee a python2.5 up there?21:14
wayeastat the top is mysqld21:15
wayeastthen apache21:15
th1aOK, let's check the logs then.21:15
th1aDo you have root on this box?21:16
th1aIf so then21:16
th1asudo -s21:16
wayeastyes i have root21:16
wayeastok done21:16
th1acd /var/log/schooltool21:17
th1aview (or whatever you prefer to view text) paste.log21:17
wayeastok done21:18
th1aSee anything likely?21:18
wayeastat the bottom i get errno 13 permission denied: /var/www/schooltool/schooltool-2009-Data.fs.lock21:20
wayeastis that not the likely you had in mind?21:21
th1aWell, I didn't have anything in particular in mind.21:21
th1aWhat happens if you (as root) do21:22
th1a/etc/init.d/schooltool-2009 start21:22
th1a(or -2008, depending)21:22
wayeastit says ok21:24
th1aI assume it still doesn't work?21:25
th1aTry it...21:25
wayeastlet me try.  hang on21:25
wayeastyeah.  still nothing21:25
th1aIf you look at the paste.log you presumably see another instance of the same error.21:26
th1alisppaste5: url21:26
lisppaste5To use the lisppaste bot, visit and enter your paste.21:26
th1aperhaps you could post more of the paste.log at the url above.21:27
wayeastso, what do i do? just register myself, then cut and paste my paste log into this thing?21:29
wayeastok.  thanks for your help.  i might see you again in a day or two if i still can't get this working21:31
th1aI want to file a bug about it -- the people who could fix this aren't working at this time (they're in Lithuania).21:31
th1aYou could also just paste part of the paste.log into a bug on launchpad21:32
wayeaston the lisp page, what is the title they are asking for?21:34
th1aJust a little title... "startup permissions error" say21:34
th1aIt is meant to be a quick way to share ;-)21:35
lisppaste5wayeast pasted "startup database permission denied" at
wayeastok.  i put my whole paste.log on there.21:36
wayeastuh oh... was i not supposed to do that?21:37
replaceafillsocket.error: (98, 'Address already in use')21:37
th1aNo, but it doesn't look like what you described above.21:37
th1aOr, it mostly doesn't.21:38
th1aIt looks like it was starting earlier.21:38
th1aYou've got some logs of it starting, and you've got some "address already in use" errors.21:39
*** fsufitch1 has joined #schooltool21:39
th1aIs that the whole file?21:40
wayeasti can try to restart my server and see what that does... (?)21:40
wayeastyeah, i just gave the command cat /var/... and this is what came out21:40
th1atry /etc/init.d/schooltool-2009 stop21:40
wayeastalright.  it said ok21:41
th1athen start21:41
wayeastby the way, i just stopped it as root...21:42
wayeastok, same thing.  it said ok21:42
wayeaststill not responding, though21:43
th1ado the top M thing again, just to make sure.21:43
wayeastok, now i have python 2.5 at the top21:43
wayeastuser schooltool21:44
th1aCan you connect remotely?21:44
th1awhat about telnet 708021:45
th1a(sometimes localhost acts weird)21:46
wayeastok i entered that and nothing seems to be happening.  even control-c doesn't respond21:47
th1aGET /21:47
th1a(enter enter)21:47
wayeastok that did it21:47
th1abut telnet localhost 7080 doesn't give you the same thing?21:48
wayeasthang on21:49
wayeastyes it does21:49
th1aBut it still doesn't work remotely?21:50
wayeastfrom telnet localhost 7080 i entered GET / enter enter and it exited after giving me soem script21:50
wayeaststill can't get to schooltool through  a remote machine's browser21:51
th1aYeah, it is just returning the page as HTML.21:51
th1aSo we're back to the original problem.21:51
th1aAre you SURE you aren't running a firewall?21:52
wayeastpretty sure.  i never intentionally set one up on my server because it's behind a router with its own firewall21:53
*** fsufitch has quit IRC21:53
wayeasti've already configured port forwarding on my router for port 7080, by the way21:53
th1aDo you have both schooltool-2008 and schooltool-2009 installed?21:54
wayeastno, only 200921:55
th1aAnd you edited the paste.ini file for 2009?21:55
wayeasti'll check to make sure, but that's what i remember21:55
*** dlobo has quit IRC21:56
wayeastyes, that's exactly what i did21:56
th1aI'm pretty much stumped now.22:02
th1aIf I were you I'd probably try starting Apache or something else on port 7080 to make sure it wasn't blocked somehow.22:02
th1aBut I can't really walk you through that.22:02
wayeastwell, i'm guessing now that perhaps i did something to screw it up while doing intial configuration22:03
*** fsufitch has joined #schooltool22:03
*** fsufitch1 has quit IRC22:03
wayeastmaybe i can try uninstalling it than installing a fresh copy and see what happens22:03
th1aDid you do anything other than edit paste.ini?22:03
wayeasti was changing the ports.conf file in apache to have it listen on 7080, back when i thought this was the way to have my server running more than one service22:05
wayeasti changed this one back to its original settings, though22:05
th1aWere you able to connect to Apache on port 708022:06
wayeasti also changed the main.conf file in schooltool to store data in a file in directory /var/www/schooltool/22:06
th1aAh, ok, that might explain some of the errors.22:07
wayeasti wouldn't know how to reconfigure apache in this way without researching it22:07
th1aOK, don't then.22:08
th1aWhat time zone are you in?22:10
wayeastchina.  i don't know how far this is from GMT22:10
wayeastit's 3:10 AM now for me.  and you?22:11
th1a3:11 PM ;-)22:11
wayeastlucky you22:11
wayeastby the way, i really appreciate your help22:12
th1aTry to catch yvl or menesis is about 12 hours.22:12
th1ain about22:12
wayeastwell, i'm going to try to get some sleep, then.  again thanks for your help.  if i could send beer i would22:15
th1aNo problem.  Sorry I couldn't figure it out.22:16
th1aGet some sleep.22:16
*** wayeast has left #schooltool22:16
*** replaceafill has quit IRC22:27
*** dlobo has joined #schooltool23:30
algare wayeast's problem, it might be that there's a stray instance bound on localhost:708023:55
algamight have to be killed manually23:55
Lumiereor that the files got ownership changed23:58

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