IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2009-08-19

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Lumieremenesis: I am hoping to have code to build for a package17:43
Lumieresometime soon17:44
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th1aLumiere: How are we doing?19:11
Lumiereno idea19:13
th1aWaiting on replaceafil?19:25
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dlobohey th1a20:40
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th1ahi dlobo21:00
dlobohey th1a how goes with schooltool21:01
Lumierereplaceafill: how goes21:01
replaceafillLumiere, dwelsh told me we will met at 3 pm your time21:01
replaceafillto do a final review of things21:01
th1adlobo: SchoolTool is coming along.21:01
dlobowanted to give u a quick update, in case u thought i had disappeared :P21:02
dlobostarting to build a few non-SIS funcitonality (but quite generic) for my kids school: a blog post here:
replaceafillLumiere, the enrollment importer has changed A LOT in the last few days :/21:02
Lumierereplaceafill: document it21:02
replaceafillLumiere, doctests?21:03
dloboand i think we'll be spending quite a few more development hours on it and add more stuff that falls in between an SIS and the CRM21:03
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dloboi'm hoping to get a few other schools interested over a period of time, but overall fairly pleased with status of things :)21:04
dloboand at some point, i'd like the school to start thinking about moving to an open source SIS :)21:04
th1adlobo: from a security point of view I like the idea of moving parent interaction to a CRM system.21:06
dlobowanna explain a bit more?21:07
th1aRather than give parents logins on the SIS, let the CRM pull relevant info from the SIS.21:08
dloboahh ok21:09
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